STERLING, Va. - Johnstone Supply is currently executing a multi-phase strategy to strengthen the management and multi-channel publication of its product information. Using software solutions from Enterworks® Inc., Johnstone is building better support for its 370 member stores and improving management of inbound product information from its more than 400 suppliers.

Johnstone began by replacing its existing product information management system, which was narrowly focused on print output alone. They selected Enterworks Enable to manage and publish its product information, and today the Enable system supplies the product content for Johnstone's master catalog, feeds the website and, through a dedicated portal, delivers the product information directly to member stores.

After Johnstone organized its product information with the implementation of the Enable system, the distributor first used the output to overhaul its 1,500-page, 30,000-item master catalog. Before importing the content, Enterworks Professional Services worked with Johnstone to design custom page layouts and create master templates and pages.

In a subsequent phase of their strategy, Johnstone used the Enterworks Portal Framework to implement a Member Portal to deliver accurate, up-to-date product information to their member stores. The portal established a dependable, frequently used resource where member store personnel can find and research available products. The system also feeds the members' e-commerce systems to fuel online transactions. Subsequent add-ons to the portal will allow authorized users at Johnstone member stores to manage product information and e-catalog content; create contractor- and region-specific catalogs and fliers; and self-manage their own users, roles, security and other administrative tasks.

"Johnstone Supply dedicates itself to providing the highest quality products and service to our customers," said Brian Klaus, Johnstone's director of e-commerce. "We selected Enterworks Enable to ensure that accurate, comprehensive product information is readily available through multiple vehicles to meet customer needs on a national and regional scale. In keeping with our belief that our independent owners make decisions in their own best interest, Enterworks Enable helps give our individual stores the power to customize programs for their local markets - and strengthen their competitive position in those markets."