The NEWSreports on new products found by our editors at the recent AHR Expo in Chicago. Products are listed in alphabetical order within each category.

Commercial Controls

Autoflame Engineering Ltd. ( showed the Autoflame data transfer interface (DTI), a gateway for communicating with the Autoflame MM/EGA range of products. The DTI can collect and store information from a maximum of 10 Autoflame systems in one location. The information gathered is later available for transmission to an external source via RS232, RS422, and Ethernet data links.

Automation Components Inc. ( showed wireless sensors designed with 900 MHz spread-spectrum mesh technology. They have built-in signal indication.

Belimo ( showed an energy valve that it described as a “two-way pressure independent control valve that optimizes, documents, and improves water coil performance.” It has an actuator, coil optimization logic, embedded temperature sensor, and remote temperature sensor.

Can2Go ( by SCL Elements launched its line of smart wireless peripherals. The line includes the TE2 terminal unit and the DA2 proportional damper/valve actuator, based on the Belimo MP-Bus platform. The TE2 and DA2 are both individually programmable and have local memory. They communicate wirelessly with Can2Go controllers, which automatically convert their points to BACnet. The DA2 combines Can2Go’s wired and wireless multiprotocol integration capabilities with Belimo’s damper actuator technology. It is suitable for water-based central heating/cooling systems, geothermal systems (ground-source heat pump), chillers and cooling towers, chilled beams and ceilings, water-source heat pumps, and radiant floors.

The company also launched a new dashboard feature to its license-free web BEMS and showed previews of its Android app and block programming features.

Carel USA ( introduced its pCOsistema+ integrated control system. The system serves as a power+ drive for dc inverter compressors under qualifications by Hitachi, Samsung, Siam Compressor Industry Co., and others. All manufacturers are eligible to use the dc inverter technology to improve the performance of their units and increase integration between components, units, systems, installers, maintenance personnel, and users. Operation of the latest smart actuators that complete high-efficiency units can also be optimized using serial communication options.

Continental Control Systems ( highlighted its new WattNode BACnet meter (MS/TP), a cost-, energy-, and power-metering solution for building automation systems requiring the BACnet communications protocol. The new meter complements the company’s Modbus® and LonWorks® meters, enabling almost any building automation system accessibility to electrical measurements including power, energy, voltage, current, and power factor.

Delta Controls’ ( DNS-CHM24 combines temperature, humidity, CO2, and motion sensing options into a single BACnet MS/TP device with a display and pushbutton interface. According to the company, combining sensors simplifies installation, reduces hardware cost, improves architectural aesthetics, and provides the information required for control strategies to optimize user comfort while reducing energy consumption.

E+E Elektronik Corp. ( won an Innovation Award for its new EE245 wireless transmitter, which combines the measurement of temperature, humidity, and CO2. An optional display is available to provide local indication as well. As a standard, batteries provide for the power supply and for more demanding applications; the device can be powered through an external adapter. It can handle a wireless network up to 500 transmitters per base station.

Echelon ( featured two new items. The Open Building Specification Guide is a collection of standards and documents, initially focused on HVAC systems. It will enable building professionals to architect an interoperable system from top to bottom. Subsequent releases will expand the scope of this specification to include other critical building functions.

The company also exhibited the LonWorks/BACnet Gateway Application. Running this application on Echelon’s SmartServer allows system integrators to commission, add, modify, and connect LonWorks-based products within a BACnet management system.

EnOcean Alliance ( promoted itself as a “leading consortium of companies working to standardize and internationalize energy harvesting wireless technology for green intelligent buildings.” The booth hosted innovative solutions developed by Leviton, BSC Software, Capital Review Group, Echoflex, Magnum Energy Solutions, Alps Controls, Ecologix, Titus, Marlow, and Kieback & Peter.

Harwil Corp. ( displayed its Q-16 flow switch, the company’s latest addition to its heavy-duty line of flow switches. The switch is used to signal start or stop electronically operated equipment when flow or no-flow conditions occur. Typical applications include boilers, chillers, water treatment, and irrigation. The Q-16 uses a 15 amp SPDT micro switch that can control a 0.5-hp motor.

Iconics Inc. ( announced its first 64-bit Advanced Workstation with BACnet compliance. According to the company, it is the first in the field as well. The product is a vendor independent open platform for integrating any BACnet, SNMP, Modbus, web services, OPC or OPC-UA-based BAS system used for HVAC, data centers, electrical metering, cogeneration, and other building applications. The Iconics Genesis64 Building Automation Suite utilizes the latest technology from Microsoft, such as 64-bit multi-processor technology, multi-touch natural user interfaces, 3D and 2D hardware accelerated graphics processing, alarming, scheduling, and long-term data logging.

Industrial Control Communications Inc. ( offered ways to turn an Android phone or tablet into a portable HMI.

Intermatic Inc. ( highlighted the ET90000 Series defrost control. Due out in early third quarter, this control features three different defrost cycle modes that, according to the company, help eliminate wasteful energy consumption. It features an on-screen menu, manual compressor override, and a USB connection for uploading, downloading, and transferring programs. Short cycle lockout and compressor delay time commands provide compressor protection as well.

KMC Controls ( featured FlexStat, a line of integrated BACnet controllers and sensors. It can be used for standalone control of common mechanical equipment (through built-in programming), small building automation, or as part of a larger BACnet network. The 12x series of FlexStat looks, on the outside, like the existing line of BAC-10x series, but offers inputs for six external sensors (instead of three) and advanced firmware that gives options for a remote space temperature sensor (including remote only, averaging, highest, or lowest selections).

LG Electronics USA Inc. ( introduced its Environmental Control Manager. The device is an advanced comfort control and energy management system for the hospitality industry. A large touchscreen with automatic backlight and virtual buttons provide easy operation. The integrated occupancy sensor uses a combination of motion and thermal sensing technologies. According to the company, its advanced energy management features use occupancy detection to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption without compromising comfort. A built-in, secure wireless mesh-networking capability enables remote configuration and management features.

Measurelogic ( exhibited the DTS™ electrical submeters and PowerStudio™ energy management software. The company said it provides meters, systems, and support.

Minco ( showed its new TT463 Series integrated sensor/transmitters. The new sensors, used in HVAC applications to sense the temperature of airstreams in ducts and plenums, combine an RTD sensing element with transmitter capability in a single package. The integrated sensor/transmitters are available now in point sensing, rigid averaging, or bendable averaging configurations. Each style can be configured with a variety of insertion lengths, and for a variety of temperature ranges. Transmitters are housed in a standard 0.250-inch (6.35 mm) OD stainless steel probe casing integrated with a junction box. The integrated technology of the TT463 can also be combined with custom packaging and mounting to meet specific customer requirements.

Onset Computer Corp. ( displayed the Hobo® UX90 Series occupancy and light data loggers. The matchbox-sized LCD display data logger tracks building occupancy and light usage to pinpoint areas in a building that could benefit from occupancy sensors and other energy-saving initiatives. In addition, the new toolbox suite includes data loggers for measuring motor on-off status, electronic pulses, state changes, and occupancy and light use patterns. The data loggers offer a large LCD that visually confirms logger operation, signal strength indication that ensures proper logger placement, large memory capacity that enables longer deployments with fewer site visits, and a USB 2.0 PC interface for full-speed data offloads.

Parker Hannifin Corp. ( introduced its Sporlan MT Alliance supermarket control system. The system utilizes hardware and software to control supermarket refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting systems. Visual indicators provide users with quick facility management at a glance, and analytical tools monitor trends, compare and correlate data, and provide comprehensive data logging to allow for smart alarm management, improved food safety, and energy cost management. A recent customer evaluation and competitive analysis revealed an annual savings of $10,000 over competitive energy management systems and up to $30,000 annually over traditional refrigeration, HVAC, and lighting system management systems.

Powercast Corp. ( announced one new product and highlighted a new feature in its wireless sensor line. The WSN-1102 CO2 sensor is a battery-powered IAQ sensor for HVAC control and occupant safety. It has a 3.5 to 15 year battery life based on the user-adjustable measurement interval of 1 to 5 minutes. The unit is self-calibrating and reports accurate CO2 measurements to the company’s WSG-101 BAS gateway. The company also highlighted the WSN-1101’s new 25-plus year battery life.

Quark Communications Inc. ( released its Q1-VAV- configurable controller. Based on the Neuron FT-5000 microprocessor, it is designed to control a variety of HVAC applications. All controller features are adjustable by LNS plug-in or a handheld device. When monitored by InetSupervisor™ software, web-based control and monitoring is enabled. According to the company, this device allows users to simply custom configure it instead of spending the time to write programming.

Schneider Electric ( displayed Modicon™ M168™ programmable logic controllers at its booth. The controllers were developed to manage discrete and analog inputs and outputs and offer multiple options for connection to different building management system communication networks. Four different controllers are available. The controller can be used for programming logic controllers with SoHVAC software. The programmable logic controllers can be used in such applications as water chillers; heat pumps; refrigerated display windows; pumping stations; condensate/boiler feed pumps; precision air conditioners; and air-handling systems, twin-flow enclosure.

Titus ( showed the new Alpha controller family that integrates universally with all BACnet building management systems (BMS) regardless of manufacturer. They are designed and manufactured in collaboration with KMC Controls.

Viconics Technologies Inc. ( introduced multiple new products at its booth, including the VT76825 Wireless Central Manager. The centralized unit provides simple, flexible scheduling of multiple equipment control units from one location. It allows facility managers to administer parameters efficiently for up to 60 room controllers with one central unit.

The company also introduced the VT7606F Series RTU controllers. According to the company, they provide optimal control of space temperature where maintaining minimum fresh air requirements is necessary in colder climates. This controller ensures that proper supply air temperature levels are maintained even when no heating demand is present.

Visual ( enables owners and operators of commercial buildings to profile energy consumption, target wastage, and save costs on heating and hot water systems. Information is relayed via user friendly dashboard reporting and makes it possible to remotely monitor multiple sites from a single computer. Visual provides vital energy management information on building performance and tracks environment conditions within the premises. It can wirelessly monitor multiple applications to provide complete insight into a building’s performance. It uses accurate wireless radio sensors to gather real-time information and is able to provide early warning alerts and alarms for business critical conditions.

Weiss Instruments Inc. ( showed its iPro lead/lag refrigeration controller (IPS200D-WLL). With an advanced temperature, defrost, fan, and alarm control, the iPro lets the switching interval be chosen as either an independent or parallel operation. Features include redundant system control, backlit display, configurable changeover from one hour to 21 days, real-time clock, gas leak detector input, condenser alarm, Ethernet connection, and security keyboard locking.

Components + Accessories

Acrefine Engineering ( exhibited its modular rubber vibration isolation pads, API-M and API-MC. The modular design allows the pads to be cut to size. There are bolt holes in each module to allow for easy installation, and the bolt holes can be cut to any size. The pads can be stacked with steel plates for a higher deflection. Type API-M has a pad thickness of 3/8 of an inch (10 mm), while the API-MC has a pad thickness of 7/8 of an inch (22 mm).

Advance Controls Inc. ( unveiled its disconnect switch for variable frequency drives (VFDs). The disconnect switch prevents downtime of equipment due to the VFD being damaged through a nonsequenced shutdown. The VFD Disconnect Switch Series is available to mount in an enclosed unit or open components and is available in 30-, 40-, 60-, 80-, 100-, 125-, and 160-amp sizes.

Allanson ( introduced its Get Green permanent fuel conditioning magnetic collars that work with all fossil fuels. The collar system targets para-hydrogen and converts them into ortho-hydrogen, allowing a more efficient combustion. Get Green collars reduce fuel consumption up to 15 percent without the use of additives. The collars don’t require system shutdown or special tools, are maintenance-free, and can be subjected to all climate conditions, chemical disinfectants, and ammonia with no negative effects on performance.

American Louver Co. ( exhibited the EP diffuser in an engineered polymer step-down diffuser.

Appion Inc. ( displayed the MegaFlow™ basics kit. It contains a large-diameter, vacuum certified ½-inch evacuation hose and one valve core removal tool. The kit helps a technician remove restrictive valve cores and perform air conditioning and refrigeration system evacuations up to 10 times faster.

Aquatherm Inc. ( introduced its Aquatherm Greenpipe® and Advanced Pipe Wrap. The Aquatherm Greenpipe is a recyclable polypropylene random piping system designed specifically for potable water applications. A heat fusion welding connection eliminates toxic materials and open flames from piping installations and results in a homogeneous material, eliminating systematic weaknesses and leakage paths. The pipe has a natural R-value of 1 to 1.5 depending on pipe size and standard dimension ratio. Aquatherm’s advanced pipe wrap insulation allows for installation in tighter spaces.

Baltimore Aircoil Co. ( featured the PT2 cooling tower Whisper Quiet fan. It provides 12-15 dBa sound reduction, has CTI certified thermal capacity, and is ASHRAE 90.1 compliant.

Barnes & Jones Inc. ( introduced its Series 6000 thermostatic steam trap. The device is specifically designed to provide for the instantaneous removal of air and condensate without the loss of live steam. The balanced pressured thermostatic steam trap is equipped with a super-sensitive hydraulically formed bellows that closely follows the saturated steam curve. The steam trap has an ascending capacity curve for steam pressures ranging from vacuum to 300 psig. The device is available in ½-, ¾-, and 1-inch pipe sizes.

Benchmark Foam Inc. ( showed attendees its idea for simplifying an in-floor heat system with its Thermo-Snap™ insulated panels. These panels reduce labor and material costs with a tube management system built directly into the expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulated panel, according to the company. Pex tubes snap into manufactured pathways and then remain in place during the concrete pour. There is no float or displacement. The panels can be trimmed to accommodate custom shapes and can be customized to specific panel and tube sizes. It is manufactured with certified EPS and qualifies for green building programs.

Bitzer ( featured ASME-certified, high-efficiency shell and tube evaporators and condensers with u-tube design technology that reduces leak potential by 50 percent and enables the tube bundle to be fully removable and serviceable. The company also exhibited a new series of reciprocating compressors optimized for use with HFC-134a, and Octagon CO2 reciprocating compressors with extended operating envelope for low-temperature applications.

Boilerroom Equipment Inc. ( exhibited its Heatsponge Sidekick condensing economizer for hot water boilers. The device allows for the retrofit of existing boilers to condensing efficiencies. The economizer can match the efficiency of any boiler.

Cerro Flow Products LLC® ( Advantage Press™ tubes are copper tubes with built-in press fit technology. According to the company, they install twice as fast as copper tube and traditional press fittings. The patented integral one-piece design allows installers to make just one connection when installing copper tubing systems. It features an integral press end, complete with an O-ring and built-in stop. The opposite end comes deburred.

CleaverBrooks ( showed the CBEX Elite firetube system that maintains 3 percent oxygen across the full operating range. It meets the California legislative requirement of 5 ppm NOx at sub-50 ppm CO and the federal EPA objective of 30 ppm NOx with 1 ppm CO.

Cooper Industries ( introduced Buttnut™ bolted framing, which can be installed at any desired position eliminating the need to thread hex nuts. The slip-on design allows one to retrofit a trapeze without disassembling existing supports. Also featured was Snap’N Shield™ protection for horizontal pipe runs.

Deflecto Air Distribution Products ( introduced a Supurr-Duct 4-inch aluminum flexible metallic duct. The uninsulated aluminum flexible duct flexes in any direction, offers a maximum velocity of 5,000 feet per minute, and works best with gas or electric dryers.

Delphi ( introduced the MCHX® condenser, a compact heat exchanger suitable for outdoor residential cooling units. The coil is specially designed to condense discharge gas as well as provide liquid subcooling. It features brazed aluminum construction based on micro channel technology, which consists of a flat micro channel tube, fins, and two refrigerant manifolds joined together in a single coil. It helps OEMs meet high SEER requirements. The MCHX can be used in residential, commercial, and refrigeration applications.

Design Polymerics ( introduced its 1080 MS-polymer based duct sealant and 1090 low-VOC solvent-based duct sealant. The 1080 sealant is a one-part, modified siloxane-polymer-based hybrid sealant in a homogenous paste. The sealant is free of isocyanates, solvents, and water, and is recommended for use in sealing joints, seams, and duct wall penetrations. The 1090 sealant is a smooth, solvent-based, premium-quality, UL-classified, high-pressure/high-velocity duct sealant for commercial and industrial supply and return air duct use. The product is recommended for sealing joints, seams, and duct wall penetrations in commercial and industrial applications.

Detroit Radiant Products ( featured the Re-Verber-Ray® QT Series, which captures the operational benefits of both high and low intensity infrared heaters. Features include a multi-burner and multi-exchanger platform that is available in both single- and dual-stage operation for comfort or spot heating applications.

Eaton Corp. ( showcased its H-Max™ Series of HVAC drives, M-Max™ Series of machinery drives, S611 line of compact solid-state soft starts, and DP contractors switching devices.

The H-Max Series drives are engineered to provide ultra-efficient operations and are available from 1.5- to 250-hp at 480V and ¾- to 125-hp at 230V. The M-Max™ series of sensorless vector adjustable frequency drives offer customers increased efficiency and product life. Including both single- and three-phase devices, the microprocessor-based drives incorporate standard features that can be programmed to tailor performance to suit a wide variety of applications including pumps and fans. The S611 line is designed to minimize shock to mechanical components, extend system life, increase reliability, reduce maintenance, and lower energy requirements. The unit provides customers with overload, undervoltage, overcurrent, phase loss, jam and stall protection, and power monitoring capabilities.

Echo Process Instrumentation ( high-lighted the Level Hunter II, an ultrasonic meter and controller. It provides for noncontact ultrasonic level measurements for liquids and solids with microprocessor technology.

Embraco North America ( presented hermetic compressors including the NTU for the refrigeration market.

Emerson Industrial Automation ( introduced its Power Transmission Solutions Browning® EPDM v-belts. The EPDM belts have an operational temperature range of -60 to 230˚F. The belts come with fabric tops and bottoms, wider notch spacing, and ground-form sidewalls.

Enervex Inc. ( introduced the TDF 620 and 685, and modulating fan powered economizer (MFPE) boiler exhaust fans. The TDF 620 and 685 may be used with any type of boiler and can handle boiler input up to 60 million Btu. The TDF fan is for use with condensing and noncondensing appliances at flue gas temperatures below 650˚F. The MFPE features a backward-inclined impeller and a built-in economizer. The 316L stainless steel fan housing is equipped with an energy-efficient enclosed variable speed motor. The MFPE is for use with noncondensing appliances at maximum flue gas temperatures of 575˚F.

Flame Gard® (, a division of Component Hardware, premiered a recessed LED light fixture for heated applications, temperature rated at 80˚C (176˚F). The L82 Series LED hood light is ideal for use in commercial cooking hood applications, said the manufacturer. The fixture is supplied with a prismatic tempered glass lens and two 22-W LED lamps. It is 4.5 inches high, so the fixture can be used in limited overhead clearance applications. The light features a steel housing with white baked enamel finish and a satin stainless steel face frame to match the interior of the cooking hood. The light is offered in a 4-foot length.

Fenner Drives ( displayed the T-Max mounting bracket. It comes off the motor base to mount the V-belt drive tensioner. It is compatible with NEMA 48, 56, and 143T designs, and IEC 63, 71, 80, and 90s designs. The mounting bracket comes with all of the appropriate mounting hardware and installation guidelines.

Gastite ( introduced the FlashShield CSST gas tubing. The tubing is designed for outstanding performance in the event of lightning strikes. It features a multilayered system of protection, which includes an aluminum mesh shield that dissipates electricity and heat and two layers of semi-conductive polymer jackets. It is easy to install with pre-markings by the foot for easy measuring, which the company noted results in a clean and attractive look.

