eControls, manufacturer of intelligent wired and wireless HVAC controls, introduced a touch, programmable thermostat with airflow control that will improve comfort throughout the home in all seasons without the use of a zoning panel. The Comfort365 thermostat (Pat. Pend.) works the same as any programmable thermostat by controlling heating and cooling costs but also automatically or manually directs more airflow to the upstairs during the cooling season and more airflow to the downstairs during the heating season so that the upstairs and downstairs are cooled or heated at the same rate.

The Comfort365 is a programmable thermostat featuring a high-definition touch screen and multiple equipment and thermostat modes for gas/electric and heat pump equipment. The thermostat is installed downstairs using the existing wiring to the system. A temperature sensor is installed upstairs, and dampers are installed to control the airflow to the upstairs and downstairs.