Shannondell at Valley Forge required an immediate solution to the excessive noise from its rooftop unit on the Bradford Clubhouse & Performing Arts Theatre. Because of the close proximity of a new apartment building that was put up after this rooftop unit was installed, resolving the issue was a priority. After assessing the situation, Tozour’s HVAC experts determined that there were no aftermarket modifications suitable to solve the problem, and a custom design was necessary to resolve the matter.


Tozour has been a longtime service partner of Shannondell, working on various maintenance, repair, building automation, and turnkey project solutions at the Audubon, Pennsylvania campus. Based on this strong relationship,  Shannondell consulted with Tozour to collaborate on the best solution to reduce the noise of the unit on the clubhouse, while maintaining the venue’s acoustics and comfortable temperature.

After reviewing several options, the trained engineers at Tozour concluded that a custom chilled water design would decrease the noise without compromising the theatre’s comfort.

Tozour’s custom design included replacing an air-to-air rooftop unit with an air-cooled chiller and custom air handler. The chiller was installed at ground level to minimize noise, while the custom air handler was stationed on the roof.


By collaborating, Tozour and Shannondell decreased the noise on the roof dramatically. The installation took less than 30 days with minimal impact on day-to-day operations. The residents living near the clubhouse are now enjoying a more peaceful outdoor experience, while the acoustics and indoor temperature remain at optimal levels inside the building. The well-received solution, with the customized unit, further solidified Tozour’s relationship with Shannondell.


  • 1,300 resident Senior Living Center
  • 500 seat Performing Arts Theatre
  • 125,000 square feet


Custom two-piece system:

  • Air-cooled chiller –  including sound attenuation package, built in pumps and expansion tank
  • Air handler – Tozour custom unit designed to provide a quiet, efficient system

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