ATLANTA — DiversiTech Corp., an aftermarket manufacturer and supplier of highly engineered components for residential and light commercial HVACR, recently introduced its Flex Inject® Sealant Total. Featuring a UV dye along with the product’s leading-edge sealant chemistry and patent pending flex hose with misting orifice, Flex Inject Sealant Total makes it even easier for contractors to identify and fix a/c system leaks.

The push-button valve with a misting orifice releases the sealant and the dye, which travels with the oil and refrigerant within the system at the same time, ensuring no liquid slugging occurs. As they travel together, the UV dye exposes leaks and hairline cracks in yellow (with a UV light) while the sealant fixes leaks. The flexibility of the hose allows for maneuvering and adjustment, as needed. Not only is Flex Inject Sealant Total ideal for addressing and showcasing leaks, it stays active in the system for up to 10 years, continuously fixing leaks for as long as the sealant stays in the system, thus making it a great preventive maintenance tool.

Available for immediate use and installing in just seconds, the product requires no tools, manifold gauges, pump down, or system runtime after injection. Flex Inject Sealant Total will not cause liquid slugging; cause cap tube blockages; or plug up manifold gauges, metering devices, thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs), or pistons.

The innovative triple sealant power uses specific organosilanes, which have unique metal bonding properties. This allows the sealant to attach itself to any metallurgy, iron, copper, aluminum, or alloy (such as brass and even plastics) to keep refrigerant from escaping.

Flex Inject Sealant Total is polymer-free and works with all compressors, heat pumps, condensers, recovery units, and other system components. It can be installed in HVACR systems, ranging from small appliances to residential and commercial systems. It meets the ASHRAE ARI 700 standard and is compatible with all oils and refrigerants, including R-410A and drop-ins. It is also suitable for use in aluminum and copper coils and is microchannel friendly.

“The addition of the UV dye integrated with the sealant is the latest innovation to our complete line of HVACR refrigerant sealants under the Flex Inject Sealant brand name,” said Ron Grabowski, market segment manager, DiversiTech. “It adds even more peace of mind for contractors and homeowners.”

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Publication date: 04/14/18