Grinnell Products ( introduced its Figure 640 pivot-bolt rigid coupling, copper G-press fittings, and stainless steel press-fitting system. The coupling saves installation time as only one bolt on the coupling requires tightening, and the grade EHT EPDM gasket is specially designed for an easy push-on installation. The G-press fittings ensure a leak-tight seal. The systems are designed to work with hard, half-hard, and soft copper tubes. The system uses the V-press profile, which has the advantage of a three-point press. The fittings have a leak-before-press feature molded into the O-ring in two positions. The steel press-fitting system provides an effective way of joining schedule 5 steel IPS pipe. The system contains a highly corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel housing and a variety of O-ring seal materials, making it suitable for use in numerous installations such as HVAC, plumbing, and industrial applications.

Hansen Corp. ( exhibited its 185-1 Series smart actuator. The actuator offers custom output inserts for application mating and power connections for simple RJ12 phone jack connectors. The units are daisy chain capable and offer low power consumption, and ratio adjustability for various speeds. Applications include HVAC dampers and valves, medical movement and pumps, industrial controls, and pharmaceutical dispensing.

Heat Controller Inc. ( displayed a two-stage geothermal package heat pump called the GeoLogix. It was described as a self-contained, packaged HEV unit with integrated digital communication controls.

Heat Pipe Technology Inc. ( displayed its HRM-V™ Split Passive Series of energy recovery systems. The systems are used to recover energy in process applications and from exhaust air to pre-cool or pre-heat outside air in comfort applications. The compact and highly efficient heat transfer devices are available in models appropriate for winter-only recovery, summer-only recovery, and winter/summer recovery. The technology is designed for applications where two airstreams are separated by up to 100 feet, and is appropriate for 1,000- to 10,000-cfm systems.

Heatrex ( showed a variety of heaters. The 234 Series washdown and corrosion-resistant unit heaters have ratings up to 47 kW and single-point connection for all standard voltages up to 600 vac, three-phase, 60 Hz. The 238 Series industrial unit heaters feature steel finned tubular heating elements, built-in controls, adjustable discharge louvers, ratings up to 38 kW, and a bracket for ceiling or wall mounting. The 240 Series unit heater has 50 standard models with ranges up to 50 kW. It offers horizontal or vertical discharge mounting.

Highside Chemicals Inc. ( exhibited its Green Pantabs and Broad Spectrum Threadlocker products. Green Pantabs is an economical condensate drain pan treatment that helps eliminate odors, prevent overflows and water damage, and cleans scale and sludge in air conditioners and refrigerators. The Threadlocker is a sealant that prevents loosening of nuts, bolts, bushings, plugs, and fittings from shock and vibration. It may be used in many applications including air conditioning, agriculture, automotive, construction, industrial, and more.

Hoffman Controls ( showed a line of electronic motor speed controls products for ECM motors. The company said the controller “can accomplish an infinite number of functions utilizing the same controllers’ output for a variety of intended purposes.”

Hurst Boiler & Welding Co. Inc. ( released the Biomaster, Boilermaster, Feedmaster, Firemaster, and Oxymaster integrated control systems. The Biomaster system may be adapted to fit any existing Hurst solid fuel boiler system. The Boilermaster focuses all boilers and equipment to a single collective point, monitoring steam and hot water operations on-site or through a secure Internet system. The Feedmaster ensures proper delivery and precise pre-heated temperatures of boiler make-up water. The Firemaster is a multipoint boiler and burner control system that enables real-time adjustments to achieve optimized firing and cycle rates. The Oxymaster ensures proper operations of oxygen scrubbing de-aerators and other needs that coincide with the de-aeration process and delivery of boiler make-up water.

Hydra-Zorb/Klo-Shure ( introduced its 9-Series Klo-Shure insulation coupling for iron pipe sizes. According to the company, the installation installs 60 percent faster than conventional methods and supports copper tube and iron pipe sizes.

Hydro Aluminum Precision Tubing ( introduced its Hybraz™ PF coated products and processes. Hybraz PF is an aluminum product coated with a layer of flux in an organic binder. The product eliminates the need for a separate fluxing operation on brazing lines, but must be used in combination with a braze alloy cladding, either as a substrate or on one of the material surfaces adjoining the Hybraz coated surface.

Industrial Heat Transfer Inc. ( showed its IHT® industrial-finned tube heat exchanger coils. The coil casings are die-formed for high structural strength and rigidity. Carbon steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel are standard casing materials of construction; other materials are available. The fins are strong, continuous plates that do not easily bend and keep the tubes in place. Both flat and wavy type fins are available in 25 different configurations. Many fin materials and thicknesses are available.

IVAR ( introduced the Equicalor® wireless heat management system. The low energy consumption, battery-operated system contains one or more zone chrono-thermostats and one or more actuators, which are directly installed on radiator valves. The thermostat can program up to eight distinct zones. The Equicalor works with an adjustment algorithm that automatically compensates the temperature detected near a radiator, to provide an effective regulation of the room temperature even when the radiator temperature has changed.

Kinetics Noise Control’s ( QuakeLoc™ is a seismic cable restraint connector for piping, duct, electrical cable trays, and suspended equipment. QuakeKit-D is designed for suspended equipment and electrical. QuakeKit-P is specifically designed to provide the necessary components to properly restrain a piping system. QuakeBulk is a universal kit for application where more than 15 feet of cable will be required.

Kost USA ( showcased its BioChill® line of heat transfer fluids. The fully formulated, propylene-glylcol-based products are manufactured from 100 percent renewable bio-based feedstock. According to the company, the production method results in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and nonrenewable energy consumption in comparison to conventionally made propylene glycol. Fluids are fortified with an inhibitor package that protects metals from corrosion, inhibits metal cavitations, helps prevent scaling of heat transfer surfaces, and buffers the pH to maintain optimum operating range.

Lochinvar LLC ( introduced the Smart System™ multitemperature loop control (MTLC). It is an accessory designed to simplify the integration of Knight® heating boilers into multiple temperature hydronic heating systems. The compact accessory accurately controls up to three separate space heating loop temperatures, while maximizing the efficiency of the heating boiler as a primary function. The MTLC works in conjunction with the onboard Smart System control on all second generation floor-standing and wall-mount Knight heating boilers for residential applications, as well as Knight XL commercial heating boilers, to take the guesswork out of controlling the boiler supply water temperature without sacrificing efficiency, the company said.

Locus Co. Ltd. ( showcased aluminum tube fittings and valves. Made of a special aluminum, with lead content less than 0.01 percent, Locus tube fittings and valves are installed using the threaded lok-type fitting connection method, with no welding required. Aluminum fittings can be used in conjunction with different types of tubes, including copper, aluminum, and the manufacturer’s polyamide and powder-coated aluminum. The product range includes aluminum service valves, union fittings, tube welding nipples, service valve connectors, and elbows.

Marshall Engineered Products Co. ( exhibited its Type SC Model A Sentinel® condensate pump. The pump returns condensate to boiler feed receivers or directly to boilers. The unit provides condensate recovery for comfort heating systems or low pressure steam process heating systems, and allows flexibility where it is difficult to properly grade condensate return lines to a central collection point. Capabilities range from 10,000- to 50,000-equivalent direct radiation (EDR) with pressure ranges of 20 to 80 psig.

Maxitrol ( introduced its Selectra Series 14+ electronic gas flame modulation system. The system is designed for make-up air heating as a component for direct-fired equipment. The device is specified for new equipment installation and may be installed on existing equipment in the field. The unit consists of modulator or modulator-regulator valves and amplifiers featuring low-fire start, freeze thermostat, mild weather thermostat, and integral temperature selection. Discharge air and freeze thermostat temperatures are measured using a discharge air temperature sensor that is mounted within a mixing tube.

Mon-Eco Industries Inc. ( displayed its Eco-Stuck Zero VOC contact cement. The cement has zero volatile organic compounds and is designed for spray or brush applications. The product provides bonding in 25 minutes and can cover 200 square feet per gallon.

Mueller Industries Inc. ( exhibited its Streamline® refrigeration products. Items included the high pressure liquid receivers, designed to hold excess refrigerant between the condenser and expansion device; the high pressure accumulator, designed to act as a temporary holding vessel between the outlet of the evaporator and the inlet of the compressor; and the oil filter, which ensures refrigeration oil is clean of any foreign matter that may obstruct float valves in oil refrigerators and oil separators. Also exhibited were the ASME receivers, designed to conform to the many requirements of the system designer; and ASME accumulators, used to prevent liquid slugging of the compressor during a flood-back condition.

NovaTorque Inc. ( introduced its next generation design of 3-hp and 5-hp PremiumPlus+™ motors. According to the company, its new models, driven by variable frequency drives, have motor-only rated point efficiency of 93 percent and 92 percent for 3-hp and 5-hp versions, respectively. In addition to having higher efficiency at the rated point, the PremiumPlus+™ motors maintain their high efficiency over a much wider speed and load range.

Noyes Enterprises LLC ( showcased its HeatPly radiant heating underlayment panels. According to the company, the systems are so responsive that they seem to heat up on command. The panels have a low-profile design and can be installed in new or existing construction. It has a cutting grid for straightforward installation. According to the manufacturer, the narrowed spacing provides increased heat efficiency. There are two product lines for residential or commercial applications.

OEM Tube Assemblies ( displayed a variety of new products, including spun copper dryers, accumulators, and strainers for refrigeration systems.

Oventrop Corp. ( exhibited a pressure independent control valve called Cocon Q. It maintains a valve authority of 100 percent and the desired flow over a wide range of differential pressures. The valve is used for hydronic balancing and temperature control of appliances or sections of a system in chilled ceiling, fan coil, convertor, central heating, and surface heating systems.

Perma-Pipe ( showed the Multi-Therm 750 Supreme, a pre-insulated piping system fortified with Aerogel nano-technology for thermally efficient steam and hot water transportation piping systems.

Q Power America Inc. ( exhibited its Q-Pipes and Q-Box heat exchangers. Q-Pipes combine the principles of thermal conductivity and phase transition. The Q-Box heat exchangers are made up of any desired number of Q-Pipes. The heat exchanger increases energy efficiency by recovering and recycling waste heat from exhaust gases. The amount of recovered heat can be increased by adding more Q-Pipes, or increasing the diameter or length of the pipes.

Refrigeration Research Inc. ( showed the higher-pressure Bull Dog coaxial condensers. The condensers are designed for use with R-410A refrigerant and for 1/3 to 3 tons. They come complete with bracket attached.

Regal Beloit Corp. ( exhibited the Genteq® Eon 42 motor. It is a variable speed, constant torque motor designed for direct drive blower applications such as fan coils, kitchen ventilators, air curtains, and unit heaters/coolers. The motor offers simple installation along with a wide range of horsepowers (1/15, 1/8, and ¼ hp), voltages, and mechanical features. The motor also features BlakBox® technology, an onboard memory that allows OEMs and contractors to monitor real-time performance and provide insight into the operation of the motor to maintain peak efficiency.

The manufacturer also showed the Genteq Evergreen CM, a universal electrically commutated motor (ECM) for aftermarket light commercial heating and cooling applications. It features flexible control methods to help the installer balance airflow in HVAC systems such as VAV, series boxes, or packaged heat pumps. The Evergreen CM motor is available for 277-V systems, counterclockwise or clockwise rotation, and outputs of 1/3, 1/2, and 3/4.

Also on display were the high-efficiency FASCO blowers. They are used in HVAC appliances such as furnaces, fan coil units, and ground coupled heat pumps. A 24-V transformer is included with ECM blower models.

Riello Burners North America ( displayed its RX Series of premix gas burners. The series was designed specifically for premix combustion technology and provides an answer to low-polluting emissions while providing high modulating turndown ratios. The RX Series burner is available in five standard models on three different structures and its operation can be two-stage progressive or alternatively modulating. The electronic controls are designed with modular concept in order to offer a highly flexible configuration dependant on the application.

Rinnai Corp. ( launched the condensate neutralizer accessory. The neutralizer works by running the condensation through a container filled with limestone media, which raises its pH level to make the liquid less acidic, resulting in neutral water that can be drained directly from the unit. The company said it introduced the easy-to-install feature because select states require condensate from condensing appliances to be treated before passing into a public sewer system. Designed for both vertical and horizontal mounting, the condensate neutralizer’s user-friendly clear capsule design allows homeowners to see when the limestone media needs to be replaced.

Roth ( introduced the X-Pert S5® five-layer PE-RT pipe with oxygen barrier. According to the company, the X-Pert S5 represents “an evolution in polymer technology for hydronic heating.” Its five-layer design ensures that the EVOH oxygen barrier is protected and remains intact, and its long-term hydrostatic design meets the demands of hydronic heating applications. Its design improves installation efficiencies in products such as solar and heat pump systems, radiant floor heating, radiator and baseboard hot water connections and snow melt applications. The X-Pert S5 is fully recyclable,

Ruskin Air & Sound ( showed the HPG3845 FEMA grille designed to protect wall penetrations from flying debris.

Sauermann NA Corp. ( highlighted its new line of condensate removal pumps, systems, and accessories. The line is specifically designed for draining condensates from a/c systems. The Si-10 and the Si-30 are for a/c units up to 5.6 tons. The Si-33 is for 5.6- to 8.4-ton units. The Delta Pack is for wall-mounted a/c units up to 5.6 tons. Also in the line is the SI1800. This high-performance, high-resistance pump tolerates charged, high temperature and mild acidic condensates produced by gas condensing boilers. The removable tank and reversible pump allow it to be floor mounted, attached on a wall, or hung from a ceiling.

Sensortechnics’ ( LBA differential pressure sensors are based on thermal mass flow measurement of air or gas through a micro-flow channel integrated within the silicon sensor chip. The series offers ultra-low pressure ranges from 25 Pa (0.1 in H2O) full scale in addition to the existing 250 Pa and 500 Pa ranges (1 and 2 in H2O). The LBA sensors perform fully analog on-chip CMOS signal conditioning to allow for linear and temperature compensated outputs with fast response times, according to the company.

Soyko Industries LLC ( displayed its new QuickFrames product. Dubbed the solution to frame roof openings, this product can be used for a wide variety of roof openings that support the installation of HVAC units, evaporative coolers, roof turbines, skylights, and other rooftop-mounted equipment. Depending on site conditions, installations are typically 10 to 30 minutes, according to the company. The galvanized steel pieces can be constructed with a ¾-inch wrench, but the company suggested a cordless impact driver to save time.

Spartan Peripheral Devices ( had among its new valve-related products a thermodynamic ME8400 Series self-powered wireless terminal unit control valve; a terminal unit and zone control valves selection guide; V261-10 angle 1-inch ANSI 250 valve body to complement the existing ½-inch and ¾-inch product line; V241-10N straight single union 1-inch valve body to complement existing 1/2-inch and ¾-inch product line; and pneumatic control valve assemblies with 25 or 50 square/inch actuators with various spring ranges.

Speedclean ( showcased its BucketDescaler™ and SC-TC-50 tube cleaner products. BucketDescaler was designed specifically for on-demand, tankless water heaters. The product eliminates scale buildup on heater elements and other critical parts. The SC-TC-50 offers advanced functionality like reversible shaft rotation and integrated water flush. The nylon-covered shaft allows deep cleaning of smooth bore tubes, leaving them debris free and with dramatically higher heat exchange efficiency.

SPIRAmir Alliance ( showcased its Self-Sealing Pro Duct system. The system converts all types of spiral fittings, including elbows at 90˚, into SPIRAmir® Self-Sealing fittings. Self-Sealing Pro is capable of forming galvanized and paintable steel, stainless steel, PVC-coated steel, aluminum, and more.

SPX ( showed a single point power connection panel for cooling towers and fluid coolers. The outdoor enclosure has a tamper-resistant design and the electrical components.

Standex Electronics ( introduced a new family of flood prevention switches (FPS) to safeguard from condensate overflow buildup. Available in tee, elbow, and bracket-mounted designs, the new switches are packaged and ready to install on either the main or auxiliary drain pipe. Rising water within the installation triggers the switch to shut off the system — preventing water from overflowing. The product line is compliant with UL508 and manufactured of materials that do not rust or stick. According to the company, FPS switches are ideal for residential air conditioner installations as well as those found commercially within apartments, condominiums, and other multifamily housing, schools, universities, government facilities, etc.

Superior Radiant Products Ltd. ( exhibited its Premier VS-VH vacuum system — high efficiency radiant heating system. The system complements Superior Radiant Products’ Premier VS with smaller, in-series burners offering layout flexibility. The technology results in thermal efficiencies up to 94 percent, more precise burner performance, reduced flue emissions, and decreased system cost.

SWEP ( introduced its e-business shop to the U.S. market. It features fast and secure online orders, a user-friendly web interface, a delivery scheduling system, and live expert advice from SWEP’s local support.

Tecumseh Products Co. ( introduced its Masterflux® Sierra variable-speed compressor system controller, the VE variable-speed compressor, the TA mini compressor, and the Gen III outdoor condenser. The Sierra controller provides seamless integration with the Masterflux Sierra compressor. The device has a capacity range of 400- to 15,000-Btuh, features integrated evaporator and condenser control, and provides fault and low voltage protection. The VE variable-speed compressor is ideal for small commercial use and generates reduced sound output due to low speed operation. The TA mini compressor is 17 percent smaller than past models of similar capacity, and is lighter and quieter. The unit’s size, weight, and efficiency make it a good fit for OEMs of small-scale commercial equipment. The Gen III condensers’ newest features include smaller footprints and volume requirements, accessible controls, better airflow, and multi-unit configurations.

Teknotherm Refrigeration ( showed Cold-Flex® flexible refrigeration tubing. According to the company, it is easier to install and more affordable than copper. It can be used for pressure switches, pressure gauges, and oil return lines. The tubing is available in a variety of diameters and colors.

Telco Intercontinental Corp.’s ( ECM motor has different types for different application uses with higher efficiency, including the direct replacement of PSC, condensing motor, and outer rotor motor for fan and blower application. The motor has both ac and
dc input. It can be used in applications such as air handlers, gas furnaces, unit coolers, dehumidifiers, and evaporators.

Torad LLC ( unveiled the Spool Compressor, which has high displacement density. The compressor is capable of variable speed operation and will be available in open, semi-hermetic, and hermetic configurations for its 5- to 300-hp designs. The design includes four main components: rotor, main housing, gate, and bearing housings. The components make up a single rotating spool assembly for the compressor. Features include tolerance of liquid floodback and no axial load assists in bearing longevity.

TPI Corp. ( introduced the Portable Hazardous Location Heater. The heater is designed for expanding markets in chemical storage where there is a need for temporary, not fixed, heaters. The heater is available in 208, 240, 480, and 600 volt capacities from 3.3 through 25 kW. The unit is shipped ready to be hardwired for use. It utilizes an easy-to-maneuver portable cart with locking anti-static wheels to reduce the risk of static discharge. The wheeled cart has integrated forklift channels for easy transportability.

Tridan International Inc.’s ( Model PEDT-1 is a tube expanding system for heat transfer coils. The electronic Servo driven expander can expand from one to eight tubes per cycle in either tension or compression. The design allows for minimal floor space to be occupied, using a drum and cable draw system. The use of Servo motors gives the PEDT-1 the ability to change from one coil length to another with a push of a button. The design also gives flexibility in expansion speed, and a great reduction in noise generated by the typical hydraulic system.

UMA Solar ( displayed the Eco Flare™ solar panel. Model SLEF-23 has a gross area of 24.22 square feet, net aperture area of 20.02 square feet, operating pressure of 72.5 psi, test pressure of 145 psi, and freezing resistance to 14˚F. The panel has multiwall polycarbonate glazing with additional UV blocking tissue. The collector is encased in polyurethane foam and polyester-coated aluminum foil. The absorber is made of 117 individual composite tubes connected to a unique square manifold header by overmolding injection technique. The engineered overheat protection allows full installation with flexible PEX piping.

