LAS VEGAS — Ventacity Systems announced the launch of two new products at this year’s AHR Expo. The ventilation market has been ”unappreciated and underserved for way too long,” according to Salvatore D’Auria. “So, what we’ve done is something that we think is a little disruptive,” he said.

Ventacity introduced the VS500 SQ (super quiet) ductless heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system, which is designed to meet classroom requirements for comfort and noise. The unit provides a solution for IAQ management in decentralized locations.

The VS3000 RT HRV system is a big brother to the VS1000 RT HRV system that was previously available. The new unit provides a higher-capacity 3,000 cfm maximum flow rate to fulfill indoor air quality (IAQ) requirements in commercial buildings of up to 40,000 square feet. Additionally, it features pre- and post-heater elements, which allow for operation in colder conditions without compromising the units heat exchanger core.

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