The InsulClip allows pipework to be installed on channeling. According to the manufacturer, this clip is ideal for installing VRV systems and allows the vapor barrier seal to run the length of the pipework without cutting off the insulation material. The Studding Clip operates in a temperature range of -40 degrees to 284 degrees F (-40 degrees to 140 degrees C). It is made from a composite polyamide alloy. The company states that its one-piece design saves time in installing HVACR and plumbing pipework, as well as electrical conduit. There is less than a 4 percent deformation under stresses at 5,800 psig.

Rapid Positioning Clips Ltd., c/o Lebron Corp., 7801 NW 72nd Ave., Medley, FL 33166; 305-863-0305; 305-863-9055 (fax);;

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