Vaisala ( introduced the HMW90 Series humidity and temperature transmitter designed for HVAC applications with ±2 percent RH accuracy; and the HMD42 humidity and temperature sensor for duct mount.

Victaulic ( expanded its line of large-diameter pipe couplings and fittings. Originally available for 14- to 24-inch pipe, the line is now for systems up to 60 inches in diameter.

Ward Manufacturing’s ( Wardflex® II is the next generation of WardFlex corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) flexible gas piping. It has a new conductive coating that disperses the electrical energy on the tubing when an arc occurs between the CSST and another metallic system located in the structure. It is designed and tested to help mitigate damage caused by transient arcing of lightning-induced energy inside a building.

Watson McDaniel Co. ( exhibited its Pump Trap Combination. The pump, which features an internal steam trap, prevents system stall and is used when draining condensate from a single piece of heat transfer equipment whose steam flow is being controlled with a modulating type valve. Stall occurs when the modulating valve closes and steam pressure downstream of the valve is unable to push the condensate into the return line. Models are available with both internal and external trap designs.

Wilo USA LLC ( introduced the Wilo Stratos D, Stratos Z, and ECO RFC high-efficiency circulators, and the Z-15 with Jet Connect domestic hot water recirculation system. The Stratos D features six interface modules, a max flow of 480 gpm, max heads of 43 feet and a fluid temperature range from 14 to 230˚F. The Stratos Z includes Wilo’s red button technology, an adjustable LCD viewing screen, a remote control with access to a data logger via optional infrared device, and built-in overload fault contacts. The ECO RFC includes a 360˚ rotating flange, installable high-temperature check valve, and a maximum wattage of 59, with flows up to 14 gpm. The Z-15 with Jet Connect features the Jet Connect, Jet Connect fittings, the JetValve, and Wilo Aquastat. The device is NSF/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 61 Annex G approved, lead-free bronze volute.

Z Supply LLC ( exhibited its eZe Flex Armor Tough (AT) and Flex E™ underground supply. The Flex AT is encased within a corrugated PVC casing and includes watertight couplings to make joints and access junctions. The AT outer casing can withstand 140 ft/lb at 72˚F and 70 ft/lb at 32˚F, with a tensile strength of 2,000 ft/lb. The Flex E is an application of eZe’s Radiant Barrier Pex (Pex Rb) product. By encasing PexRb within a heavy-duty outer casing, a dead air space is created. The dead air space is required for the radiant barrier to be effective and have a low thermal conductivity. The product is available in 2½- to 4-inch casings.

Contractor Services & Software

American Auto-Matrix ( showcased its vSTAT™. Available in the second quarter of this year, this mobile app for a smart device allows facility occupants the ability to interact with their building systems or zones without the need to directly access a wall thermostat, lighting control solution, or computer. The user interacts by scanning the QR code located in the zone desired. The app provides access to display area, temperature gauge, setpoint controls, favorite/lock keys, occupancy button, fan button, user field, user button, and main navigation.

Bradford White ( introduced its OnGuard RMT™ system, a remote monitoring technology and service available for commercial and residential gas-powered water heaters. OnGuard RMT combines proprietary hardware, alert status notification, 24/7 factory-based technical support, and fast service dispatch to provide customers with awareness, protection, and peace of mind, said the company. When connected, the status of the water heater is communicated directly to Bradford White technicians. In the event the water heater indicates a fault or requires service, the customer is contacted. Bradford White covers the cost of the service calls and repair.

Data Basics Inc. ( announced the release of its TechAnywhere program on Android-based devices. Previously available only on PCs, technicians can send and receive work order updates anywhere they go.

The company also announced its Mobile Control integration with SAM Pro, via its new partnership with Sage Quest ( The integration with Data Basics leverages a two-way exchange of information between SAM Pro and Mobile Control. This
aids in more effective dispatching and fleet tracking.

DDI System ( launched its Inform SBE – The Small Business Edition software and ERP Distribution Software version The SBE software is a full-featured solution geared toward distributors with fewer than 10 users. The software includes comprehensive inventory and warehouse management, automated purchasing and pricing, complete sales tools, advanced accounting and financing reporting, and other features to drive a business forward. The ERP software provides wholesale business management solutions, allowing distributors to combine everyday accounting, inventory, sales, and purchasing with sales-driving tools such as contact and sales management, direct marketing, and e-commerce.

Eaton Corp. ( displayed its XV Series of high-performance operator interfaces. The XV Series of operator interfaces offers easy configuration. Customers gain flexibility in design, communications, and application. The slim, lightweight OEM design with global ratings is offered in plastic and metal housing and with a broad array of serial and Ethernet connectivity options. Each model comes equipped with Eaton Visual Designer software that is optimized for OEMs and designed for interoperability, simplicity, and security. The series is available in screen sizes ranging from 3½- to 15-inches.

Emerson Industrial Automation ( released its Power Transmission Solutions Mobile Toolbox Technician™ app for HVACR technicians and its XJ Energy Savings Calculator. The Toolbox Technician application combines Browning’s printed bearing and belt drive pocket-reference guide with its current energy efficiency calculator app to give technicians hands-on access to information while in the field. The application is available for Android, Blackberry, and iPad/iPhone devices. The XJ Energy Savings Calculator allows contractors, businessmen, engineers, and wholesalers to determine how much energy they can expect to save by applying an XJ Series unit compared to standard unit offerings. The calculator helps users find the most relevant information, applying Emerson’s Annual Energy Efficiency Ratio (AEER) methodology, which uses historic average weather data from five climatic temperature regions in the U.S. to estimate location-specific savings scenarios.

EastCoast CAD/CAM ( released MEP Fabrication Version 2.2, now with full support for plumbing and piping systems as well as HVAC duct systems. The software uses the EastCoast patented Design to Fabrication™ workflow that takes generic Autodesk Revit MEP engineering models and automatically converts the system layouts to real manufacturer geometry and specifications to create fabrication-readied AutoCAD MEP drawings.

According to the company, the mapping user interface makes it easy to identify source and target settings to fine-tune the routing preference and real manufacturer fittings to work with each type of part. The system also lets users specify the desired joints (flanges) during the conversion. The end result is a piping system that can immediately be estimated, spooled and scheduled, taken into coordination, and delivered to prefabrication.

ecobee ( showcased its new Contractor Web Portal. It is equipped with tools to help contractors better serve their customers. It allows companies to upload their business information and logo so that it appears on customer alerts and reminders. The portal has “Equipment Details” that allow contractors to view the make and model of a customer’s HVAC equipment. Detailed customer reports are available that assist in conducting remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. The map view assists in planning service calls effectively and the service reminders provide branded reminders to the customer. Contractors can also communicate specials and promotions, as well as add an ecobee log-in to their webpage.

FieldAware ( introduced a new cloud-based field service management solution with native mobile apps. Created for small- and medium-size field service businesses, FieldAware leverages native apps on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets to eliminate the need for servers, proprietary software, and special handheld devices. It digitizes the service workflow, eliminating the need for paper work orders and allowing field service companies to streamline the scheduling process, increase field staff productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and capture new sales lead opportunities by using automation functionality. The product essentially digitizes customer, product, task, and work order data so the entire company can share it over the Internet via web browsers or smartphones on a 24/7 basis. According to the company, FieldAware handles the entire service delivery process from end-to-end for a low monthly fee per user and with no upfront costs.

Fujitsu General America Inc. ( launched its Dealer Toolbox. Described as a contractor’s online connection that allows users to manage current and future Fujitsu business, this tool was created for the Fujitsu dealer. Registered and approved members receive sales leads that can be managed online. The program also offers customer feedback, priority ranking on Dealer Locator, system registrations, online training, interactive troubleshooting guides, current and retired service manuals, Btu load calculator for unit sizing, and the ability to update and edit company information.

HVAC Solution Software ( rolled out its HVAC Solution Version 6.0 with a new control design tool. HVAC Solution software allows engineers and contractors to design hydronic, steam, and airflow systems with objects preloaded with engineering intelligence. Using the software, objects can be dragged onto the screen and connected together via pipes and ducts to allow for information sharing in a graphic format. The new control system tool is a continuation in the progression of HVAC Solution Software and the pursuit to simplify and improve the design process for HVAC systems for the industry.

Hydrosil International Ltd. ( showcased its Gas-Phase Filtration App. The application was designed to help HVAC remediation and filtration professionals make educated decisions about filtration media. Highlighting more than 200 pollutants and solutions, the software details each pollutant and provides search and remediation ideas on each.

Iconics Inc. ( announced its Mobile HMI software solution for the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 platforms. The program delivers KPI alerts directly to wireless devices providing users with the power to mobilize their workforce. According to the company, this product is a versatile software platform for staying in touch with a wide array of business operations. The Mobile HMI application can deliver HMI graphics, trends, and alert notifications to the palm of a technician’s hand anywhere and at any time.

Jackson Systems’ ( FilterFetch™ is a new service program that puts contractors back in the air filter business, according to the company. The contractor writes a unique filter code on a FilterFetch™ sticker and puts it on the furnace. To order, the homeowner visits, enters his unique code, and the filters are delivered directly to him with free shipping. Homeowners can also sign up to get email filter change reminders.

Contractors can sign up online for the program. Through the online dashboard, contractors can track monthly commissions, control filter pricing, and track technician sales to give incentives. FilterFetch™ also helps promote the contractor’s business with email filter change reminders having the contractor’s logo on it.

Kriwan ( showcased its three-in-one Interactive Compressor Protection system. The device includes an AMS sensor, INT69 diagnose tool, and INTelligence software. The AMS sensor provides temperature measurements, the INT69 diagnose tool reports on operating status and workload overloads, and INTelligence shares a visualization of operating values, error values, and maintenance instructions. INTelligence is available for free and is compatible with most modern Windows operating systems.

Maxwell Systems Inc. ( introduced its Mobile Connect system that allows contractors to use ProContractorMX™ to access up-to-date project information, any time, any place. This mobile app is available on the iPad™. Project managers can access all of their documents and data via the app. It can also be used to transfer daily field report items that are entered on an iPad directly to the main ProContractorMX database in the back office. Users can send pictures and other attachments directly from the iPad back to the office and have it attach automatically to a project.

MrPex Systems Inc. ( launched its Integrated Dynamic Control (IDC). This PC-based intelligent control system delivers optimized comfort and efficiency by coordinating HVAC, IAQ, and hydronic systems in one control, said the company. It allows remote access from anywhere in the world for monitoring, managing, and controlling via the web. It receives a constant stream of weather forecast info from the National Weather Service to help the device better react to rapidly changing conditions. It also integrates most logical and efficient heat source strategies available, such as heat pumps, solar, and conventional boilers.

NexTraq ( launched expanded routing functionality within the NexTraq™ Fleet Tracking platform. With the new ClearPath routing functionality, dispatchers and drivers save time and money by finding the quickest route for a vehicle’s workday, said the company. ClearPath routing is a feature that takes all of the locations and stops in a vehicle’s route and orders them to create the shortest route. A dispatcher or fleet manager can create routes based on the distance of the route. Additionally, dispatchers can send the efficient routes to the driver’s in-vehicle Garmin® device through NexTraq’s Fleet Dispatch application.

Remtec International ( discussed its role as a project developer and aggregator for the Climate Action Reserve. The company can assist in processing carbon credits (CRTs) from the destruction of virgin or mixed CFC refrigerants for customers.

Tecumseh Products Co. ( launched its ESP Master Replacement Guidebook App for smartphones. The free application includes a searchable electrical service parts guidebook especially for Android and iPhone smartphones.

Trimble ( introduced its cloud-based Trimble® GeoManager™ WorkManagement software. The software provides on-demand visibility into vehicle and mobile worker utilization. For routing, scheduling, and dispatch, Trimble WorkManagement assists organizations in maximizing a mobile worker’s schedule — helping to improve customer service, increase productivity, and reduce overall operating costs. Using intelligent tools, dispatchers can manage a team of mobile workers and monitor their progress against the actual plan for the day to effectively resolve daily complications, such as sick drivers, changes to appointment times, emergency trips, or route overruns.

Webduct Systems Inc. ( showcased its cloud-based computing system for the HVAC and sheet metal industries. This online solution will be available in April. It requires no software or installs and allows users to access data from any device connect to the Internet. The system is a ductwork ordering, pricing, and manufacturing system in one digital platform.

WaterFurnace International Inc. ( announced, the company’s new online selection software. The new platform was designed to aid applied commercial manufacturers’ representatives by combining technical equipment selection, equipment pricing, construction submittals, and order entry in a single online portal. is a cloud-based business-to-business platform specifically designed to connect with WaterFurnace applied commercial manufacturers’ representatives, including their sales engineers, parts agents, and internal technical and customer service staffs. The platform provides multiple pricing strategies and customized technical product data.

Wrightsoft ( rolled out its Right-Mobile Consultant™. This cloud-based tool automates a repeatable sales process with proven selling techniques for the HVAC dealer. It is designed to work on a multitude of devices, including desktop PCs, laptops, and tablet devices like the iPad® and Android platforms. The software performs optimally when used on an iPad. Right-Mobile Consultant capabilities include the following: Manual J block load calculations, utility costs, payback analysis, proposal, presentations with Right-Roadshow™ iPad app, email, and reports. According to the company, the product enables HVAC companies to create a competitive advantage as big as product and price with a repeatable sales process.

HVAC Commercial Equipment

Advantix Systems ( displayed the DuTreat rooftop unit (DTRT 5000/30) at its booth. The unit is a rooftop system that utilizes liquid desiccant technology. According to the manufacturer, the liquid desiccant-based system enables more precise control of indoor environments by offering independent temperature and humidity control in a single packaged unit. The rooftop unit is a factory-assembled, single-piece system. The galvanized steel wall envelope design operates using electricity alone and requires no other hookups.

AeroSys Inc. ( introduced the FloorMate™ floor-mounted split systems. These 1-5 ton capacity systems are configured for split, chilled water, and water/glycol cooled systems. Each system includes a remote air-cooled condenser, remote condensing unit, and utilizes R-407C, R-410A, R-507, and R-404A refrigerants. Cabinet configurations include upflow/return air in the top of the unit and supply air out of the bottom; and downflow/return air in the front of the unit and supply air out of the top. Systems are designed for commercial IAQ applications in locations such as data centers, clean rooms, and laboratories.

Air Distribution Concepts Inc. ( introduced its Halo Tension suspension system. The system gives the appearance of a FlowCon diffuser system to be inflated when the air handling system is off. This option can be used with a simple, one-row cable suspension or with a single HD rail. Limited from 10 to 36 inches in diameter, the diffuser is effective where a deflated hanging diffuser may cause problems. Components include standard one row tension cables or a single HD rail system.

ALP SRL ( introduced its RoundSystem® pre-insulated duct with circular section. The circular section of the duct ensures an efficient diffusion, proven by the velocity of the air, which may travel up to 30 meters per second. The duct shape minimizes the dead corners and the eventual occurring of whirlwinds inside the duct by reducing noisiness and energy losses to diffuse air at the right temperature. The technology is based on lightness of the materials, ease of installation, duct pre-insulation, and bacteriostatic properties.

Boilerroom Equipment Inc. ( displayed its new generation of ultra-efficient boilers. The Boss, Magnum, Super, and Titan models feature compression-fit tubes for ease of maintenance with no American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code welding required. A removable rear door allows full access to the inside of the unit, and inlet and outlet gas transitions are integrated into the one-piece, fully insulated casting for easy installation. The Heatsponge Shorty-Model coiled economizers feature a replaceable coil tube design intended to last the life of the boiler and compression-fit coils for ease of maintenance with no ASME code welding required. The Sidekick water boiler economizers allow for dual-fuel boilers with condensing efficiencies, removable tube cartridges for ease of maintenance, and are available for new or retrofit installations. Two-stage economizers can raise steam boiler efficiency over 90 percent and incorporate to separate coils into a common casing allowing for the heating of two independent water circuits. Custom configurations also include the stacked HeatSponge economizer, horizontal HeatSponge economizer, and more.

Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. ( displayed the Buderus ( GB162 Series wall-mounted gas condensing commercial boilers, which can now be cascaded. They are available in 80- and 100-kW units.

Carel USA ( displayed its ultimateSAM high-efficiency steam dispersion air humidification system. ultimateSAM is a system for atmospheric and pressurized applications, suitable for steam flow-rates from 44 to 2,440 pounds/hour and pressures from around 0 to 58 psi. The system was designed to minimize steam condensation and reduce heat gain in the airstream, resulting in energy savings. ultimateSAM is made from AISI 304 steel, with some components made from PPS (Ryton), a material with a continuous operating temperature of 428˚F, high temperature silicone gaskets (minimum of 300˚F) not in contact with steam, and EPDM gaskets when in contact with steam.

Cool Water Technologies LLC ( exhibited its Isatone™ Thermal Pak and Coolcore™ Wet Deck. The thermal pak separates the process from the environment, thereby eliminating clogging static mud masks for efficient cooling at less energy cost. The unit features serpentine high-quality steel that is galvanized after fabrication and has been tested to 375 psig. It is manufactured according to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards. The wet deck spreads water for maximum heat transfer and minimizes drift, water loss, and excessive power consumption. The unit utilizes Coolcore fill, providing maximum cooling at installation and long term. The fills are 0.15 mil, specified for the full range of water grades, with vertical, offset vertical, cross-fluted, and herringbone configurations, in a full selection of sheet spacings, bottom supported packs, and hanging sheets.

Desert Aire Corp. ( released its redesigned TotalAire™ packaged unit. The unit provides users with a dedicated outside air system in an air-cooled, non-wheeled package. The device offers a range of 1000 to 4,000 cfm with a refrigeration capacity of 10, 12, or 15 ton. Heat options include natural gas (200-, 300-, or 400-MBH input) and electric resistance. Condenser section operates at 95˚F or 130˚F condensing. The unit also features ElectroFin coating and a disconnect switch.

Diversified Heat Transfer Inc. ( displayed the SuperTherm and SuperSteam units. The SuperTherm units are indirect-fired, semi-instantaneous steam and boiler water heaters. They are constructed of stainless steel pipe and other nonferrous materials to ensure long, leak-free operation. Designed for continuous high peak loads, the units can be used for high-demand applications such as hospitals or dormitories. The SuperSteam unfired steam generators have a shell side maximum allowable working pressure of 50 psig for generating steam up to 45 psig; 150 psig for generating steam up to 135 psig. The microprocessor unit’s features include a 40-character LCD display, pop-up alarm screens, PID setpoint control, and RS485 Modbus® data port.

Ebac Industrial Products Inc. ( showcased the CD 200 dehumidifier, RM65 dehumidifier, and DD900 desiccant dehumidifier. The CD200 serves the demands of medium-sized areas without the need to use multiple units. Warehouses, factories, offices, and other medium-scale facilities with ambient temperatures ranging from 33°F can be cured of humidity and condensation problems efficiently and automatically without burdening costly heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. The RM65 operates using rotational molded polyethylene housings. A reverse-cycle defrosting feature that automatically melts frost buildup provides effective operation at low ambient temperatures. The DD900 incorporates a high-capacity resistive heater ensuring maximum drying is immediately reached and constantly maintained. The unit incorporates two EC fans with variable speed, allowing the unit to be easily installed and commissioned in a wide variety of installations.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( launched its Copeland Scroll compressors. The compressors feature CoreSense™ Communications modules, giving commercial air conditioning customers advanced diagnostic and protection benefits onboard Copeland Scroll compressors. CoreSense Communications modules will first appear on the 40-hp model, and will later be released on the 20-, 25-, and 32-hp models. In addition to real-time data, CoreSense Communications modules provide historical information from the unit, identifying faults that have occurred over the life of the compressor.

