CoolGreenPower announces the U.S. debut of a new retrofit energy efficiency device called COOLNOMIX®, which curbs commercial cooling costs for air conditioning and refrigeration systems by an average of 30 percent. With its dual temperature sensors and patented software, COOLNOMIX® can improve system performance by optimizing compressor operation. With twice as many sensors as a thermostat, COOLNOMIX® ensures that the compressor only fires when necessary, rather than after every gust of warm air enters from an opened door. While some products deliver energy savings at the cost of performance, COOLNOMIX® actually increases the level of temperature precision for the cooling system while it drastically reduces the total energy use.

COOLNOMIX® installs in under an hour in alignment with the thermostat, requires no change to existing infrastructure and delivers a rapid payback. The device eliminates compressor short-cycling and evaporator coil ice buildup and extends the life of the cooling system by improving its performance.