SANDY HOOK, Conn. — DDI System announced the following Johnstone Supply distributors as the latest to select DDI's Inform ERP Software.

• Johnstone of New Orleans, Louisiana and San Antonio, Texas
• Johnstone Supply of Bridgeton, Missouri
• Johnstone Supply of Paducah, Kentucky
• Johnstone Supply of Omaha, Nebraska
• Johnstone Supply of Sioux Fall, South Dakota
• Johnstone Supply of Raleigh, North Carolina
• Johnstone Supply of Billings, Montana
• Johnstone Supply of White Plains, New York
• Johnstone Supply of Ventura, California
• Johnstone Supply of Waterloo, Iowa
• Johnstone Supply of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
• Johnstone Supply of Rochester, New York
• Johnstone Supply of Corpus Christi, Texas
• Johnstone Supply of Golden Valley, Minnesota
• Johnstone Supply of Pensacola, Florida
• Johnstone Supply of Evansville, Indiana
• Johnstone Supply of Crestwood, Illinois
• Johnstone Supply of Troy, New York

Earlier this year, Johnstone Supply Corporate chose DDI System LLC, an ERP Software company specializing in the distribution industry, to acquire their DSPro Software division. According to Johnston Supply, this acquisition solidified DDI System as a choice provider to transition their HVAC supply house members to DDI System’s Inform ERP software solution.

Johnstone of New Orleans and San Antonio includes 10 locations and over 100 users throughout Louisiana and Texas.

"DDI's Inform Software is truly built for a multi-location business," said Harold Petit Jr., president and CEO of Johnstone New Orleans and San Antonio. "This software will dramatically improve our inventory tracking and process efficiency and provide the complex financial reporting needed for a business our size.”

At Johnstone Supply of Bridgeton, DDI System will support over 50 users in five different locations.

"DDI's data collection, conversion, and transition was spot on, and the entire transition was fully completed in 90 days," said Larry Wines, owner of the Bridgeton Store Group. "DDI’s software will take us into the next generation with hundreds of key features to benefit our customers."

As one of the largest distributors of HVAC Supplies in the North Carolina area Johnstone Supply of Raleigh also has 10 locations throughout this progressive and growing area of the country.

“DDI System provides hundreds of tools to streamline the business operations of distributors, including integrated CRM functionality, exceptional pricing capabilities, advanced purchasing and forecasting tools and robust accounting," said Barbara Jagoe, chief operating officer at DDI System. "Industry specific work flows, and HVAC expertise ensure Johnstone Supply members nationwide will continue to succeed and thrive.”

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