Enerconcept Technologies ( introduced the Luba™ GL rooftop solar hot air collector and the Lubi™ Collector solar air heater. The Luba device boasts a thermal output of 247-Btuh/ft2 and airflow of 6- to 12-cfm per 112-by-36-by-8-inch collector. Its 1.06-performance rating is 25 percent more efficient than the closest competitor, according to the third-party rating agency Canadian Standards Association-International (CSA). The Lubi unit is a wall-mounted solar collector that simulates an aesthetic architectural glass-like facade, but provides up to 80.7 percent peak heating efficiencies, which according to CSA is the highest ever recorded for any solar air technology. Lubi can produce temperature increases up to 81˚F above ambient outdoor temperatures. Even with cloudy conditions, the unit can provide useful energy and fuel savings for preheating outdoor air, as required by ASHRAE Standard 62.

EP Custom Products ( introduced the Angled Face Concentric diffuser for supply or return air ventilation. Features of the diffuser include R-8 insulation, sheet metal construction (no fiber board), hard duct flanges or round collars, double deflection adjustable blades, and optional supply and return air smoke detectors. An optional hanging kit and custom openings are available. The diffuser is available in 24- to 64-inch lengths.

Fujitsu General America Inc. ( introduced Airstage™ V-II VRF, a new line of variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pumps. They are available from 6 to 24 tons with a connectable indoor unit capacity ratio up to 130 percent and up to 45 indoor units per bank of three condensing units. High efficiency is achieved by using a single dc inverter-controlled, twin rotary compressor per condenser. The system also boasts a total pipe length of nearly 3,300 feet. Heating operating range spans ambient temperatures from 75°F to as low as -5°F, while rated cooling capacity remains constant with outdoor temperatures from 115°F to 14°F. Indoor units come in a variety of styles: wall mount, cassette, compact duct, floor/ceiling mounted, and high static pressure duct. Up to three condensing units may be linked with twining kits.

Fulton ( introduced the Caliber™, a condensing, lightweight commercial hydronic boiler with ultra-low emissions of CO and NOx. This stainless steel boiler is equipped with a Honeywell SOLA control and a variable speed premix combustion system capable of a 5:1 turndown. According to the company, this boiler will round out Fulton’s product offerings in the light commercial market. Features include its fully condensing design; less than 20 ppm NOx emissions; color touchscreen interface; on-board sequencing capabilities; on-board pump control; and PVC, CPVC, and stainless venting options.

Heat-A-Zone ( introduced the H-300 Infrared Heating Module for many different applications. The compact design equates to easy portability and energy efficiency — costing approximately 10 cents an hour to run. The H-300 has a range of 9-15 feet and is suited for patios, decks, restaurants, weddings, stables, garages, and warehouses. It has adjustable wall mounts and stands are available (sold separately). It has an IP65 rating, which is the highest rating possible for harsh environments and is safe for every environment (RoHS compliant). The H-300 is weather-proof for outdoor use and can be used indoors, too.

HTP’s ( new commercial water heaters include heavy-duty gas, light-duty gas, and electric water heaters in its commercial high-efficiency Phoenix line. A uniquely formed blue cobalt glass is specially heated and fused to thicker gauge steel to provide a coating against corrosion. The heavy-duty gas water heater is offered in a variety of ranges suitable for commercial and industrial settings. It features 65- and 73-gallon tank sizes with inputs ranging from 125,000 to 360,000 Btu. The multiflue design featured on the heavy-duty gas tanks increases heat transfer resulting in greater transfer of energy to the water. The light-duty gas water heater is offered as a 73-gallon tank at 76,000 Btu with a single flue design. The commercial electric water heater’s junction box, elements, and terminal box are pre-wired and installed at the factory, eliminating the need for splicing and taping wires. It is available as a 50-, 80-, and 100-gallon tank and supports inputs from 6 to 54 kW with standard voltage of 208V, 240V, 480V and 600V.

Hurst Boiling and Welding Co. Inc. ( showcased its 4VT and VIX Series (fully submerged tubes), LPE and LPW Series (modified scotch marine three-pass fire tube design), Feedmiser Series (open-vent feed water/return systems), 45 and 100 Series (three-pass Firebox design, 7- to 813-hp), Oxy-Miser Series (matched de-aerator/return system), Euro Series (three-pass scotch marine), 200 and 300 Series (two- and three-pass scotch marine), 250 Series (two-pass scotch marine, 120- to 1,400-hp), 400 Series (well back design), 500 Series (four-pass scotch marine), and Ohio Special (two- and three-pass wet back design). All models are available with low nitrous-oxide burners.

Ilios Dynamics ( displayed the Ilios high-efficiency water heater. Powered by a natural gas engine, the water heating module extracts energy from the atmosphere and pumps the heat to useful temperatures. Free waste heat from the engine is captured and repurposed, adding to the unit’s capacity and efficiency, said the company. The highly efficient heat pump with reclaimed engine waste heat results in a coefficient of performance of 1.2 to 1.8. It can produce 400,000 to 600,000 Btuh of hot water. The units are modular and scalable to serve larger thermal loads.

Jaga Canada Climate Systems Inc. ( displayed its Briza radiator. The unit measures in at 4½ inches deep, making it one of the thinnest radiators available, said the company. The Briza generates as much heat as traditional fan coils and provides cooling to indoor climates during warmer seasons. The unit features Jaga’s Low-H2O technology, utilizing very-low water volume — enabling it to heat or cool a room quickly and maintain temperature accurately. The unit is also low on noise, emitting only 30 decibels.

KU Solar ( said it has been formed by Kloben and Universal to distribute their solar HVAC systems in the United States. Located in Kansas City, Mo., KU Solar has a scalable line of units ranging in size from 3 to 20 tons and will stock packaged systems, components, and all the necessary equipment to support the market. In addition, the company will provide engineering, install, and support and training from the Kansas City office.

Laars Heating Systems ( released its new NeoTherm® LC condensing boiler. It is a fully packaged, 1 million Btu hydronic solution that offers 94 percent thermal efficiency. The product is a direct vent, sealed combustion boiler that modulates with a 10:1 turndown. Zero clearance to combustibles with all piping and wiring from the back help it fit in tight installations. The natural gas or LP-fired boiler features an ASME stainless steel heat exchanger, diagnostic information, and low 10 ppm NOx emissions.

The company also introduced the new Mighty Stack volume water heater. The product combines the Mighty Therm 2 boiler with an 80-gallon storage tank resulting in 199, 300, and 399 MBtuh sizes fueled by natural or propane gas. With less than 10 ppm NOx emissions, the sealed-combustion Mighty Stack offers 83 percent thermal efficiency and meets low lead requirements. Key assets include its small footprint, a removable upper boiler section for easy handling, common venting, and up to 50 feet of Category I or III venting. It can be installed inside or outside.

LG Electronics USA Inc. ( unveiled its variable refrigerant flow (VRF) third-generation Multi V III commercial air conditioning system for large-scale facilities, and its Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC). The Multi V III heat pump allows occupants to choose to air condition or heat all zones in use, while the heat recovery model allows for synchronous cooling and heating in different zones at the same time. Units are available from 6 to 36 tons and 208V to 230V or 460V. The Multi V III provides an IEER of up to 21.8. Owners can reach extra zones through 3,280 feet of total equivalent length piping. The PTACs feature a range of 7,000- to 15,000-Btu and efficiency ratings up to 11.6 EER. Gold Fin™ anti-corrosion treatment offers extended operating life. The devices may be powered using LG’s Environmental Control Manager (ECM).

Lochinvar LLC ( launched its Armor X2 commercial condensing water heater. The Armor X2 combines stainless steel heat exchanger technology with modulating/condensing combustion to deliver thermal efficiencies as high as 96 percent. Available in models with 1-, 1.3-, and 1.5-million Btuh inputs, the water heater is equipped with two independent combustion systems that consist of two 316L stainless steel heat exchangers, gas valves, and combustion blowers designed to work in unison. It has a turndown ratio of 10:1. The Smart Touch touchscreen operating control provides complete control of all Armor X2 functions and enables the water heater to communicate seamlessly in real time with building management systems by utilizing an on-board Modbus protocol. The Smart Touch operating system has a built-in cascading sequencer, which allows for the sequencing of up to eight Armor X2 water heaters.

The manufacturer also unveiled the Strato-Therm+ solar thermal storage tank. The multifunctional unit acts as a stratified solar tank, indirect water heater, and hydronic buffer tank. Since hot water is less dense than cold water, the heated water rises to the top of the storage vessel while the cooler water settles at the bottom. Inside the storage tank, a corrugated stainless steel coil houses potable water. The stratified hot water in the top of the tank permits domestic hot water to be generated instantaneously to meet demand, and an ASSE mixing valve ensures that the water is delivered at the proper temperature. The hot water in the top of the tank also allows the space heating system to access the hottest possible water for distribution to the heat emitters.

Mayekawa ( introduced its Eco Cute Unimo. This industrial, transcritical heat pump supplies a large amount of high-temperature water, covering a wide array of uses. It has three modes: power, standard, and energy-saving. According to the company, its minimized maintenance space achieves adjacent setup and its boltless design protects against rust to help maintain the unit’s appearance.

McQuay International ( showed the 700-ton Daikin McQuay Magnitude® centrifugal chiller. The chiller is for use in universities, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and data centers. Also featured was the Daikin McQuay Rebel™ commercial rooftop unit. The company also showcased its Daikin McQuay Vision Plus air handler system. This air handler system is for applications requiring high static pressure, low leak construction that is typically encountered when advanced filtration and energy recovery are required. The Vision Plus option provides the ability to attain a maximum of Class 6 leakage at up to ±8 inches of internal static pressure per ASHRAE’s 111 Standard.

Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. ( introduced its AQSOA™ small adsorption chiller with cooling tower. The tower absorbs moisture through its honeycomb wheel, and dry air is dispersed. It uses low-temperature water greater than or equal to 60°C from exhaust or solar system heat. The unit utilizes chilling power of 10 kW. The model creates a sanitary environment to prevent condensation and frost, decreases relative humidity for anticorrosion, and saves energy through the effective utilization of waste heat.

Miura North America Inc. ( showcased its LX-300 Zero-Side-Clearance steam boiler. The modular design allows the flexibility to customize a steam plant to meet any demand and load profile. It achieves 87 percent efficiency via the company’s built-in energy recovery and water treatment systems. This on-demand steam boiler creates steam production from a cold start in five minutes. It has a small footprint and is optimized for space saving.

Modine Manufacturing ( introduced the Atherion 15- to 30-ton commercial packaged ventilation system with optional energy recovery. The unit is designed for ease of installation, energy efficiency, and durability for use in dehumidification and ventilation processes. The Atherion meets the latest ASHRAE 189.1 and 62.1 standards for efficiency and indoor air quality. All units are equipped with the Modine controls system — a factory designed, programmed, and installed integrated controls system. It has both a/c and heating efficiency.

MovinCool ( introduced its CMW30 water-cooled, ceiling-mounted air conditioner. The CMW30 is designed for server rooms and other applications with dense heat loads. The unit’s large cooling capacity is rated at 29,400 Btuh and 22,000 Btuh for computer rooms. The model features an IEER of 17; this rating is made possible by an energy-saving, variable-speed inverter compressor and inverter fan motors.

Multistack ( introduced three new chillers. The list includes the MS650FP water-cooled flooded chiller with a 650-ton capacity. Its extremely low-load capacity design eliminates the need for additional “pony” chillers to handle the load. The MS125R screw compressor chiller has a 125-ton capacity. It comes in three sizes: 90, 125, and 145 tons and is available in water-cooled, heat recovery, or air-cooled split configurations. The ASP100F air-cooled flooded chiller has a 100-ton capacity. It has near water-cooled efficiencies at air-cooled conditions and its oil-free design eliminates performance degradation, the company said.

Munters ( displayed its Oasis™ EPX 5000. The packaged rooftop unit is designed to treat 5,000-cfm outside air. Features include indirect evaporative cooling plus 10 tons (post-cooling provides nominal 20 tons total cooling), 21 EER on a typical Western U.S. summer day (98°F db/65° wb), and wintertime heat reclaim with optional post-heat. A small sump with automatic cleaning features mitigates need for periodic cleaning and biocide treatment.

Nidec Motor Corp. ( unveiled its PerfectSpeed® EC and 120EC motors. The PerfectSpeed motor provides peak efficiency of up to 82 percent and features an electronically protected motor and control, fully potted electronics, and 6 kilovolt (KV) lightning surge protection. The flexible user interface features a lighted, seven-segment display for torque, speed, and cfm, allowing for convenient motor adjustment after installation. The 120EC motor is designed for use in fans and blowers for individual HVAC units found in hotels, hospitals, and military bases. The motor was built using Nidec’s variable speed motor technology platform.

Petra Engineering Industries Co. ( displayed its evaporative condensing roof system and thermal break air handling unit. The evaporative condensing rooftop system operates at lower condensing temperatures, enhancing performance and conserving energy. Capacities range from 25 to 160 tons and it feature the environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. Double wall construction is made from 18-gauge galvanized steel, with 2-inch-thick injected foam insulation.

The thermal break air-handling unit is applied to the whole unit’s frames and panels. This range covers air flow rates from 1,000- to 50,000-cfm in a single piece unit. Custom designs are available up to 200,000 cfm. Units feature anodized extruded aluminum frames G-14. Unit leakage rate, up to 12-inches positive or negative pressure, is less than 1 percent of rated airflow rate.

Refplus® ( now has an outdoor condensing unit that is standard from ¾ to 22 hp. It is available in high-, medium-, and low-temperature applications and with hermetic, scroll, or semi-hermetic compressor options. It features a new louver design for enhanced airflow and a new front panel for easy access. The unit comes standard with galvanized finish with optional white or gray painted cabinet.

Rheem Manufacturing Co. ( unveiled its Rheem H2AC™ rooftop unit featuring eSync™ integration technology. The unit unites a restaurant’s HVAC and water heating systems to achieve significant efficiencies. It works by using the heat removed from the restaurant by the HVAC system — which would normally be rejected into the atmosphere — as an efficient source for heating water. When a restaurant has a demand for air conditioning and hot water, the integrated solution system switches over from a refrigerant-to-air-system, to a refrigerant-to-water system.

Silentium ( introduced Action Noise Control (ANC) technology for use in HVAC systems and other mechanical equipment. This technology involves embedding a chip, microphone, and speaker in a product to produce an opposite sound wave and reduce noises by up to 90 percent. ANC eliminates concerns about excessive noise, so blowers in HVAC equipment can operate at efficient speeds, reducing energy consumption. Silentium’s 15 dBa noise reduction translates to a 75 percent elimination of noise pollution and significantly reduced energy costs. Silentium’s product line includes its Active Silencer™ duct, which eliminates the need for long and complicated labyrinths and ducts for noise reduction.

Spinnaker Industries ( introduced the SPOAU Series packaged 100 percent outside air systems. The systems include modulating DX, chilled water, or heat pump cooling options. Quiet scroll-type compressors are mounted in isolated compartments, making them easy to service while the unit is running. Features include hinged and gasketed access doors, a single power point connection, DWDI FC centrifugal blowers, high-efficiency TEFC motors, and adjustable V-belt drives. Evaporator and condenser coils have internally enhanced copper tubes with aluminum fins. Applications include fitness clubs, where it is necessary to constantly remove moisture from the indoor air.

Spirax Sarco ( introduced the Spirax EasiHeat™ DHW heat transfer solution, which incorporates a complete compact package to deliver a constant supply of hot water at a stable temperature on demand for a full range of domestic and process hot water applications up to 4 million Btu. The package utilizes S.I.M.S. (Spirax Intelligent Monitoring System) technology, which is intelligent control logic and monitoring designed to help improve efficiency. This efficiency helps reduce operating costs and reduces CO2 emissions. Key features include its no-waste design, touchscreen control, pre-assembled tested unit, precisely matched controls, and remote access to control via the Internet.

Superior Radiant Products Ltd. ( exhibited its GoGas KMI high-intensity heater. The heater’s high radiant efficiency ensures lower fuel costs and reduced carbon output. The series offers a 100 percent insulated reflector, a horizontal mounting option, adjustable reflector panels, and reduced maintenance costs. The heater ranges from 21,000- to 125,000-Btuh.

Tate Access Floors Inc. ( introduced the EcoCore Phase Change Panel. The panel incorporates micro-encapsulated phase change materials to reduce indoor air temperature fluctuations and save energy. During the peak solar load of the day, the phase change material embedded within the welded steel panel is designed to melt and absorb energy. The stored energy can be held within the panel until cold air during the off hours at night allows the phase change material to resolidify and release the absorbed heat back into the space. The micro-encapsulated phase change materials within EcoCore panels are engineered to change from solid to liquid at 75.2°F. When this occurs, each panel can absorb more than 175 Btu.

Tate also displayed its in-floor active chilled beams for energy-efficient perimeter heating and cooling. The chilled beam offers increased energy efficiency, improved perimeter aesthetics, less equipment and ductwork, and easy access for maintenance, and provides all the benefits and energy savings of an overhead system without the threat of damage from condensation or leaking water lines, the manufacturer said. The in-floor beam works with underfloor air distribution to provide an efficient perimeter solution while maintaining the benefits of stratified airflow and personal comfort control.

Tecogen ( showcased the InVerdẽ® Ultra 100 ultra-low emissions inverter-based combined heat and power (CHP) module. It delivers low emissions levels compliant with California Air Resources Board 2007 standards. It offers black-start grid-independent operation and simplified interunit controls for either mode of operation: parallel or standby. Features include 100-kW continuous/125-kW peaking; standardized interconnection, and power boost for demand-side response. The generator is a water-cooled permanent magnet generator.

Temp-Air ( showed the redesigned 6-ton portable air conditioner, the Topaz® TZ-60B. Designed for portability and durability, the TZ-60B is constructed of powder-coated steel, and its rugged design rolls easily from shop floor to indoor office areas. The TZ-60B offers 76,500 Btuh of cooling and can also provide heat with a built-in electric heat coil. Other new features on the TZ-60B include a digital, programmable thermostat; easy service access; and a built-in condensate pump. Power options for the TZ-60B include 208-230V/1Ph, 208-230V/3Ph, and 460V/3Ph. Various accessories are available, including a ceiling discharge kit, to adapt Topaz to unique applications.

Triangle Tube ( showcased its Prestige Cascade System commercial gas-fired hot water heating system and high-efficiency gas boiler and water heater Keystone series. The system offers factory prefabricated boiler manifolds with capacities from 500,000 Btu in two different piping arrangements. The Cascade system features individual 95.1 percent efficiency, fully modulating, low-water content boilers. The Keystone Series’ stainless steel heat exchangers and burners provide high efficiency, low emissions, and a high turndown to minimize short cycling. The series boasts a maximum input of 850 MBtuh for boilers and 399 MBtuh for water heaters.

Twin City Fan and Blower ( exhibited the TVIFE mixed flow, induced flow; BAIFE centrifugal induced flow; and BCIFE centrifugal induced flow exhaust systems. The TCIFE is a direct drive, induced-flow fan that utilizes a mixed flow wheel. The unit housing uses an innovative Turbo-Vane™ design that integrates the internal nozzle and straightening vanes into one. Sizes are available from 12.5 to 66 inches, and capable of handling over 80,000 cfm. The BAIFE system utilizes a highly efficient airfoil bladed centrifugal wheel and is tested and certified in accordance with AMCA 260 (induced flow) for air and sound. The BCIFE utilizes a backward inclined centrifugal wheel and is intended for high moisture and high temperature applications. The BCIFE is tested in accordance with AMCA 260.

Unico Inc. ( announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Argoclima, S.p.A., a European HVAC manufacturer. The partnership allows Unico to sell Argoclima’s Technibel brand products in North, Central, and South America, while Argoclima will sell Unico’s products throughout Europe. According to Unico, Argoclima’s outdoor inverter units, coupled with Unico’s internal variable-speed blowers, create a year-round, energy-efficient heating and cooling system for both commercial and residential customers.

