CHICAGO — Sealing and seaming reflective insulation isn’t easy, and Shurtape Technologies LLC continued to hear this complaint from contractors. When a contractor in South Carolina expressed that even Shurtape’s AF 100 tape wasn’t doing the trick, the company decided to do some digging.

“We sent him a few different kinds of tape to try, and he said the film tape worked really well, since it is very formable to all the grooves you have in reflective insulation,” said Lisa Zierfuss, assistant product manager, building and construction, Shurtape Technologies. “So, from there, we developed FF 100.”

But, this is more than just tape. It’s a solution unique to sealing and seaming issues that tend to arise with reflective insulation.


FF 100 can withstand various weather conditions, and considering it’s used to prevent or repair air leaks, the tape plays a crucial role for the future performance of the insulation.

The process was difficult and consisted of many tests, but Shurtape found the recipe that combines adhesive materials together  in a way that allows contractors to seam and seal without issues.

“FF 100 is an all-weather solution designed specifically for seaming and sealing reflective insulation,” said Zierfuss. “It was designed to meet the demands for a tape that can withstand the tough environments of unconditioned spaces and the change in temperature that occurs in these spaces throughout the year as seasons change. While many tapes tend to shrink up in the heat of the summer and become brittle in cold winter weather, FF 100’s aggressive adhesive allows it to deliver airtight performance all year long.”


There’s more than meets the eye when you use FF 100, especially when it comes to saving time and money for your customers.

“Reflective insulation is becoming a popular way to lower energy costs in residential and commercial buildings, but there are very few tape products out there that can deliver the long-lasting performance needed to ensure the ability of the reflective insulation to increase HVAC efficiency,” said Zierfuss.

That’s why a strong, permanent bond is required for a successful reflective insulation install or patch job. It not only decreases energy costs for customers, but it will decrease callbacks and customer complaints, too.

“FF 100 provides a solution to the common problem of flagging, or failure of tape used to seal reflective insulation used as a radiant barrier inside attics, crawlspaces, or other areas inside homes and buildings,” said Zierfuss. “This product allows technicians to expect fewer callbacks and to maintain a positive reputation for the quality of their work by providing an airtight seal that will last for the long haul, reducing costs in the process.”

According to Zierfuss, some of the top features of the FF 100 are that it’s highly comfortable, with a flexible film backing that adheres well to uneven surfaces to create an airtight, permanent seal; it doesn’t require tools because it’s hand-tearable, which makes it easy to handle and allows contractors to complete jobs quickly; and it’s code compliant, with UL 181B-FX printing, making it quick and easy for on-site inspectors to see.

“Also, it has consistent performance because the aggressive adhesive forms a permanent bond in all types of weather conditions (minus 10° to 210°F) and withstands numerous thermal cycles,” she said.

Publication date: 2/26/2018