Good Day Tools LLC: Condensate Drain Line Clearing ToolThe Clog Popper™ is a tool developed to clear clogged air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drain lines. The hand-operated device works much like a plunger, allowing the user to insert the tool into the pipe and then quickly pull it out. This creates a vacuum in front of the clog, and the pressure differential forces the clog out, allowing water to run freely out the pipe. The device is designed for ¾-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe, a standard size in air conditioners, but it adjusts to fit other sizes. The optional accessory pack comes with fittings, adapters, and plugs that allow the Clog Popper to work with virtually all configurations and sizes of condensate drain lines. The Clog Popper comes with a lifetime warranty.

Good Day Tools LLC

eProduct 186 

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