Data Aire Inc. went all the way up to the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building in downtown Chicago to showcase its future and what’s to come at the AHR Expo and beyond. Cocktails, dinner, and a special performance from Chicago’s own Sugar Dolls were all on display at the event. Data Aire utilized televisions throughout the party to display some of the company’s top products, as well as inform the audience of why the future is bright. While peeking out the windows of the party may not have been for those afraid of heights, the atmosphere inside was clearly warm and inviting.

The event was packed from wall-to-wall all night and if the carved beef tenderloin did not catch an attendee’s eye then the chilled shrimp was sure to. Data Aire’s gForce Chilled Water Units were a popular topic of conversation, as were several other products the company mentioned.