CHICAGO — The Uponor booth was organized in such a way that its design was able to display the company’s message and brand of being a complete solutions provider.

“Uponor isn’t just products and systems,” said Stan Sveen, senior manager, light commercial segment, Uponor. “It’s a complete solution.”

While the company may be known for its PEX piping and connection system, it also offers design and estimation services, field support, and a training program through Uponor Academy. The entire package of products and services were displayed and discussed on the show floor.

“At a time when so much information is available online, we are pleased to see attendance continuing to grow and engagement stronger than ever at the AHR Expo,” said Sveen. “It’s encouraging to know that people still want to engage with vendors and that building relationships is still important. Having industry events where people can interact on a personal level while also seeing our products and systems in action is key to increasing awareness and building our brand as a solutions provider for architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, and, ultimately, the end user.”

The Climate Control Zoning System II features an innovative technology called Autobalancing. This feature calculates the actual energy need of single rooms and adapts the heat output of each loop by controlling the actuator’s on and off cycle. For example, a short loop might get 20 percent “on” time while a long loop receives 60 percent “on” time. This technology allows the system to react to temperature changes faster and offers greater energy savings in the process.

“The beauty of Autobalancing is it continues through the seasons and throughout the household’s changing usage patterns, completely removing the need for manual balancing of the system,” says Jeff Wiedemann, product manager, Controls at Uponor. “With the new Autobalancing technology and the ease of installation with a wireless system, the Climate Control Zoning System II is our best controls offering yet for residential radiant floor heating systems.”

Also on display were the ProPEX® opposing port tees. “Our new ProPEX EP [engineered polymer] opposing-port tees are a time-, cost- and labor-saving solution for hydronic piping systems,” said Casey Swanson, sr. manager, commercial segment at Uponor. “Instead of using four fittings to change piping direction in a confined space, an opposing-port tee can do it with just one part.”

The tee is manufactured with ASTM F1960 expansion connections for PEX-a piping systems and is currently available in 1-, 1¼-, 1½- and 2-inch flow-through sizes with ¾-inch outlets.

The Radiant Rollout™ Mat was designed for fast, consistent installations for large commercial radiant heating and cooling applications — saving up to 85 percent in installation time. The mat consists of Wirsbo hePEX™ (oxygen barrier) or Uponor AquaPEX® (non-barrier) PEX-a tubing connected with ProPEX® engineered plastic fittings, which are safe for burial in the slab and offer fast on-site customization when necessary.

“Because it’s pre-packaged and pre-pressurized, the Radiant Rollout Mat provides hassle-free commissioning of a radiant heating and cooling system,” said Aaron Stotko, manager, commercial segment, Uponor. “Couple that with the built-in quality that comes with Uponor systems, building professionals can feel confident they are specifying a product that reduces mistakes and liabilities.”

In 2016, Uponor partnered with Belkin to form an intelligent water solution venture known as Phyn.

“This year marks the launch of Phyn Plus, a smart water technology device that detects plumbing leaks in homes and can send alerts to homeowners via the Phyn app,” said Sveen. “While Phyn Plus is currently for residential applications, we are constantly evaluating features and opportunities to improve the solution and ensure the protection of our most precious resource — water.”

The company also highlighted its building information modeling (BIM) solutions and its partnership with Unifi Labs.

“Their Unifi Connect solution marries high-quality manufacturer content with engineering libraries and models to consolidate content needs, allowing global architectural firms, engineering firms, contractors, and operators accurate and efficient access to Uponor’s Autodesk® Revit® library of products,” Sveen said.

In addition to BIM, Uponor is focusing on commercial solutions to quickly and easily transition other piping materials to PEX. The company has a comprehensive offering of transition fittings in sizes up to 3 inches that allow designers and installers to incorporate PEX into a hybrid system with piping products, such as copper and CPVC, for retrofit applications.

“It’s the complete solution we offer in every area of the business that makes us different,” Sveen said.  

Publication date: 2/26/2018