DiversiTech Corp., a manufacturer and supplier of HVACR parts and accessories, has introduced Super Seal Flex Inject®, an air conditioning and refrigerant leak sealant that saves HVACR contractors and distributors time and money.

Super Seal Flex Inject features a triple power sealant that installs in seconds. Its push-button product flow valve does not require a propellant or other tools, thereby eliminating the need for technicians to carry multiple items, such as manifold gauges, caulking guns, screw drivers, and refrigerant hoses. Also, it can be used without having to pump down or recover any existing unit refrigerant, including R-410A.

Super Seal Flex Inject will not plug up manifold gauges, metering devices, thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs) and pistons, or cause cap tube blockages. The sealant works with all compressors, heat pumps, condensers, recovery units, and other system components and can be installed in HVACR systems ranging from small appliances to residential and commercial systems. It meets the ASHRAE ARI 700 standard and is compatible with all oils and refrigerants, including R-410A and drop-ins. Microchannel friendly, it is also suitable for use in aluminum and copper coils. For more information, visit www.diversitech.com/flexinject