United CoolAir Corp. ( announced its EZ-Fit modular cooling system. According to the company, it gets contractors into the mechanical room without building modifications or alterations. The EZ-Fit modules disassemble into three sections capable of fitting through a doorway. The maximum length on the units is 64 inches so it is able to navigate narrow hallways and tight corners, said the company. It arrives fully charged and tested requiring no jobsite brazing, evacuation, or charging.

Vapac Humidification ( introduced the VapaVoid horizontal concealed humidification system. The unit is the first fully packaged system with a horizontal, low-profile design to fit standard drop ceiling heights. The device is commonly used in applications where room aesthetics is important, where no location exists for the installation of a vertical steam generator, or when the humidification system must be totally independent from the HVAC system.

The VMC Group ( announced the availability of its TeleCurb® product. According to the company, TeleCurb is a seismic curb that telescopes to fit most manufacturers’ curb-mounted equipment ranging in length from 657/8 to 967/8 inches and width from 371/4 and 497/8 inches, between 3 and 12 tons. The VMC Group’s Adjust-to-Fit® can also be made to specifications of the unit being installed, eliminating onsite expansion and adjustment to the curb-mounted equipment. The device is shake-tested up to the maximum spectral design acceleration per AC 156.

WaterFurnace International Inc. ( introduced the new Versatec™ Base. The unit is a compact water-source heat pump for water loop and geothermal applications. It features a reciprocating single-capacity compressor paired with a PSC blower motor to provide high efficiency while ensuring quiet operation and a wide range of airflow selections. Optional X13 and variable-speed electronically commutated motors (ECM 2.3) are also available for improved efficiency and comfort.

The Versatec Base includes an optional two-position water valve and an automatic water flow control valve, which ensures the proper water flow rate regardless of pressure drop. An optional factory-installed, low-pressure drop (high Cv) water solenoid valve is also available for variable-speed pumping applications. The heat pump’s cabinet features a small footprint, making it the ideal solution for retrofit applications, said the company. Every cabinet is made of environmentally responsible, heavy-gauge galvanized steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

Watson McDaniel Co. ( introduced its Heat Miser instantaneous water heater package. The Heat Miser is a custom designed and fabricated heat exchanger available in standardized configurations or designed to meet specifications. The units use a high-efficiency plate and frame heat exchanger with typical water flow rates up to 300 gallons per minute. Most systems can be configured to fit through a standard 36-inch door.

HVAC Residential Equipment

Aermec ( introduced its FCXI fan coils with inverter for North America. The fan coils have continuous 0-100 percent variation of the air flow rate and the heating/cooling capacity. Combined with the latest brushless DC electric motor and high energy efficiency levels, the fan coils of the FCXI range can modulate the airflow rate (and therefore the heating and cooling capacity) continuously, resulting in 50 percent energy savings during winter and summer air conditioning ventilation, the company said. In addition, FCXI inverter fan coils continuously adjust the airflow rate to the immediate load, so they produce lower sound emissions compared with traditional three-speed on-off models.

Airmax Technologies ( showed its MaxAir™ low-velocity fan coil systems. The line of combo air handlers is specifically designed for residential and commercial combination space and water heating systems (combo systems). They can be used in retrofit construction to add heating, cooling, dehumidification, or filtration to a building or to deliver air throughout the entire building envelope.

Allied Engineering Co. ( exhibited the HSE-125 condensing boiler and instantaneous water heater, which can provide central heating, domestic hot water (DHW), or both. The unit is fully modulating. The DHW demand receives priority. The heat exchanger is composed of aluminum with all-copper tube waterways. It is a 95 percent AFUE unit with a nominal input rate of 28,700-124,000 Btuh for both natural gas and propane, as well as for central heating and domestic hot water. It has an adjustable three-speed pump. The programmable operating controller has an LED display.

Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. ( showed the Powerstream Pro and whole-house and point-of-use electric tankless water heaters. The whole-house water heaters, RP17PT and RP27PT, are 90-plus percent efficient with zero standby loss and have a built-in flow sensor that ensures a constant output temperature. The RP1P to RP-12PT point-of-use tankless water heaters are designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. They provide 99 percent efficiency with zero standby. The GL2.5Ti/GL4Ti/GL8Ti Ariston electric mini-tank heaters for point of use or performance enhancement are available in three sizes. The units can be wall-hung or floor-mounted and come with a temperature/pressure relief valve.

The company’s Greenstar gas-fired condensing boilers are available in combi-boiler and heat-only versions. All the models are available for use with LP or natural gas. The aluminum-silicon heat exchanger delivers efficiency up to 98.7 percent with low-temperature applications up to 96.1 percent AFUE.

ClimateMaster ( introduced the Tranquility® 22 Digital (TZ) Series geothermal heat pump system and Tranquility Compact (TC) Series unit with a vertical cabinet. According to the company, its TZ Series is a cost-competitive product that incorporates high-end features, including a two-stage compressor, EnergyStar™ Tier 3 efficiency, a variable-speed fan, communicating digital controls, and plug-and-play functionality. It also offers a small footprint, making it suitable for installation in confined spaces. The TC unit is available in 6- to 10-ton sizes with belt-drive blowers, multiple cabinet configurations, and efficiencies to meet new ASHRAE building standards. In addition, the TC Series includes a wide range of units for almost any installation, the company said.

Diversified Heat Transfer Inc. ( showed its Techtanium™ multiposition indirect water heater. It can be positioned flexibly — on the floor or wall hung with a gas boiler. The thermostat and thermometer is built in to prioritize and allocate hot water automatically (with boiler control). Features include a drain relief valve, oven-glazed titanium glass tank liner for added strength and durability, and polyurethane insulation that is CFC- and HCFC-free. The capacity ranges from 21.2 to 52.9 gallons, depending on the model.

ECR International ( featured the 96 percent AFUE Utica stainless steel condenser boiler with built-in primary/secondary piping with pump; factory-installed probe-type low water cut-off; simple control with text display, outdoor reset, priority domestic hot water, and integrated multiple boiler control capability; simplified electrical connections with removable terminal block; and integral condensate trap. SSC is replacement ready with 1¼-inch piping connections and low pressure drop.

Electro Industries Inc. ( presented its NorAire® air-to-water heat pump system. The highly efficient air-source heat pump boiler provides radiant heating and chilled water cooling with an integrated, electric backup boiler. The air-to-water heat pump system is complete with hydronic HVAC capability. The boiler provides a heating coefficient of performance (COP) between 1.9 and 3.4. According to the company, estimated annual energy cost savings at 60,000 Btuh for 8,000 degree days is $1,255.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( showcased its Copeland Scroll® variable-speed compressor and its White-Rodgers Blue™ Wireless Easy Install™ thermostat system. Designed for high-efficiency heat pump and air conditioning systems, Emerson’s new variable speed compressor allows heat pumps to achieve 13 HSPF and 20+ SEER. By maintaining capacity at low ambient temperatures, the Copeland Scroll delivers hotter supply air, which is a key need for heat pumps. Based upon year-round energy savings, the compressor may save homeowners nearly 40 percent on annual energy bills. The Blue Wireless Easy Install is ideal for residential applications where pulling any wire would be difficult or cost prohibitive. Wireless Easy Install reduces hot and cold spots in the home using up to three wireless sensors located anywhere in the home. Heat pumps with dual fuel applications can be controlled using a fourth wireless sensor that is located outdoors, or by using the Dual Fuel Logic program within the system’s configuration. The outdoor sensor provides the additional benefit of displaying the current outdoor temperature on the display.

Enertech Global LLC ( displayed the GXT/HXT/TXT Model and the GCT/HCT/TCT Model in the Geocomfort, Hydron, and Tetco brands, respectively. The GXT/HXT/TXT units are vertical packaged geothermal systems. The units have field-convertible multipositional cabinets (left-hand or right-hand return air, upflow or downflow supply air) and enclosed foamed-in coaxial heat exchanger. The GCT/HCT/TCT are vertical combinations units. They have all of the features of the GXT/HXT/TXTmodels, plus built-in hydronic heating (radiant floors, fan coil heating) with selectable priority modes.

Eternal ( introduced the Eternal GU100, an advanced hybrid water heating system, which is Energy Star listed at 0.94EF. According to the company, it is ideal for retrofitting because it fits into existing homes’ infrastructure. It can support up to two simultaneous applications such as running two showers or a shower and a dishwasher at the same time. The Eternal GU100 can replace a traditional 50-gallon standard tank and is compatible with traditional and retrofit recirculation systems to deliver instant hot water. Since the GU100 operates on ½-inch gas connections, the installation is simple and quick, which saves the contractor time and the homeowner money. Its lightweight compact design and convenient top-mounted water connections make installation easy.

Frigidaire ( showcased its Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC). The unit features a Btu range of 7,700 to 15,000 and is acceptable with 230/208V and 265V. The unit features a heat pump and electric backup heat strip, and is equipped with seacoast or normal coated protection.

Fujitsu General America Inc. ( introduced a new Halcyon split-system heat pump line with equipment that achieves up to 27.2 SEER. The new RLS2 line of heat pumps offers 9, 12, and 15,000 Btu models with increased heating performance, newly designed chassis, and the ESP energy saving program. The 9RLS2 offers an HSPF of 12.5, a SEER of 27.2, and an EER of 16.1. The 12RLS2 offers an HSPF of 12.0, a SEER of 25.0, and an EER of 13.8. The 15RLS2 offers an HSPF of 12.0, a SEER of 21.5, and an EER of 12.0.

The heat pump’s heating mode is operational with outdoor ambient temperatures down to -5˚F producing 75 percent or more of the system’s rated capacity. The system produces 100 percent of heating capacity down to 20°F.

HTP ( showed its Elite FT heating boiler, which features an exclusively designed stainless steel heat exchanger. Other features include a downward fire design and a low pressure drop, making it compatible with glycol systems. The sleek, robust design is offered as a wall-mount unit. The unit vents up to 200 feet of total equivalent length. The unit has a fully modulating combustion system and AFUE rating up to 97 percent. It is available in three models: 55,000, 80,000 and 110,000 Btu. The boiler has a 5:1 turndown ratio.

LG Electronics USA Inc. ( displayed its Art Cool™ duct-free, wall-mounted, picture-frame air conditioning/heating system and its high efficient heat pump inverters. The Art Cool technology displays a 20-by-20-inch or 17-by-7-inch image or drawing as the air conditioner/heating unit acts as a picture frame. Art Cool is available in 9,000- and 12,000-Btu models, and is available as a heat pump model for all-season comfort. Art Cool’s inverter models use a variable speed compressor, which is quieter and uses less energy than conventional air conditioners.

Multiaqua Inc. ( released the Multiaqua™ heat recovery chiller (MHRC); the MAC036, 048, and 060 chillers; ½- to 5-ton MHCFC4W chilled/hot water cassette; fan coil hydronic cassettes; a fully enclosed concealed fan coil; and a hydronic and DX ductless hi-wall. The MHRC features simultaneous heating and cooling, a four-pipe system, Copeland Scroll compressors, and parallel chillers. It also features a 10-ton capacity up to 120,000 Btuh.

The MAC 036, 048, and 060 air-cooled chillers are available in 208/230 one- and three-phase. The units feature Copeland Scroll compressors, parallel chillers, an integral pump, and R-407c refrigerant.

The MHCFC4W chilled/hot water cassette fan coils are available in four-pipe and can be configured for two-pipe operation. The fan coils feature a quiet turbo type fan operation, gravity condensate drain, and four-way adjustable supply air louvers. The fully enclosed fan coils are available in two- and four-pipe designs in 1- and 5-ton output sizes. The hydronic and DX ductless hi-wall units range from 9,000- to 36,000-Btuh and are available in 208/230V and 115V.

Napoleon Heating & Cooling ( displayed its 9700 Ultimate Series two-stage variable-speed high-efficient natural gas furnace. The unit has a rating of 97.1 percent AFUE. For upflow installations only, the furnace offers zero clearance with no additional kits, allowing for installations in closets and alcoves. Features include stainless steel Vortex Turbulator heat exchanger, UV light air purifier, durable silicon nitrite igniter, ECM motor, and built-in service lights. The furnace has a fully insulated cabinet. The SureView burner system window allows a view of the flames in operation. The integrated furnace control board manages all operational functions and accommodates hookups for a humidifier, heat recovery ventilator, and electronic air cleaner.

Peerless Boilers ( released two new residential gas boilers in its MI Series. The MI-85™ is an 85 percent efficient boiler that can be chimney vented. It accommodates natural or LP gas, is fully packaged and ready to install. It has a deluxe insulated enameled steel jacket to help reduce boiler heat loss and has a low profile design.

The MIH II™ is 84 percent AFUE. It has a boiler reset control with circulator relay and low water cut-off. There is a temperature pressure gauge as well as an insulated jacket and integral draft diverter. Safety controls include a flame rollout shut-off switch and vent safety switch. It is factory tested and assembled with steel push nipples.

Phoenix Manufacturing ( exhibited its EcoKool™ air conditioning system. The EcoKool system works best in hot and dry climates, providing an estimated 20 to 30 percent savings in those settings. The corrosion-resistant Peblar® coating helps the unit achieve 90 percent high efficient rigid media. According to the company, through two years of field testing, the unit has produced a 25 to 35 percent kWh reduction per residential 5-ton unit.

Rheem Manufacturing Co. ( launched its ultra low nitrogen oxide (NOx) gas tankless water heater. The water heater reduces NOx emissions and complies with ultra low NOx emission standards scheduled for implementation in California. The water heaters feature a type of gas burner with NOx emissions of only 10 nanograms per joule. This aligns with California’s legislation that required instantaneous water heaters meet a NOx limit of 14 nanograms per joule of heat output.

Rinnai Corp.’s ( line of ultra low NOx tankless water heaters meet the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) NOx requirements pursuant to Rule 1146.2. When water flow is detected, the unit begins heating water as it passes through its copper heat exchanger. The design of the unit allows it to capture up to 98 percent of the heat energy. It can be operated in high altitudes; units can be adjusted for use up to 10,200 feet. It has activation rates as low as 0.4 gallon per minute, the company said.

The EnergySaver® direct-vent wall furnaces can be used in a number of installation types: condo or loft, cabin, manufactured or mobile home, room addition or sunroom, or multifamily housing. With the new user-friendly control panel, the end user can choose a set temperature or program the timers to take total control over the heating needs.

Also, the company expanded the Value Series of tankless water heaters to now include 180,000-Btu indoor and outdoor units.

Runtal North America Inc. ( exhibited its new electric panel baseboard style radiator. The patent-pending technology combines high outputs and low surface temperatures in 3-foot and 10-foot lengths. The Runtal® units are available in both 208V and 240V configurations and may be ordered in more than 100 colors.

SIME North America ( displayed the Sime Sub HE/DHW 10/50 LRT and HE/DHW 12/60 substations suitable for apartments and condominiums. Both substations feature two thermostatic mixing valves that supply the required temperatures for central heating and domestic hot water. Key features include independent heating and hot water for each residence, no flue or gas requirement in each unit, the option of a fast recovery hot water tank or high-capacity plate heat exchanger, read-only meters, and complete remote surveillance options.

Tecumseh Products Co. ( released its Celseon® Shorty, AK/AJ, and AE2 condensing units. The Shorty features a low-profile design measuring in at 9 inches in overall height while using the same chassis as traditional models. The AK/AJ models are offered in three chassis sizes to reduce SKUs and shorten production lead times, and many new Celseon models featuring AE compressors will soon be fitted with the new AE2.

Triangle Tube ( introduced its Challenge Solo, Prestige Excellence, and Prestige Solo heating units. The Challenge Solo is a condensing high-efficiency gas boiler that includes copper tubing and an aluminum block heat exchanger. The unit performs up to 95 percent AFUE. The Prestige Excellence high-efficiency space heating and domestic hot water boiler is a stainless-steel, wall-mounted, “tank-in-tank” water heater. The unit incorporates a 14-gallon indirect-fired water heater and is capable of producing 180 gallons per hour of domestic hot water at 96 percent AFUE. The Prestige Solo is a condensing high-efficiency gas boiler with five models featuring from 60 to 399 MBtuh. The unit includes a stainless-steel fire-tube heat exchanger, multiple termination options, and TriMax control of up to four circulators.

Unico Inc. ( added The Unico System 3036 air handler to its line of small duct high velocity air handlers. The new 2.5- to 3- ton-capacity air handler is available with both DX and hydronic coils as well as the company’s variable-speed EC motor.

Xpelair USA ( demonstrated the GX window fan range, RX roof fan range, and WX wall fan range. The GX model includes a high-performance intake/extract axial ventilation unit, optional FR22/30 fan controller, and is suitable for single and sealed double glazing windows and panels up to 1-inch. The WX model features a built-in silent-action electro-thermal shutter cassette, ultra slim high gloss ABS fascia with integral finger safety guard, and a totally-enclosed IPX4 rated motor. The RX model is equipped with a passive trickle vent option for background ventilation with the fan off. A roof assembly in UV stabilized material provides weather protection at all roof angles and a unique ladder strip/screw connection to external grille for security and weather
tight seal.

WaterFurnace International Inc. ( introduced its new 7 Series geothermal heat pump. Available to the market in June, one of the key differentiators to this product is the introduction of InfiniSpeed™, said the company. This technology is a soft start variable capacity compressor that isn’t limited to high and low settings, but can run at the exact speed required of it by the situation. The company considers this model to be its new flagship and will add to the line with the 3 and 5 Series as well. This series also features Aurora controls that provide advanced service diagnostics, setup configurations, real-time sensor fault, and lockout history — all of which can be closely monitored.

Weil-McLain ( introduced a series of wall mount gas boilers, including the GV90+ and WM97+ models. GV90+ features include the following: 91 percent AFUE efficiency, cast iron primary heat exchanger, condensing stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, seven-pass heat exchanger design to maximize heat transfer, vents with PVC, multiple vent options (direct vent, direct exhaust, concentric), and propane conversion kit. WM97+ features include the following: 70,000- and 110,000-Btu input models, both at 97 percent AFUE rating, wall mount design for easy installation,
service and maintenance, condensing stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger design, built-in boiler circulator and primary/secondary piping option, pre-wired terminal strip for electrical connections, indirect-fired water heater connection, capability to vent with PVC, PP and SS up to 100 feet, and multi-color LCD display with text.

IAQ & Ventilation Products

3M Purification Inc. ( introduced its V-Bank Filter Series featuring the MERV A13, MERV A14, and MERV A15 filters. The series features integral gaskets and nested pleat packs. Using 3M technology, the filters offer low pressure drop, efficiency, longevity, low weight, and a unique design meeting ASHRAE 52.2-2007. The filters are 100 percent synthetic, metal free, and fully incinerable. The MERV A13 is appropriate for airports, commercial offices, hotels, schools, and more. The MERV A14 and A15 models are appropriate for research health care facilities, laboratories, universities, and more.

American Ultraviolet ( introduced its CK and ICR series of high output commercial ultraviolet radiation (UVC) germicidal fixtures. The CK Series is a self-assembled kit for OEM customers where CC fixtures are not required. The series features high-output 800 milliampere (mA) lamps available in 18-, 24-, 36-, 48-, and 60-inch lamps. The ICR series is a custom-designed application requiring pass-by air and/or direct surface UVC exposure. The lamps reduce bacteria, viruses, and fungi with one pass. The lamps contain no more than 8 mg of mercury and feature reduction rates up to 99.9 percent.

