The much anticipated 2013 Annual Conference is finally upon us, and I am incredibly excited to show all of you the hard work that HARDI has put forth into making this one of the best annual conferences to date. During my time as president I learned so much from our members, that I am honored to have this opportunity to provide all of you with abundant learning opportunities at Evolve ‘13. I would like to thank all HARDI members for allowing me to serve as a HARDI officer, and for making it such a rewarding experience.

This year’s conference is sure to provide several unique opportunities for members to network, learn current trends in the HVACR industry, and discover strategic ways to prepare for the future. We have paid special attention to the theme of this year’s conference. This year we truly wanted to focus on helping our members evolve in all aspects of their business. It is especially gratifying to be able to reveal the results of the HARDI Foundation’s Demand Quantification Project. This landmark research project will help define new paths to success in the future of HVACR by providing a framework of demand-generating strategies and best practices. We believe that distributors can be a driver of demand throughout the supply chain adding value to partnerships with suppliers and customers, and this research will shed light on that process. This project will not only potentially transform the course of your business, but provide significant value to the industry as a whole.

My tenure as HARDI president has also been beneficial for G.W. Berkheimer. We have found great value in our ability to utilize HARDI to help gauge our performance and operations with other HARDI members throughout North America. We view HARDI’s annual conference as a chance for our team to learn, share, and develop ideas that will be a driver of success in years to come. My time as HARDI president has given me a greater appreciation for the industry as a whole, not just the small part that involves distribution. This year’s annual conference themes will demonstrate how the different components of HVACR are connected, and what resources are available so that we can all be successful moving forward. I urge you to take advantage of learning opportunities provided to you throughout the conference, and make a proactive decision to improve yourself, your business, and our industry.

I appreciate all of you taking the time to attend this conference, and sincerely believe it will provide you with valuable knowledge and data that will prove useful in the future. It is crucial in this industry to arm yourself with the proper tools in order to achieve your business goals. Even with the omnipresence of government regulations and economic uncertainty, those who stay informed, work hard, and plan ahead will have an easier time navigating through any obstacles that may arise. HARDI has worked particularly hard to ensure that the speakers and programming for this conference will keep you and your business on the right track and ahead of the curve on important issues.

I want to thank and recognize again the HARDI staff, board of directors, and our committee and council leaders for all of the hard work that they have undertaken to ensure that this year’s meeting will be a success. I would also like to thank you again for the honor and privilege it has been to serve as HARDI president.


My sincerest gratitude,

Brian Cobble