ATLANTA — ASHRAE recognized the outstanding achievements and contributions of members to the Society and the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry at the 2018 ASHRAE Annual Conference, June 23-27, in Houston. A list of awards and recipients include:

Lincoln Bouillon Award

Oscar Eduardo Ricaño Conseĵo, Ing., of the Monterrey Chapter, received the Lincoln Bouillon Award, which recognizes a member who performs the most outstanding work in increasing membership. The award commemorates Presidential Member Bouillon’s efforts in recruiting new members. Ricaño is a sales manager for Air-Care de Mexico, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

Chapter Program Star Award

Abhishek Khurana of the Toronto Chapter, received the Chapter Program Star Award, which recognizes excellence in chapter program endeavors. Khurana resides in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

William J. Collins, Jr. RP Award

Adam Graham of the Ottawa Valley Chapter, received the William J. Collins Jr. RP Award. The award, named in honor of Presidential Member Collins, recognizes a chapter RP chair who excels in raising funds for ASHRAE’s RP campaign. Graham is in engineering sales for HTS Engineering Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Environmental Health Award

Pawel Wargocki, Ph.D., received the Environmental Health Award for excellence in volunteer service focused on environmental health issues. Wargocki is associate professor for the International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby.

Homer Addams Award

Alireza Behfar, P.E., BEAP, received the Homer Addams Award, which recognizes a graduate student who has been engaged in an ASHRAE research project at a university that has graduate programs in the areas of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and has achieved a high standard of performance in this work. Behfar is a graduate research assistant at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Omaha, Neb.

Grassroots Government Advocacy Award

Jui-Chen Roger Chang, P.E., of the National Capital Chapter, received the Grassroots Government Advocacy Award. The award recognizes individuals for outstanding effort and achievement in state, provincial, and local government activities in connection with technical issues related to the Society. Chang is principal at DLR Group, Washington D.C.

Lou Flagg Historical Award

Bruce L. Flaniken, P.E., of the Houston Chapter, received the Lou Flagg

Historical Award, which recognizes an individual for preparing the most outstanding historical presentation related to HVAC&R. The award is named in recognition of Presidential Member Lou Flagg, who promoted an interest in history. Flaniken is manager of facility systems design and construction engineering, Houston Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas.

Standards Achievement Award

Gerald J. Kettler, P.E., received the Standards Achievement Award, which recognizes exceptional service in the area of standards leadership and technical contribution. He is president at AIR Engineering and Testing, Dallas, Texas.

Ralph G. Nevins Physiology & Human Environment Award

Dusan Licina, Ph.D., received the Ralph G. Nevins Physiology and Human Environment Award, which is given to an investigator for significant accomplishments in the study of man’s response to the environment and its effect on human comfort, health, and well-being. Licina is assistant professor for Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Student Activities Achievement Award

Yumei Mata Hi received the Student Activities Achievement Award, which recognizes a chapter student activities chair for growth of student activities. Hi is professor of Mechanical Engineering at Universidad Autonomo de Nuevo León, San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo León, Mexico.

ASHRAE Journal Paper Award

Omar John Hawit and Trevor Jaffe, P.E. received the Journal Paper Award for the article, “Water-Energy Nexus: Heat Rejection Systems,” judged to be the best article published in ASHRAE Journal. The article was published in September 2017. Hawit is principal for DLR Group, Washington D.C.; Jaffe is senior mechanical engineer for Building Mechanical Systems, WSP USA, Arlington, Va.

Science and Technology for the Built Environment Best Paper Award

Daniel Bacellar, Ph.D., Vikrant C. Aute, Ph.D., Zhiwei Huang, Ph.D., and Reinhard Radermacher, Ph.D. were recipients of the Science and Technology for the Built Environment Best Paper Award for “Design Optimization and Validation of High Performance Heat Exchangers using Approximation Assisted Optimization and Additive Manufacturing.” The article was published in July 2017. The award is for the best referred paper published in the volume year of the Science and Technology for the Built Environment, the ASHRAE research journal.

Bacellar is engineering manager, Optimized Thermal Systems, Inc., Beltsville, Md. Aute is an associate research scientist at the University of Maryland, College Park, Md. Huang is senior engineer for Johnson Controls, Norman, Okla. Radermacher is University of Maryland Minta Martin Professor of Engineering, and director of Center of Environmental Energy Engineering, College Park, Md.

Crosby Field Award

Michael Roth, Ph.D., P.Eng. received the Crosby Field Award for his paper “Updating the ASHRAE Climate Design Data for 2017,” which was judged to be the best paper presented before the Society. The Crosby Field Award is named for a former Presidential Member. Roth is director and co-founder of Klimaat Consulting & Innovation, Inc., Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

ASHRAE Technical Paper Award

The following papers received a Technical Paper Award, which recognizes the authors of the best papers presented at Society conferences:

  • Omar Abdelaziz, Ph.D. and Som S. Shrestha, Ph.D. received an award for “Evaluation of Alternative Refrigerants for Mini-Split Air Conditioners.” Abdelaziz is managing director, Clean Energy Air and Water Technologies, FZE, Dubai, UAE. Shrestha is research and development staff at the Building Technologies Research and Integration Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn.
  • Mohammad Rafati Nasr, Ph.D. and Carey J. Simonson, Ph.D., P.Eng., received an award for “Experimental Measurement of Frosting Limits in Cross-Flow Air-to-Air Energy Exchangers.” Nasr is test engineer for CORE Energy Recovery Solutions, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Simonson is professor at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Alejandro Rivas Prieto; Li Song, Ph.D., P.E.; Wesley M. Thomas and Gang Wang, Ph.D., received an award for their paper, “In-Situ Fan Curve Calibration for Virtual Airflow Sensor Implementation in VAV Systems.” Rivas Prieto is mechanical designer for Ross & Baruzzini, Miami, Fla. Song is associate professor at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. Thomas resides in Harrah, Oklahoma. Wang is assistant professor at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fla.
  • Bryan P. Rasmussen, Ph.D., P.E.; Chao Wang, Ph.D.; and Kyaw Wynn, received an award for their paper, “Experimental Comparison of Energy-Optimal Coordinated Control Strategies for Heat Pump Systems.” Rasmussen is associate professor, Mechanical Engineering at the Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. Wang is senior engineer for Johnson Controls, Norman, Okla. Wynn is senior lead systems engineer, Systems Research for Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions, Sidney, Ohio. 

Publication date: 7/10/2018

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