AtmosAir ( introduced AtmosAir D100, a duct ionization system for mounting in the supply air duct of HVAC systems. It is easy to mount and requires no tools, shortening installation time. An easy mounting bracket is included with each system. The unit is intended to operate only when airflow is present. Power to the ionization unit is interlocked with fan operation or controlled via an air pressure switch. HVAC contractors can calibrate the ionization setting to attain ion level readings of between 500 and 1,500 ions/cm3. An optional air pressure switch is available.

Aztec Washer Co. ( showed four new products: the multiport Master Flash®, solar multiport MR Master Flash, Extreme Angle Master Flash, and 35-year Master Flash. The multiport model flashing is designed for ¼- to 2¾-inch diameter pipes. The solar version accommodates one 0- to 15/16-inch pipe, two ⅜-inch pipe/cable, and two ¾-inch pipe/cable. Extra ports accommodate copper pipe and electrical cabling. The extreme angle flash is designed for applications with a 35° to 65° angle, while accepting and responding to the most commonly encountered pipe penetrations. The 35-year model comes in 11 sizes and allows for on-site customization.

Bard’s ( I-TEC classroom climate system is vented above the sill at window level. The company said it “manages the environment at sound levels far below the industry norm.”

Big Ass Fans ( introduced Yellow Jacket®, its portable or mountable fan. The ½-hp motor yields 11 speeds that allow users to vary the amount of airflow. It has a heavy-gauge steel carriage, oversized wheels, and an ergonomic handle for maneuverability. The IP45-rated motor and controller allows it to be sprayed with water for cleaning. It can be mounted on a portable base with an 18- or 36-inch extension option. The fan can also be mounted on an I-beam or a wall column mount. There is an optional remotely mounted controller option as well.

CertainTeed’s ( fiberglass duct liner is available for spiral duct applications with the introduction of ToughGard® Ultra*Round Duct Liner. The liner is overlaid with fire-resistant black composite airstream surface, which is scored to allow for installation in spiral air ducts. It is said to eliminate the cost of perforated metal lining of double-wall construction. It also has acoustical performance that may eliminate the need for pins and adhesives in most straight duct sections.

Continental Fan ( introduced a new housed version of its TMK motorized impeller. The TMK-H drop-in cassette allows for ease of installation and reduced assembly time. Both TMK and TMK-H designs are equipped with a BC airfoil wheel to provide quiet and highly efficient airflow. Features and benefits include availability in stock in single- or three-phase voltages, highly efficient BC airfoil impeller, dual frequency motors (50 Hz and 60 Hz), available matching capacitors and inlet cones, housed or nonhoused and custom 3D models available, and capacities to 5,060 cfm.

DuctMate ( PolyArmor™ duct liner is engineered from strong polyester. The material is webbed into a thermal blanket, which is then bonded with an FSK facing to resist damage during system installation and operation, while also providing durability in the airstream. The duct liner is available in thicknesses of 1 (R-5), 1.5 (R-6), and 2 inches (R-8). It is engineered for application with water-based adhesives. The liner is made of 25 percent recycled content.

DuctSox Corp. ( showed its new SkeleCore™, the in-duct cylindrical tensioning device (CTD) that eliminates sagging and wrinkling in fabric ductwork. The product maintains an inflated appearance — even during idle air handler periods — and eliminates the popping sound associated with equipment start-up. End caps also have a taut, flatter appearance. SkeleCore consists of a ¾-inch-diameter, lightweight aluminum tube supporting a series of 3/16-inch-diameter powder-coated steel, 360° connecting rings, which are precisely sized to administer tension on the inner fabric duct walls for a permanently inflated, streamlined appearance. Its backbone tubes are 6 feet long and designed to snap into the support rings and couplers with a spring-loaded, quick-connect/release mechanism. SkeleCore is available in 15 diameters ranging from 8 to 36 inches.

DuraVent’s ( PolyPro® GreenVent® is a chloride-free venting system for condensing gas/oil appliances. It is tested and listed to the ULC S636 Standard in Canada. It can be cut to the desired length. Gasketed connections have a precise, tight seal and do not require installation lubricant. The interior of 90° elbows are 88° to prevent standing condensation. According to the manufacturer, terminations remain icicle-free during freezing weather, the venting has higher sustained operating temperatures than PVC/CPVC, and is 100 percent recyclable.

The CleanAir Cap for B vent reduces the output of carbon monoxide from gas-burning appliances. It has a filtering system. It works with any brand of B vent. The GreenVent® product is used mostly in residential applications, but also is used in some commercial installations.

Duro Dyne Corp. ( showcased its Dyn-O-Vent™ residential and commercial grilles, registers, and diffusers. The residential release features a one-, two-, three-, and four-way side wall series; a one-, two-, three-, and four-way curved blade series; return air grilles, and return air filter grilles. The commercial format features a bar type, cube core, flat panel, linear bar, linear slot, louvered face, and a step down.

Dust Free LP ( exhibited its Micropure® total home active air purifier. The purifier uses MX4™ ionic oxidation indoor air technology to naturally produce airborne scrubbers that actively seek and destroy indoor pollutants in the air and on surfaces. The oxidation process utilizes propriety metallic technology and UV light energy to naturally produce ionic air scrubbers that destroy indoor pollutants such as volatile organic contaminants, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, odors, and more. Micropure is available in 5-, 9-, and 14-inch models.

FabricAir ( exhibited the Zip-A-Duct™ fabric air dispersion system, which is built out of standardized sections or components. All components are made out of fabric and connected using built-in zippers. It can be used on any system from 3 to 25 tons. Available fabric colors include dark gray, blue, white, black, green, and red.

Field Controls ( unveiled its new residential steam humidifier. The high-efficiency, low-maintenance humidifier will operate in the heating system without the need for a call for heat. According to the company, it is compatible with virtually every make and model of forced air systems and is ideal for use with heat pumps. It operates when there is a call for humidity, not just when there is a call for heat and has an onboard system that automatically performs routine maintenance and monitors operations. The residential steam humidifier is available in two models, 120V and 220V, both featuring interlocking wiring for fan control, LEDs for system operation and analysis, and a copper heating element.

Filtration Group ( displayed its Series 750 odor removal pleat. The 750 Series is designed to provide higher levels of both particulate and gas phase air filtration. The filters feature HEGA 651 grade carbon for broad spectrum chemical removal including volatile organic compounds, ozone, acid gases, and formaldehyde. The series adheres to MERV 11, per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007, and includes 100 percent synthetic media that does not promote biological growth.

Imperial Manufacturing Group ( introduced new attic vent and roof exhaust products. This lineup of exhaust products includes an attic vent for sloped roofs for natural attic ventilation and roof exhaust to help remove humidity from exhaust areas. The attic vent has a custom drip pan that releases condensation build-up, which leads to lower maintenance and energy savings. The roof exhaust also features a custom drip pan and helps prevent weather-induced home deterioration. Both models are easy to install and are available in gray, black, or brown.

LaPine Metal Products ( exhibited the LaPineFlange™ galvanized flange. It is used in connecting ducts and fittings. The flange comes in 6- to 96-inch-diameter sizes and meets Class 3 leakage system standards. It is rated for ±10-inch w.g. pressure. Nonstock flanges include round and oval, PVC-coated, stainless steel (304 or 316) galvannealed; aluminum available upon request.

Lumalier® UV Air & Surface Disinfection ( showed the Disinfection Wall™. It is equipped with the Philips TUV PL-L intelligent lamp system, which disinfects both airborne pathogens and surface-contaminated coils in an automated way. The lamp system can be programmed for any HVAC system size and configuration, from smaller two-lamp light commercial air-handling units to large engineered multilamp wall installed into walk-in air handlers. The Disinfection Wall technology integrates seamlessly with fan-wall and variable-speed fan technology. UV lamp groups are programmed to energize sequentially as air speed and air volume increases. UV energy output is synchronized to automatically correspond to changes in air speed, volume, and temperature, so that high level biological disinfection is achieved at every output level.

MacroAir Technologies Inc. ( introduced its AirStar line of fans. The AirStar fans are available in 8-, 10-, and 12-foot diameters with a lightweight, streamlined frame and new motor design for quiet operation and low power consumption. The AirStar line is LEED-certified and utilizes MacroAir’s high-volume, low-speed technology.

MWV Specialty Chemicals ( introduced Versacomb™, a re-branded structured media formerly known as Honeycomb Matrix (HM®). The new name reflects the versatility and customizable nature of the structured media, which is used in a variety of applications, including corrosion and odor control. It is designed to provide enhanced performance with strength and resistance to water and solvents. Versacomb meets the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.1, allowing building air to be recycled and cleaned, controlling odor in industrial buildings and hospitals.

NanoFiltration Technologies’ ( Leaf™ Series HEPA filters utilize a new winged fiber media that provides the surface area of microfibers with the strength, flexibility, and processability of standard fibers. According to the manufacturer, the fiber is macro in size, but provides nanofiber performance through this unusual geometric design. The filters are available in aluminum separator pack style with aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, and wood frame options. Standard dimensional sizes and custom configurations in 3, 5.875, and 11 inches in depth can be ordered. Headers with or without gel seals can be fabricated as well as knife edges and other custom designs.

Nu-Calgon ( introduced the Cal-Blast condenser coil cleaner. This cleaner incorporates new technology in no-rinse cleaning. Its high-performance aerosol separates undesirable materials from the coil surface and offers maximum cleaning of finned coils. The Cal-Blast is also quick drying with a pleasant scent and contains no ozone depleters.

Owens-Corning ( introduced EcoTouch® insulation, which is made from natural materials that are formaldehyde-free and soft to the touch. The insulation uses a minimum of 57 percent recycled content, is “bio preferred,” and provides outstanding thermal and acoustical performance, the company said. EcoTouch insulation is Greenguard Indoor Air Certified® and Greenguard Children and Schools Certified®.

Panasonic Home & Environment Co. ( featured several new energy-efficient fans, including two 110-cfm WhisperGreen models for the builder market and the WhisperSupplyWall, a supply-only ventilation fan manufactured with recessed lighting. The new 110-cfm models, FV-11VK3 and FV-11VKL3, will be available beginning April 2012. They feature WhisperGreen’s SmartFlow™ optimum cfm technology, which detects and compensates for additional static pressure by increasing the airflow to achieve the specified cfm output, and Panasonic’s energy-efficient dc motor. The new models also include a dual adaptor for 4- or 6-inch ducts, making them a great option for renovation projects as well as new construction, the company said.

Pate Co. ( showed its ventilators. The ventilators are constructed of heavy-gauge aluminum. Intake hoods are designed with a 2:1 ratio, hood to throat. Exhaust hoods are a 1:1 ratio. The hood support structure is made of aluminum channel and fabricated in a manner to minimize airflow restriction. Standard throat height is 6 inches. Optional features include insect screen; insulated interior; and galvanized, galvalume, and stainless steel construction.

Purafil Inc. ( displayed its MediaPak™ disposable plastic modules. The PK-18 and PK-12 modules, for module-based gas-phase filtration systems, have a design that features a snap-together, durable, glue-free construction with aerodynamic screens, and easy-access sampling ports. The patented dry-scrubbing media formulations provide effective contaminant removal capacities. The modules can fit into existing module-based systems. Purafil equipment incorporates slanted tracking to support the module via a corresponding angled notch in the frame. The weight of the module forces it against the channel and creates a positive seal with the tracking, preventing air bypass and increasing system efficiency, the company said.

Quietflex Manufacturing Co. ( displayed the AmgFlex™ flex duct. It continuously inhibits the growth and subsequent spreading of various bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew with an antimicrobial coating, Agion®, on the inner core. The AmgFlex uses Johns Manville Formaldehyde-free™ insulation, which helps reduce overall formaldehyde exposure. It has a blue jacket with a polyester vapor barrier and is heavy-duty rip-stop scrim reinforced. The duct is available in R-6.0 and R-8.0. It comes in a number of sizes, ranging from 3 to 22 inches in diameter.

Reflectix Inc. ( showed polyester fiber duct insulation. It has an R value of 8 and is Class A/Class 1 fire-rated. The insulation inhibits condensation. There are three installation options; all require a spacer.

Rinnai ( introduced a dual-pipe venting system for its condensing tankless water heaters that utilizes a 3-inch polypropylene pipe to provide installers and homeowners with increased placement flexibility and installation options. The new system connects to Rinnai’s standard concentric vent via a concentric twin-pipe adaptor, enables a variety of installation options by accommodating venting in tight spaces, such as between a ceiling and subfloor, and making raised terminations easier and less expensive. According to the company, because it allows for greater distance between the intake and exhaust terminations, the potential for condensation from the unit to freeze over the intake in very cold climates is virtually eliminated.

Rosenberg USA ( introduced electronically commutated (EC) fans with Modbus controls that are available in axial and backward curved radial configurations. Rosenberg’s adoption of Modbus controls increases fan efficiency and significantly reduces power consumption. In a typical primary/secondary system, all fans operate at the same time and at the same speed. With Modbus, the main fan’s speed can be controlled independently from secondary fans. Each secondary fan can be programmed to come on-line separately and at variable speeds, allowing a more effective balance between electrical usage and air movement requirements.

Sudo Premium Engineering Co. Ltd. ( has an easy-to-install ion cluster solution for air purification. The Ion One Series units have all the circuits inside the discharge tube, allowing customers to experience the effectiveness of ion cluster air purification at a relatively low cost with minimized space for installation, said the company. It can be installed for each room, enabling customers to put the air purification in certain areas.

Thermolec Ltd. ( introduced its Mini Make Up air solution. The system features an advanced modulating controller and air sensor. The sensor detects the amount of air flowing through the unit and modulates the heating capacity accordingly. The controller monitors abnormal conditions or fan failure. Units are available in 6- to 12-inch collars, single phase or three-phase, up to 20 kW capacity. Airflow may be reversed by simply rotating the unit 180°.

Titus ( launched EOS, a self-powered air distribution vent. In-room light powers the air distribution vent and enables the airflow direction to be optimized, helping to save up to 30 percent heating or cooling energy, the company said.

Tri-Dim Filter Corp. ( exhibited its Ultra X2 thin line high-efficiency filters. The Ultra X2 offers a compact 2-inch design, Ultra media with MERV 14 efficiency, and low resistance. The filters are proven in ASHRAE 52.2-277 Appendix J test methods.

Trion ( showcased four new humidification systems and one new dehumidifier. The ComfortBreeze™ CB 100 fan-powered evaporative humidifier features ComfortSense controls that self-adjust to compensate for variations in temperature, airflow, and water pressure, allowing the CB100 to provide maximum performance and water savings regardless of conditions. The unit consumes less than 100 W of power. The CB300 bypass evaporative humidifier includes a summer/winter shut-off damper, which can deliver up to 22 gallons per day of humidification. The humidifier can be installed so that a call for heat is not required for the unit to deliver humidification. ComfortSense-equipped models feature a relay that can power the HVAC blower independently. The CB707 centrifugal atomizing humidifier operates by dispersing a fine mist into the return air supply duct of a heating system. Versatile installation allows the unit to be duct, ceiling, shelf, or wall mounted. The Mister-MINI™ duct-mounted atomizing humidifier disperses a fine mist into the warm air supply duct of a heating system. The water is evaporated by the warm air from the furnace and carried into the home by the furnace air flow. The unit is ideal for homes up to 2,000 square feet and features a capacity output of 12.5 gallons per day. The Comfort-D whole-home dehumidifier delivers dehumidified filtered air to the living space. Equipped with an onboard adjustable humidistat and fan control, the system is designed to optimize ambient humidity with energy efficiency between 48 and 60 percent. The unit is available in 75- or 95-pint sizes and utilizes R-410A refrigerant.

Ultratech Industries Inc. ( displayed its Ultraprobe airflow measuring probe control damper, which provides measurement and control of air movement through ducts and piping. It is designed for inline duct installation for laboratory or room supply/exhaust airflow control. The damper comes complete with transmitter, controller, and actuator. The transmitter provides a differential pressure signal to the controller. The controller compares the differential pressure signal to its preprogrammed setpoint and issues a control signal to the actuator for accurate constant volume control.

Universal Air Filter Co. ( introduced a number of new product innovations to help designers meet thermal challenges for specialized enclosures. These include high-efficiency Outside Plant filters, which prevent corrosive salt fog and moisture ingress for outdoor enclosures; PyroCide fire block vent panels, which stop flames from spreading in enclosures; and harsh gas reducing media, which increases equipment life by reducing airborne chemicals that corrode cards and wiring.

Vostermans Ventilation Inc. ( showed its 50-inch high-volume circulator. The high-volume low-speed (HVLS) air circulator can be used for cooling in large, open spaces, such as processing and bottling facilities, greenhouses, warehouses, and high-moisture/wash-down environments. It can be utilized in standalone operation for spot cooling or as part of the company’s total cooling solutions package. Product highlights include a high-efficiency motor and polyblade combination, three-blade prop, sealed ball bearings front and rear, 550-rpm blade speed, and 1,725-rpm TEAO motor. It can be bracketed to a wall or ceiling.

Venture Tape Corp. ( released its VentureTape® 1512 duct protection wrap. The self-wound clear tape is made from co-extruded multipolymer backing coated with a high-tack adhesive system. It helps provide surface protection for a variety of surfaces. The product is primarily used as a duct protection film to keep the inside of ducts clean. It is also used to seal insulation for temporary weather protection.

Zehnder America Inc. ( introduced its ComfortAir 200 home ventilation device. The model is designed for efficiency and installation in small homes or apartments and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The unit features a maximum capacity of 125 cfm and has been certified at 92 percent efficiency by the Passive House Institute. Features include ECM motors for energy efficiency and ease of balancing, summer bypass cooling, frost protection mode, and optional resistance and pre-heater and ERV options.

Refrigeration + Ice Machines

Airstream Systems ( displayed its 9100 Cooler Controller. The controller is a complete refrigeration control system designed for walk-in coolers and cold storage facilities. The controller provides up to 50 percent savings on energy costs associated with free cooling, evaporator control, destratification, and more. The 9100 controller comes with a CO2 sensor, temperature sensors, control display, humidistat, and more. The unit supplies 100 percent fresh air in the winter and is programmed to bring in the minimum fresh air requirements in the summer. Fresh air is brought in from the outside through the Airstream filter boxes, intake fans, and dampers. Sensors in the evaporator coil determine when to start and end the defrost cycle. The controller can also be custom programmed to schedule defrost times. The unit meets ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation requirements.

Combined Refrigeration Resources Inc. (www. introduced its Smart Family of Cooling Products®. The line includes the Smart Freeze®, Smart Breeze®, Smart Hydronics®, Smart Refrigeration®, and Smarttech®. The Smart Freeze is an American-made industrial process chiller available in 200 to 400 tons, the Smart Breeze is an American-made industrial air handling unit and packaged air conditioning system, and the Smart Hydronics is an American-made pump and tank fluid handling system. The Smart Refrigeration is a Canadian-made food service and rack refrigeration system, and the Smartech is a Malaysian-made air-cooled rotary-screw chiller.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( introduced its Copeland Scroll® K5 refrigeration compressor and its Electronic Unit Controller for Copeland® condensing units with low pressure controls. The compressor incorporates volume radio technology, which optimizes low-condensing performance, and vapor-injection capability for maximum capacity at low set points without having to add more or larger compressors. The compressor is designed for large refrigeration needs, ranging between 7.5- to 15-hp, and for use with low- to medium-temperature applications in both standalone and parallel systems. The Electronic Unit Controller is an integrated electronic pressure control solution to replace traditional mechanical low-pressure control switches, while enabling a smarter condensing unit. Electronic pressure-sensing ac-curacy maintains a tighter, low-pressure control tolerance than mechanical controls to help decrease costly callbacks, while the LED interface allows field setup time to be reduced to less than one minute. The new unit controller eliminates the use of cap tubes and enables smart discharge line temperature protection to shut down the compressor in the event of high return gas temperatures or
high compression ratios.

