Draft SimulatorHand-held and battery-operated, the Draft Simulator can calibrate and test adjustable and factory-set pressure switches. The instrument produces a sustainable vacuum pressure, allowing HVAC technicians to simulate the pressures draft inducers produce on furnaces while determining when pressure switches open and close, all without a furnace running or the pressure switch even attached to the furnace. According to the manufacturer, while most pressure switches can be adjusted, they are only meant to be factory preset for a particular brand of furnace, and while a truly adjustable, or universal, type of pressure switch does exist, if were used at all, it was only for emergencies until a tech could come back and replace it with the right switch. With the Draft Simulator, techs can set the switch exactly where it’s supposed to be and forget it; they don’t have to come back. A tech can now use an adjustable pressure switch like a regular preset switch because they can set it accurately, said the company. In addition, the device can be used on furnaces, boilers, water heaters, draft hoods, air balancing, filter systems, clean rooms, and zoning — any application that uses a pressure switch.

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