Indoor air quality in a home or office can present an expansion for your business, and a huge health and cost plus for your customers.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) not only impacts the health of your customers, but with the right improvements made to HVAC systems, can also reduce their energy costs. Both the health and coat benefits are highly marketable to your clients.

Awareness of IAQ and its effects on health and well-being has increased dramatically over the past few years and with good reason. Studies by the USEPA and others have shown definite links to airborne contaminants and the spread of illness and allergic symptoms. The EPA has stated that 50 percent of illness is caused by poor air quality.

The desire to be greener and more sustainable has caused many people to look more closely at HVAC systems and materials in their homes and businesses. People are demanding higher performance and efficiency from their HVAC systems.

Bio-polar air quality purification products, added to HVAC systems, provide a solution. They eliminate mold, dust, odors, controls bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, and reduce airborne particles and germs that bypass normal ventilation and filtration systems. Those who install these devices normally save more than $200 a year in energy cost due to less airflow restriction on the HVAC system and lesser energy demands.

IAQ products present a major opportunity for HVAC contractors. IAQ products aren’t affected by seasonality like heating and cooling. Also offering new greener and less expensive solutions to their customers helps solidify a long lasting relationship.

Most wholesalers carry IAQ related products in their catalogs. The trouble is most contractors know little about them and less about IAQ.  How can that change?

First, invest into training your people about IAQ. Groups like IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) offer training and certification programs so you can offer the needed expertise.

Next, conduct regular training classes for contractors. Empower them so they can effectively market and sell the IAQ products you carry.

Also, never stop researching new and innovative technologies. For many years the media filter was the predominant technology used to clean air. Now many technologies such as electrostatic precipitators and bi-polar air ionization are can offer new ways to purify the air beyond what the media filter could offer.

Help teach your contractors how to market effectively. Many contractors don’t offer accessories simply because they don’t know how.

 The HVAC market is competitive and dynamic and customer loyalty is critical to success. You can gain a competitive edge by offering IAQ expertise and products that home and business owners are demanding and contractors need.