Among the products scheduled to be on display at next week’s AHR Expo in Chicago is a “smart” home monitoring device that works with Amazon’s Alexa to ensure HVAC system performance.

AirPulse from Breezi keeps tabs on the HVAC system, reminding homeowners when they need to change air filters and monitors performance to address problems before they lead to failure, the manufacturer says.

“We have developed AirPulse to work like a fitness tracker for HVAC systems to help you keep your HVAC in tip-top shape, so your household is always comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient,” said Tim Seaton, CEO and co-founder of Breezi. “No more worrying about whether the A/C unit will break down in the summer, or if the home’s air quality is healthy for the new baby. We’re giving the user full control, and turning the common homeowner into the family superhero.”

AirPulse is installed onto the furnace’s air filter without the need to drill holes in ductwork. It can be used through an app for Android or iOS and with Amazon Alexa, which means it can answer questions such as “What’s wrong with my HVAC?,” officials added.

The unit will be availabe through utility companies and sold directly to consumers later this year, officials said.