CINCINNATI —Good Day Toolsannounced the introduction of its newClog Popperproduct. It is a new, hand-operated tool used to clear clogged air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drain lines. According to the company, it has received tremendous response, and now Good Day Tools seeks to get free samples in the hands of HVAC equipment distributors and supply houses so they can try the product, demonstrate it to customers, and begin selling it.

“We’re bypassing conventional methods of getting the product into stores for resell, and we aim to speed up the process by giving qualifying stores free inventory from our entire Clog Popper product line. It is our goal to satisfy every qualifying request,” said Matt McFarland, co-owner of Good Day Tools.

This offer includes samples for resell, demo kits for promotion and research, and marketing materials. It applies to HVACR supply stores, retail stores, distributors, and manufacturer’s representatives.

Good Day Tools will let qualifying resellers take 100 percent of the cash gained from sale of any of the samples as long as they put in an honest, diligent effort to sell the free products given them. Anyone interested is encouraged to fill out and submit the form at, after which the company will contact them to discuss details.

To use, customers insert the Clog Popper into the pipe to be cleared and then quickly pull it out with a pull of the hand. This creates a vacuum in front of the clog, and the pressure differential forces the clog out and allows water to run freely out the pipe. The device is designed for ¾-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe, but it adjusts to fit other sizes. The optional accessory pack comes with fittings, adapters, and plugs that allow the Clog Popper to work with virtually all configurations and sizes of condensate drain lines.

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