HARDI president Royce headshotWith the highly anticipated 2014 HARDI Annual Conference finally here, I can’t wait to have all of you see what HARDI has planned for us.  I think this is truly one of our best annual conferences, and I am honored to be able to share this experience with you as president of HARDI.

We designed the conference theme, “Shift Into Gear,” to take advantage of the growth and expansion predicted for 2015 by HARDI economists.  The HARDI staff has worked tirelessly to provide members with top-notch speakers, great programming and multiple opportunities for networking. By taking advantage of all the offerings, you will be able to plan a business strategy that helps you make that “shift” from a turbulent and uncertain economy to a period of stability and growth.

During my term as HARDI president, I have been able to bring back to Charles D. Jones Co. numerous ideas, strategies and insight that will go a long way toward making CD Jones a competitive and even more efficient member of the HVACR distribution industry. The annual conference affords members the opportunity to accomplish the same thing but all together and in four short, jam-packed days.

Among the new features at “Shift Into Gear” are more informal forums for committees and councils and the brand-new “deep dive” concept: This allows for those who want to keep the conversation going to do just that and delve into the topic with others who feel the same way.

The speakers this year are unparalleled: Where else can you have Robert Stephens, founder and former CEO of The Geek Squad; Tucker Carlson of Fox & Friends Weekend; and Alan Beaulieu of ITR Economics all under one roof and speaking to you?

This year has been a very fulfilling one for me, serving as president of HARDI. I must thank and recognize the HARDI staff, board of directors and committee and council leaders for all of the hard work they have put in to make this conference an unparalleled success

I am so pleased that you have taken the time to attend this conference. The opportunities to improve yourself, your company and your industry are countless; by using them to your particular advantage, you will be steps ahead of the next person when it comes to transforming your company from a worrying culture to a steady one. You won’t be disappointed.


 Royce Henderson, HARDI President