ICOR International ( introduced Clean Shot, its ACR system flush that is ozone safe, nontoxic, nonflammable, and user friendly. Clean Shot is designed for pre-conversion preparation in order to prevent system burnouts — it cleans any ACR system line. It is available in convenient 5- and 10-pound cylinders and includes a free Handy Shot Flushing Tool. Users can also find online training at the ICOR website.

The company also rolled out the Hot Shot 2 — a direct replacement for several refrigerants including R-410A (90 percent production cap in 2015 on all HCFC production) and R-12 (already phased out). Hot Shot 2 is an HFC that is ozone safe and field performance tested. It is EPA SNAP listed for stationary equipment.

Luvata ( displayed its 500- and 800-mm series air-cooled condensers, MicroChannel Series air-cooled condensers, and multiple unit coolers. The 500-mm series is available in single wide configuration from one to three fans providing 1.5- to 25-nominal tons of capacity. The 800-mm series is available in single wide configuration from one- to seven-fans and double wide configuration from four- to 14-fans, with up to 260 tons of capacity. The MicroChannel coils are available in a single wide configuration from one- to three-fans and multi-wide configurations from four-to 14-fans, up to 245 tons Single-speed motors or variable-speed electronically commutated fan motors are available. All are optimized for application with modern, environmentally friendly refrigerants, R-404A, R-507, R-410A, and R-134A.

Parker Hannifin Corp. ( introduced its Sporlan Flush-All clean-up kit, the Sporlan PSK line of refrigeration controllers, and the Sporlan CSG Catch-All product line. The Sporlan Flush-All clean-up kit provides a clean-up solution for R-410A conversions and compressor burnout. The kit features the fast-drying flush-all solvent that washes away harmful chemical residues before they collect at the metering device and destroy system performance, and the patented Flush-All SFD-163S filter-drier that uses three-stage filtration technology to capture disturbed solid particles as small as 1 micron before the solvent-like POE lubricant can move them and cause component damage and failure. Flush-All kits are available in 1- and 2-pound versions. The PSK line is a broad family of controllers intended to provide reliable control to a wide variety of low-temperature (below 35°F) and medium-temperature (35° to 45°F) applications. The entire PSK line has IP65 protected front bezels, 3½-inch digit displays, and advanced compressor controls to eliminate short cycling. The line is available in both 120 vac and 230 vac versions. The Sporlan CSG Catch-All product line services refrigerating systems up to 13 tons, utilizing the catch-all filter drier along with moisture-sensing ability of the See-All™ liquid and moisture indicators in one unit.

RefPlus® Inc. ( offers two distinct lines of parallel compressor rack systems: the Spectrum Series from 30 through 250 hp and the Mini Spectrum Series from 7.5 through 30 hp. A variety of compressor options are available, including semi-hermetic,
screw, scroll, and hermetic. The Spectrum Series systems are designed to match the customer’s specifications and will operate with most refrigerants available, such as R-134a, R-404A, and R-507. Features include individual branch light indicators for refrigeration, defrost operation, and alarm; oversized vertical receiver or surge receiver; and positive oil pressure feed system with oil separator, oil filter, and individual compressor regulators. A liquid sight glass indicating the amount of liquid refrigerant in the receiver is standard on the Spectrum Series and is optional on the Mini Spectrum Series.

Turbo Air Inc. ( exhibited its Smart7 package refrigeration unit. A blue anti-corrosion fin and coated-copper tubing protects tubing and pipes from toxic gases generated from foods, retards refrigerant leakage, and prolongs the cooling capacity. An expansion valve feature self-adjusts circulation of refrigerant as internal temperature changes. The condenser is 18 percent larger than the industry standard size and is protected by a solenoid valve. An energy-efficient EC motor provides energy savings. A leak-free, hot-gas condensate system provides fast evaporation of condensed water and a highly efficient air-circulation enclosure is designed to release hot air to the outside faster, enhancing cooling efficiency and retarding elevation of compressor temperatures.

Residential Controls

Alan Manufacturing Inc. ( showcased its zone control dampers with wireless controls. The wireless controls come attached at the factory and come complete with a transformer 120 V to 24 V. A programmable and nonprogrammable Wi-Stat wireless thermostat is available. An optional open/close motor includes an indicator light that glows green when the damper is open and red when the damper is closed. The wall-mount or handheld thermostats include one-stage heat and one-stage cool, a selectable temperature display, a filter check monitor, and more.

Arzel Zoning ( introduced its EzyFIT damper. This foldable and insertable technology allows contractors to overcome applications in which there is not access to ductwork, according to the company. It installs directly through the register boot to help ease zoning retrofit jobs. The EzyFIT design allows installers to slip the damper in through the register while magnets set it firmly in place. The gasketed blade shuts off airflow for minimal airflow leaks. Available in 5, 6, and 7 inches, the damper eliminates noisy whistling with its tight seal of the gasket material. It fits in boot-end, angled or straight, and any type of metal ductwork (horizontal or vertical).

ComfortStar ( exhibited its Alegria Series of ductless split system units. The series offers a single-zone mini-split system, or a multizone mini-split unit available in dual-, tri- and quad-formats. Gold fin protection provides an anticorrosive coating and a waterproof membrane that prevents humidity, ensures durability, and maximizes energy efficiency. The inverter-controlled compressor operates by changing the frequency from 60 Hz to a varying range of 20 to 125 Hz. When a desired temperature has been achieved, the inverter will control the compressor to run on a lower frequency to maintain temperature and consume less energy. The unit operates using R-410A, offers overload protection, and has an auto restart and memory function — preventing power failure from erasing any setting and eliminating the need for reprogramming. Mini-split systems operate at 18 SEER.

Distech Controls Inc. ( showed its EC-Smart-Vue with CO2 and motion detector control. Available in the third quarter of this year, this control features a communicating sensor with backlit LCD display and icon-driven menu. According to the company, the integrated CO2 sensor helps reduce building operational costs by using demand control ventilation. The integrated motion detector automatically readjusts space temperature when an office, classroom, or meeting room is unoccupied.

ecobee Inc. ( unveiled its Smart Si thermostat. Designed for the residential market, the Smart Si thermostat offers remote connectivity anytime from anywhere via a computer, iPhone, smart phone, or tablet. The unit includes a high-resolution color display and an intuitive user interface. It is Wi-Fi enabled. The built-in live weather function uses advanced algorithms that help ensure the thermostat is always saving the most energy possible, the company said.

It has an easy-to-read high-resolution color display, sleek buttons, and an intuitive user interface. According to ecobee, this makes it easy to quickly set a personalized program, make setting adjustments, and create new vacation events. Automatic alerts and reminders notify users when the HVAC equipment is due for service, if there is an equipment malfunction, or when it’s time to change the filter.

ICM Controls’ ( Big Buddy merchandising campaign is designed to showcase the company’s technical support team.

The program is commencing this winter and will be rolled out across the country throughout 2012. It includes a variety of showroom and point-of-purchase displays designed to educate customers in selecting the right products for their application, while promoting the company’s tech support team, which regularly assists contractors in diagnosing or troubleshooting field issues.

According to ICM Controls, it staffs its tech support hotline with engineers that actually design the company’s products.

Jackson Systems ( introduced the VCS ventilation control system. It is a fresh-air control system designed to improve residential IAQ. The product introduces fresh air through an intake damper controlled by the VCS logic panel. The VCS helps improve IAQ by decreasing volatile organic compound levels. According to the company, it is easy to install and set up, meets the ASHRAE 62.2 standard, and is backed by a five-year warranty.

VCS features include a micro-controller logic panel, status LEDs, single adjustment setup, “damper closed” override switch, exhaust fan control option, outdoor temperature and/or humidity limit option, and remote “damper open” override option.

KMC Controls ( introduced its FlexStat™ controller/sensor with integral Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor control. The controller varies the capacity of the compressor over 10 and 100 percent of the rated capacity. Below 10 percent cooling demand, the controller automatically cycles the compressor on and off to meet low levels of demand. In multiple compressor applications, the device manages the variable capacity compressor as the first stage of cooling, effectively providing 5 to 100 percent variable capacity control over the full range of cooling demand. The unit may be applied in most single- or multi-stage DX compressor unitary applications including RTU or split residential unitary applications, heat pumps, chiller, or commercial refrigeration applications.

LG Electronics USA Inc. ( exhibited its Flex Multi-Split system. The efficient multiroom series allows homeowners to operate four indoor units using a single outdoor condensing unit. The series includes dual-zone, tri-zone, and quad-zone multi-split systems. The dual-zone system offers 18,000 to 24,000 Btu; the tri-zone system, 27,000 to 33,000 Btu; and the quad-zone, 36,000 to 48,000 Btu.

Nest ( exhibited its new Nest Learning Thermostat™. According to the company, this programmable thermostat learns a customer’s behavior and automatically turns itself down when away. In essence, it’s a programmable thermostat that programs itself, the company said. It is compatible with two-stage heat, single-stage cooling; and heat pump with aux. Nest uses speaker-style wire to check for wire presence and voltage. The Time to Temp feature tells customers how many minutes until the temperature they just adjusted the thermostat to will be reached. It also has an energy-conscious feature called the Nest Leaf, which appears when customers are saving energy based on their previous usage.

Tasseron Sensors Inc. ( released the Tasseron Qwik Average. This duct averaging sensor features the patent-pending Qwik Connect and Qwik Coupling. The Qwik Connect eliminates wire nuts to help speed up the installation process and ensure a reliable connection. Qwik Coupling removes the need to carefully uncoil the 24 feet of sensor tube in an effort to avoid bending or crimping. The device comes in two pieces, allowing contractors to mount the enclosure on the outside of the ductwork. Once mounted, the male portion of the Qwik Coupling will be visible on the inside of the duct. The same contractor can walk into the duct, snap the female portion of the connection located on one end of the 24 feet of tubing to the previously mounted male connection on the duct, and then string the tubing into the duct where needed.

Zonefirst ( showcased its Digi-Zone model MDP3. The MDP3 model is a two- and three-zone expandable control panel. The digital menu-driven display simplifies system setup and eliminates DIP switches and adjustable dials to set timings and temperatures. The new MDP3 controls only the new plug-in zone motors that use modular cords, supplied with each damper. The unit is expandable to 103 zones, features color-coded wiring terminals, zone damper test buttons, a Zone-A-Lone™ system setback and more. The panel is used exclusively with the ZDSP, ZDBP, OZD, RDP, RRP, and RTP dampers.

Testing & Monitoring Products

Autoflame Engineering Ltd. ( displayed the MM72004/CEMS (continuous emissions monitoring software) analyzer. It is specifically designed for current regulations on emissions monitoring. The analyzer provides simultaneous and continuous sampling of up to six exhaust gases, including O2, CO2, CO, NO, NO2, and SO2. Features include automation timed test gas calibration, including zero and span calibration (user definable); 10.4-inch full-color touchscreen human machine interface; online monitoring of cell status and degradation to identify cell replacement requirement; and six 4-20 mA analog outputs of all combustion parameters for remote logging, printing, or chart recording.

Badger Meter ( showed Data Industrial® 340 BN/MB Btu energy transmitter for submetering applications that use BACnet or Modbus. It measures thermal energy by integrating the liquid flow rate in a closed-pipe system and the differential temperature between the supply and return.

Bell & Gossett’s ( RBT-3000 low water cut-off for hot water boiler is a new boiler control technology designed to maximize fuel efficiency and provide low water cut-off protection for hydronic heating systems. The control works by monitoring and analyzing the load of the heating system, in real time, and then modifies the burner run time.

Blue Ribbon Corp. ( displayed high static pressure differential gauges designed for conditions with high static pressure. The gauges give a reading in a low differential pressure range with ranges of 5-150 psi and an accuracy of 2 percent full scale. Applications include filtration, gas systems, and leak detection. The line connection locations are in line (standard); back and bottom are available upon request.

Carel USA ( introduced its PlantVisorPRO monitoring and management system. The system allows complete and optimized control of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The interface connects to an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard, and guarantees remote access to all the devices in the system. The supervisory system is available as a complete all-in-one touch solution.

Control Solutions Inc. ( displayed the i.CanDoIt® programmable web server for facility management and remote monitoring for small sites. It includes pre-programmed web pages and allows the user to put a customer HTML “wrapper” around the embedded website.

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) ( introduced its Low Power Transmitter. LPT is available with a carbon monoxide (CO) or nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor. It feature a two-wire loop, three-wire VDC or four-wire VAC power and has a 4 - 20 mA linear output signal, automatic thermal resetting fuse, RoHS-compliant circuit boards, temperature compensation, and visual LED indication for power and fault conditions. It includes the Calibration Extending Firmware (CEF) that takes into account the aging of the sensors so that less frequent calibrations are acceptable in non-critical applications.

Draftrite ( showed its Draft Simulator, which safely and accurately tests pressure switches by simulating a draft inducer, so there’s no need for the furnace to be on. The device calibrates adjustable pressure switches according to the manufacturer’s specs, said the company. Also, through the process of elimination, the Draft Simulator can help the user prove out rule out the draft inducer and trap.

E Instruments International LLC ( introduced seven new analyzers and testers. The AQ100 is a low-cost, portable air quality tester that monitors carbon dioxide, temperature, ambient temperature, and more. The AQ200 is a multifunctional, handheld, highly sensitive indoor air quality sensor. The device monitors carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, Delta T, atmospheric air pressure, humidity, and more across 8,000 data memory points. AMI300 is a multifunctional indoor air quality testing instrument that monitors carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, air flow, and more.

The BTU900-NOx is a residential combustion analyzer designed to monitor boiler and burner setups. The device measures nitrous-oxide (NOx), oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and more. The BTU900 high efficiency kit is applicable for all 90 percent efficiency systems, measuring oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and field-replaceable sensors. The device also includes a built-in manometer, thermometer, and leak detector. The BTU1100 is a portable combustion analyzer that features field replaceable sensors; a built-in printer; oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide sensors; and 10 fuel and oil standards. The BTU1100-HE applies to all 90 percent efficiency systems and includes an incoming air smart probe, field-replaceable sensors, built-in printer, manometer, thermometer, and carbon monoxide leak detector.

Eaton Corp. ( introduced its Motor Insight® solid-state overload and monitoring relay. The Motor Insight provides customers with advanced monitoring capabilities, diagnostics, and motor and pump protection in a single device. It monitors energy and power factors, enabling facilities to avoid peak demand charges, shed nonvital loads, identify and correct increased consumption, spot the discrepancy between equal loads, and see power factor line items. The unit can monitor current and voltage in each phase and identify conditions that may lead to motor or pump failure with greater speed, reliability, and repeatability than traditional devices that only detect the failure, said the company.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( launched its CoreSense™ Diagnostics Modules for Copeland Scroll® compressors and its Rigid CA-300 inspection camera. The CoreSense modules strengthen the Copeland Scroll brand by unlocking advanced capabilities in fixed speed and two-stage compressors. Designed to help contractors troubleshoot residential air conditioning systems, CoreSense Diagnostics modules use the compressor as a sensor to deliver active protection and diagnostic capabilities, improving overall system reliability.

The CA-300 is an inspection camera that offers an easy way to diagnose and document jobsite problems, said the company. The unit records still images and videos, and integrates audio with a built-in microphone and speaker, providing the ability to record insights and playback problems in hard-to-reach areas. The unit includes a 4-GB SD card and instructions on how to connect to Rigid Connect™, an online business tool that allows users to store and share data.

Fieldpiece ( promoted wireless full system analysis in real time with the HG3 HVAC Guide® system analyzer. The company noted it was an upgrade from the HG2 and measures 13 parameters simultaneously and data logs multiple parameters.

Flir Systems Inc. ( displayed the i-Series point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras. The i3 offers 3,600 pixels, the i5 offers 10,000 pixels, and the i7 offers 19,900 pixels, which exceeds RESNET resolution standards. It has a high-resolution color 2.8-inch display. The thermal accuracy is ±2 percent and has a measurement range of -20 to 250°C. It can store up to 5,000 JPEG image files for future analysis, downloads, and custom reports. The camera has a focus-free lens and can withstand a 2-meter drop.

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd. ( introduced SprintIR. This high-speed CO2 sensor is suited for applications that require capture of rapidly changing CO2 concentrations. It senses at 20 Hz, has measurement ranges from 5 to 100 percent, and a low power supply of 35 mW. SprintIR’s sensing method includes nondispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption, patented gold-plated optics, and patented solid-state source and detector. A flow through adaptor will be available in the second quarter of 2012.

General Tools & Instruments Co. ( introduced the USB humidity/temperature data loggers (HT10/20/50) family. It can be used for long-term, unattended monitoring of HVACR installations. The HT20, as well as the HT50 and HT10, has an LCD readout that shows real-time temperature and humidity readings and indicates the instrument’s working status. The HT50 also has an integral infrared thermometer for spot-checking surface temperatures, while the HT10 relies on two LEDs to indicate working status. Each model can record up to 8,000 pairs of ambient temperature and rh readings over a period of days, weeks, or months. The captured and stored data can be uploaded to a PC by plugging the unit into a USB port. Each unit has a temperature range of -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C) and an accuracy of ±0.7° (0.4°).

Also launched at the expo was the data logging hot wire anemometer/IR thermometer (CIH20DL). It can measure the speed, volume, and temperature of slow-moving air. The handheld device can measure air movement as slow as 2 feet per minute all the way up to 7,874 fpm. The device calculates airflow volumes up to 2.5 million cfm. Air temperatures from 32 to 158°F are measured by a thermistor at the end of a telescoping probe that extends to 6 feet. Surface temperatures from -25° to 999°F are measured by an integral infrared thermometer with an 8:1 distance-to-spot ratio. The CIH20DL has the ability to perform minimally invasive duct flow testing and energy audits, convert air speed readings to airflow volume measurements, and determine air and surface temperatures — including identifying overheated system components — with a data logging capacity of 20,000 data points.

Gems Sensors and Controls ( introduced its CAP-100 capacitive level sensor, CAP-200 capacitive level sensor, and its FS-600 no-moving parts flow sensor. The CAP-100 series is a noncontact, capacitive level sensor. The series offers a level-sensing solution for a wide variety of bottle types including plastic, glass, and fiberglass. The noncontact sensor is ideally suited for medical applications, such as waste, reagent, or diluents liquids, as well as dark, sticky, or viscous fluids. The CAP-200 Series is easily threaded directly into ½-inch NPT fittings for an easy level-sensing solution within a wide variety of metal and nonmetal tanks. The highly accurate sensor is built from a durable Delrin® material, and is available in both aqueous and nonaqueous versions. The FS-600 Series uses proven thermal-dispersion technology to provide a robust no-moving, part-flow switch even without filtration, said the company. The solid state sensor is compatible with both conductive and nonconductive fluids.

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions ( displayed the DP-702LH differential air pressure sensor board. The differential air pressure (∆P) sensor configuration is now available for use with GrayWolf’s AdvancedSense™ and WolfPack™ instruments. By combining auto-ranging and auto-zeroing technology, this ∆P board offers low-end sensitivity, yet a broad measurement range. It incorporates a 250-Pa (1 inch H2O) range sensor and a 10-kPa (40 inches H2O) sensor on the same board and then smoothly auto-ranges from one sensor to the other dependent on the detected pressures. The DP-702LH board auto-zeros both sensors every two minutes. The DP-702LH sensors install into AdvancedSense and WolfPack instruments, which not only display and data-log readings, but also provide powerful annotation capabilities. Notes are easily attached to data files on-site for efficient, reliable documentation. Text notes and audio notes can be made. Photos and videos can be attached to data files with an optional camera or borescope. Reports are proficiently generated from information in the field. WolfSense PC software (supplied as standard) enables download, analysis, and report creation.

K Instruments ( showed test instruments to measure air pressures, air flows, air velocities, and CO gas within a ventilation system.

Honeywell Analytics ( featured its IAQPoint2 customizable touchscreen monitor with ability to control three IAQ parameters (carbon dioxide or volatile organic compounds, temperature, and humidity). IAQPoint2 uses on-demand ventilation with relays triggering fans locally or via a BAS such as BACnet.

Kanomax ( introduced the Climomaster™ probe, which simultaneously measures air velocity, air temperature, relative humidity, and airflow rate. It has five different detachable probes, which includes low air velocity measurement and omni-directivity measurement. Users can control Climomaster by using Anemomaster Measuring Software. It also utilizes real-time graphic and spread sheet output. Applications include HVAC ventilation testing and balancing, laboratory control, fume hood performance testing, IAQ investigation, and industrial testing.

Mueller Industries Inc. ( displayed its Streamline® sight glass moisture indicator. The device provides accurate identification and better visibility of system conditions through a large viewing window with indicator. Designed for maximum flow and minimum pressure drop, the hermetically sealed models are built of solid brass for connection sizes of ¼- to ⅞-inch. Larger connection sizes of 1 ⅛-inch to 2 ⅛-inches are available in a copper-bodied design.

Palmer Wahl ( pressure transducers are available in six different series in the industrial pressure and temperature instrumentation line. The transducers feature ceramic, silicone, or piezoresistive sensing elements. Electrical signal outputs of 4-20mA, 0-5V, and 1-10V with Packard, DINN, or cable-type electrical connections can be chosen. Housings of 304 or 316 stainless steel are rugged for long-term use applications. Accuracies are as precise as 0.2 percent of full scale, with maximum ranges of 8,700 psi available on some models, the manufacturer said.

The company has flue combustion analyzers available in two different lines. U Line models are designed for HVAC applications, for burners under 70k. G line models are offered for the industrial technician, designed for burners over 70k. The most commonly used fuels are pre-loaded at the factory, with other fuels available with included GasConfig software for PC on most models. The units can detect carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and uncombusted hydrocarbons in the exhaust gas from the combustion process. The onboard memory can hold 250 readings.

The Wahl Heat Spy high-speed, 30-Hz, 160x120 pixel thermal imaging cameras are available in two series with 16 different configurations. The z30 Series Detector is designed for on-the-spot maintenance inspections and repair. The z50 Series Inspector is designed for users required to document and prepare reports with ease, including thermal and digital images. The z30 can be upgraded in the field to a z50 with such features as extending the temperature range and adding wide-angle and/or telescopic lenses.

RectorSeal Corp. ( introduced the Safe-T-Switch® models SS103E and SS500EP condensate overflow shutoff switches. They feature electronic probe sensors and an onboard LED display, providing reliable operation, water damage protection, diagnostics, and monitoring of commercial and residential air conditioning systems and their condensate drains. The SS103E is one overflow switch that’s designed for the primary drain line and auxiliary drain pan or the auxiliary drain outlet and auxiliary drain pan of a/c systems. The SS103E is compatible with all a/c brands, offers the flexibility of vertical, horizontal or in-line installation, and includes a ¾-inch adapter, bushing, and cap. The SS500EP also features the new electronic sensor probe and LED indicator and is UL-2043 plenum-rated, which offers a compact water shutoff device for commercial downflow rooftop units. Both switches’ microelectronics logic circuits continuously sample via dual-sensor probes and determine whether moisture presence is transient or permanent; the latter shuts down the system and sounds an alarm.

Resource Conservation Technologies ( exhibited the AquaGuard® AG-1250E multipurpose water sensor for metal/plastic secondary drain pans. A replacement for the AG-1200+ unit, the sensor has a normally open fourth wire for optional external alarm, digital controller, or energy management systems. The switch can be normally open or normally closed. The 5-A, 24 vac solid state sensor offers versatile mounting options that allow positioning on the unit, in a secondary pan, floor, or wall. The clip-on mounting base offers easy cleaning and drying of the sensor.

Sensaphone ( introduced its WSG-30 wireless sensor monitoring system. The system can be used to monitor temperatures and a variety of other critical conditions. Wireless sensors are available to analyze temperature, humidity, power failure, water on floor, and status reports from other equipment. The device is ideal for protecting computer rooms, data centers, medical freezers, cold food storage, and more. An alarm system will notify up to 32 users of an emergency via email or text message. Periodic internal data logs up to 64,000 time-stamped records.

SKF Maintenance Products ( launched its thermal camera TKTI 20. The camera uses infrared thermal imaging to simplify machine inspections. Maintenance technicians and experienced thermographers can use the camera to detect troublesome hotspots with the camera. Thermal and visual images are displayed on a LCD display. With the picture-in-picture mode, areas of interest are quickly located and the laser pointer helps to associate the display with the object of interest. Temperature range varies from -20 to 250°F.

Spectronics Corp.’s ( OPK-300BEZ/E leak detection kit contains items needed to locate all refrigerant leaks in medium to large air conditioning and refrigeration systems on the first application. The BigEZ™ dye injector assembly allows technicians to add the exact amount of fluorescent dye to HVACR systems by simply turning a handle. The Optimax™ 3000 cordless rechargeable leak detection flashlight has a power that is comparable to super-high intensity 150-W lamps, and it has an inspection range of up to 20 feet (6.1 meters), the company said. The unit has a 50,000-hour bulb life. The kit also includes the BigEZ 4-ounce universal dye cartridge, ac and dc battery chargers, dye cleaner, hose assembly with check valve, and low-loss fitting and fluorescence-enhancing glasses, in a rugged plastic carrying case.

Standex Electronics’ ( family of flood prevention switches (FPS) safeguards from condensate overflow buildup. Available in tee, elbow, and bracket-mounted designs, the switches are easy to install on either the main or auxiliary drain pipe. Rising water within the installation (caused by a clogged air conditioning condensate drain) triggers the switch to shut off the system, preventing water from overflowing. Standex FPS switches can be used in residential a/c installations as well as those found commercially within apartments, condominiums, and other multifamily housing, schools, universities, government facilities, etc. Installation is simple and flexible — with red or yellow wire connections. Multiple fittings are provided with each switch assembly to accommodate various installation requirements.

Superior Signal ( introduced a gooseneck attachment for its AccuTrak Ultrasonic Inspection System. The gooseneck attachment allows the AccuTrak to go into hard-to-reach places while it detects the ultrasonic sound created by turbulence and friction in industrial equipment. It can pinpoint compressed air leaks, vacuum leaks, refrigerant leaks, worn bearings, and internal leaks through valves and steam traps. To backup this system, Superior Signal incorporates six of the most recently issued patents in the field of ultrasonic inspection.

Testo Inc. ( introduced its new testo 570 refrigeration system analyzer with data storage. The 570 has a four-way valve block with four connections, four hose parkers, and sight glass. It does simultaneous superheating and subcooling calculations in real time using two external temperature probes. It also has integrated vacuum measurement to support system evacuation. It can be used for installing and troubleshooting all types of refrigeration, heat pumps, and a/c systems. For long-term or multiple measuring cycles, the 570 can be programmed and left to automatically collect and store data for up to 72 hours. It comes with newly updated EasyKool software and has 40 refrigerant profiles stored within the system.

Trerice ( showcased its Model 120 gas test gauge and 122 water test gauge. The gas gauge is 2 inches in size and has the capability to test up to 150°F. The wetted part is a bronze tube and brass socket, and the connection is a ¾-inch NPT female. The water gauge is 2½ inches in size and can test up to a maximum of 150°F.

Triatek ( introduced the HMS1650-Lite fume hood monitor and the FMS1650-Lite room pressure monitor. Designed for slightly different applications, both provide core monitoring capabilities without the additional expenses that are associated with fully networkable monitors and controllers. These units feature full-color, programmable touchscreens for information dissemination. If either unit exceeds the upper or lower limits, a visual and audible alarm notifies users.

Weiss Instruments Inc. ( displayed its light-powered digital process pressure gauges. They have a <10 Lux rating and 4-20 mA output. The user can select from four units of measure: psi, kPa, kg/cm2, or bar with corresponding vacuum, and can set reading in average of 1, 2, 4, and 8 seconds.


American Lokring Corp. ( showcased its Lokpress Lokring assembly tool. The axial pressing tool weighs only 2.4 kg, making one-handed operation easy and attainable, the company said. The unit features a high-pressure force of up to 23 kilonewtons (kN), a rotating head that can be swiveled 360°, and includes one assembly jaw that comes in two sizes. Three pairs of assembly jaws come in 12/16 mm, 19/22 mm, and 28/35 mm.

Attexor Clinch Systems SA ( launched the Spot Clinch® 0201IP V2 portable clinching machine. The clinching hand tool is designed for high-speed metal joining without fasteners. It is 100 percent pneumatic. More than two clinch joints per second are achieved in continuous production. It can be used for light gauge sheet metal products such as in HVAC and appliances. According to the manufacturer, this version is more suitable for certain applications with an angle or with plane surfaces.

Bell & Gossett’s ( System Syzer® is an HVAC tool that helps with system design. Version 4 employs a Windows® program and is available as a mobile application for the iPad® and iPhone® at iTunes® and the App Store. The application is made of several tools and is bundled with the Circuit Setter® & Triple Duty Valve calculator. It is for use during design to help predetermine valve settings and out in the field to determine flow through the valves based on pressure drop readings.

Bronz-Glow ( introduced its Contractor Canister Coating System, designed to protect all types of HVAC equipment including condenser, evaporator, and micro-channel coils, cabinets and compressors, insulation and galvanized duct, duct board and copper tubing, and anything affected by ultraviolet rays. The canisters come in 1-3 gallon sizes and are all self-contained. Each is reusable. A typical application using the M-20 canister would be covering a 5-ton condensing unit, copper tubing, and compressor — with enough product left over for another unit.

Burr Oak Tool Inc. ( exhibited its electric hairpin bender. The device is 185¼ inches long and weighs 5,000 pounds. The bender is 70 percent more productive, has a smaller factory footprint, boasts quicker tooling changes, and produces straighter legs and more consistent leg lengths. A touchscreen interface provides an improved setup time. The unit also offers a 7-second cycle time for 6-inch lengths.

ClenAir Manufacturing Inc. ( showed the Penetroil™ (Part # AK12) industrial super penetrating lubricant. It is specially formulated using new low surface tension technology to creep into the smallest cracks, crevices, seams, or threads of rusted, seized, and corroded metal parts. The powerful solvents then quickly dissolve the bonds of rust, corrosion, carbon deposits, gums, varnishes, and grease to loosen and free the metal parts. Penetroil displaces water and leaves a lubricating film on metals to prevent rust and corrosion. The lubricant has dielectric strength to 50,000 V. It comes in a 12-ounce (340 g) container.

Cliplight Mfg. ( updated the Super Seal Classic™ line by combining it with Dry R™ moisture eliminator and rebranding it Super Seal Advanced™. Combining into one application with Cliplight’s vacuum-packed can does away with moisture-eliminating system recovery or pump down, the company said. Super Seal Advanced installs in three to five minutes.

Comp Lift Residential ( uses a chain hoist to lift and lower residential compressors that are too heavy to lift by hand and/or units too tall to reach. It goes along with the company’s Comp Lift Commercial, which uses a hydraulic hoist and rolls the compressor out on twin aluminum channels.

EFD Induction Inc.’s ( Minac range of complete mobile induction systems is a ready-to-use system that only requires attaching a coil, connecting a supply voltage, and connecting cooling water. In models with closed cooling systems, only the supply voltage needs connecting. Once installed, the Minac’s clear, menu-based, and multilanguage control panel ensures ease of use. The simplified control/user interface is common to all Minac equipment. Many Minac models come in Twin versions offering two independent power outputs. The Twin versions feature split control panel displays — one for each power output.

Electro Static Technology-ITW ( showed the SGR uKIT, a shaft grounding ring kit with universal mounting brackets to allow universal mounting options to fit. The newest aspect is a Split uKit as an option.

Goodway Technologies ( introduced the Ram-Pro tube cleaner, billed as a contractor-grade rotary tube cleaning machine. The y roll cage protects the Ram-Pro at the job site and in the back of a crowded work truck, the company said.

Goss Inc. ( released its SwitchFire™ hand torch system. It features multiple, interchangeable tip options and a hot turbine flame. It uses MAP-Pro™ propylene propane fuel gas. The brass regulator and tips are made for rugged use. The regulator arm swivels 360°. Other tips available include the standard single tip, the small detail tip, the twin tip, and the tip end for GHT-TL. Also available is a push button igniter.

Gray Metal Products Inc. ( exhibited its Snap-Lock Pipe. The pipe is factory sealed and features a button lock with the male half contacting Gray Seal® sealant inside the female lock pocket. The pipe is operable at temperatures from -30 to 200°F; seals according to Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association (SMACNA) A, B, and C; and is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliant according to South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) rule 1168.

Gripnail Fastening Systems ( exhibited its SnapStik™ insulation hangers. The fasteners and self-locking washers are manufactured from low carbon galvanized steel. All spindles are 12-gauge and come in quantities of 100. Fasteners range in length from ¾-inch to 2½-inches and can hold up to 3 pounds.

Imperial Tools ( featured the TC-3050RH ratcheting tube cutter as part of its line of IMP® mini tube cutters. The tube cutter can be removed from the ratcheting handle. This model includes the TC-3050 IMP mini tube cutter for ⅛-inch to 1⅛-inch O.D. tubing, designed for use in tight spaces. Also featured was the 664-FH series of heavy-duty tube benders producing tight radius bends up to 180° and designed to bend tubing from soft copper up to hard stainless steel.

Knipex ( displayed the CoBolt® compact bolt cutters, Style 3. This model has a recess in the blade, which allows easier cutting of thicker wires, e.g., for anchor bolts in false ceilings.

Also, the company showed the American style Lineman’s pliers, Model 09 11 240. It has a polished head with nonslip plastic coated handles. The pliers have a fish tape puller in the joint gap, with universal mandrel crimping point below the joint. It has long cutting edges for cutting flat cable.

Ludeca Inc. ( introduced its Levalign® Expert leveling measuring system with automatic rotating laser. Levalign provides an accurate and easy-to-use method for the measurement of flatness and straightness of machine bases and foundations, split machine casings, as well as flatness and parallelism of circular, rectangular, and odd-shaped flanges. The surface profile of the measured component is displayed with full color 3-D graphics for better evaluation of the results. The device is ideal for maintenance departments, field service crews, contractors, and OEMs.

Malco Products Inc. ( introduced its Mighty-Right™ right angle impact driver and its Pex stapler. The driver is useful in driving or removing sheet metal screws in tight spaces and blind spots. A unique LED light integrated into the bit area sight line features a separate on/off switch. Device capacity is 1,400 rpm and 140-inch-pounds of torque. The stapler efficiently secures Pex tubing to either a wooden subfloor base or a base of foamboard, used with in-floor radiant heating system installations. The unit is able to secure ⅜-, ½-, or ⅝-inch Pex to a 1-inch foamboard base. Larger models are available for larger foamboard applications.

Metu-Streimer ( introduced its Big Willy hollow shank power nut driver. The driver is 9/16-inch in size and fits ⅜-inch SAE nuts, bolts, anchors, and redi-rods. Three lengths are available; a 3-inch shank for nuts and bolts, a 6-inch shank for anchors, and a 12-inch unit for redi-rods.

Ningbo Refrigeration Tool Manufacturing Co. Ltd. ( exhibited its self-lighting hand torch RTM-027. The RTM-027 is designed for propane or methylacetylene-propadiene propane (MAPP) and features a tip that swivels 360°. The unit is best applied in the field of chemical, refrigeration, household electric appliances, and jewel crafting.

Nu-Tec Systems ( showed its new lightning saw. The electronic metal cutting torch produces a cutting arc of electrically charged ionized air. The arc is as wide as a human hair and less than 1 inch in length. It cuts through multiple types of metal without using gases. The tool plugs into a standard 115-volt outlet and weighs approximately 29 pounds. It cuts without disturbing a painted surface and leaves a clean, smooth-to-the-touch edge.

Research Products ( featured the Series S paint arrestors. The product combines RP paint arrestors with a proprietary media to achieve over 99.5 percent efficiency, the company said. The company also noted that the Series S has an initial pressure drop of 0.17 inches of water column.

Ritchie Engineering ( showcased the Hydraulic Tube Expander Kit for expanding tubing with ease, eliminating fittings, and saving time and money, the company said. Hydraulic power is used, and it is lightweight and portable. The kit includes several expander heads, a tube cutter, and a reamer in a carrying case.

Spectronics Corp.’s ( Spectroline® TES-31 tamper-evident straps eliminate refrigerant cross-contamination in air conditioning and refrigeration systems and recovery equipment. It secures the service port from contamination. The straps ensure that the a/c or refrigeration system has not been contaminated with a foreign refrigerant, which can affect system performance and longevity. It also guards against unqualified repairs and costly callbacks. To install, position the strap over the service port, tighten the strap, and trim the excess; no special tools are needed. To complete the installation, apply the label provided and record the unique serial number found on the strap.

Supreme Industries ( showcased its TapeMaster™ and Turbo Crimper tools. The TapeMaster is a foil tape dispenser that utilizes a secondary take-up reel. The device removes the paper release liner and applies tape in a smooth application. The Turbo Crimper allows metal to be crimped quickly and efficiently. The lightweight tool attaches to a ¼-inch impact driver and can crimp 22- to 30-gram mild steel without adjustment.

TerraLux Inc.’s ( InfiniStar LED flashlight comes in two models: the InfiniStar DR and the InfiniStar CR. The high-lumen modular LED head is fully upgradeable, so that the user can keep the flashlight when new technologies and head options are available. The DR model features a Li-ion battery and the CR model is equipped with a 3.6-V Ni-MH battery. Both models are rechargeable. The charge port for the battery on both models is protected from the elements when not in use. The units have a two-plus-hour run time. The CR Model features 300 lumens and two color options are offered: black and orange. The DR Model features 1,000/500/<100 lumens and comes in black.

Thomas C. Wilson ( introduced the Wills-Away™ WAW-1500 electric tube cleaning system, designed for cleaning straight tubes in fire tube boilers, air heaters, and other pressure vessels with a 1½- to 4½-inch outer diameter. The system utilizes a high speed rotation (1725 rpm) of the expanding heavy-duty brush shaft and casing, removing soot and scale. Each kit includes an electric drive unit and all accessories and tools required for thorough tube cleaning.

Tridan International Inc. ( showed the Model BFT-1, a bell, flare, and trim tool. It is a multistep tool that can be used in conjunction with an array of drivers, from a conventional electric drill motor to a multihead spindle mounted on an X-Y axis table. The tool forms a bell for insertion of a return bend or inlet/outlet tube, then forms the flare for good solder filler, and then trims the tube to length for the proper extension from the end sheet.

TurboTorch ( displayed nitrogen purging equipment consisting of a nitrogen purge kit, purge kit components, pressure regulators, portable tote kits, and flow meters.

TVM Building Products ( displayed the Twisted Top. It is a 360° twistable nozzle that can make applying silicone, etc., easier in hard-to-reach places, such as awkward angles, around shelves and unmovable objects, and in and around small corners. The nozzle can replace all detachable nozzles.

Vermette Machine Co. Inc. ( showed its Adjust-A-Lift material handling lift that adjusts to the job. It can be used at hospitals, hotels, and other facilities that need to install, remove, and periodically service ice and water dispensers, restaurant, and other equipment. The lifting platform manually adjusts to any position within 11¼ and 22½ inches wide, and length can be extended from 17 to 24½ inches. The base front rails manually adjust to any position within 9 to 21 inches wide. The 4-inch foot-activated floor brake holds the lift firmly in place. It has a capacity of up to 400 pounds and a lifting height to 67¼ inches.

Publication date: 02/13/2012