Enershield Air Barriers’( Thermalshield is an electrically heated air barrier designed for areas with inadequate heat and issues with outside air infiltration. It can help to seal an opening while circulating heat to a troubling area for additional comfort. It also can help to supply heat to areas by a doorway or opening in colder climates, and can operate without the heat in warmer weather, providing a seal year-round. It can be used for drive-through windows, restaurants, retail facilities, office or residential buildings, etc. The models - TS-24, TS-36, TS-48, and TS-72 - all have a range of 1,670-1,870 fpm. Depending on the model, the cfm ranges from 530-1,730, and the dB ranges from 53-60. Units come in 2, 3, 4, and 6-foot lengths; multiple units can be positioned in line for larger width openings.


APCby Schneider Electric ( launched the EcoBreeze™, a modular indirect evaporative and air-to-air heat exchanger cooling solution. The EcoBreeze has the ability to switch automatically between air-to-air and indirect evaporative heat exchange to consistently provide cooling to data centers. Its design is able to reduce energy consumption by leveraging temperature differences between outside ambient air, compared to IT return air, to provide economized cooling to the data center. The unit has a proportional R-410a refrigerant system as well as an onboard water treatment system.

The FXV closed circuit cooling towers fromBaltimore Aircoil( offers up to 34 percent higher thermal performance, the company said, than the current design, with low process fluid pressure drops and allows for more heat rejection.

MistAmerica( introduced the Mist360™ outdoor fan, which incorporates misting into a fan that disperses the mist in a 360-degree pattern. The fan works well in areas that previously were somewhat off-limits to misting - where humidity is high and the temperature is above the 86°F (30°C) range. It hangs like a ceiling fan and can be customized to match almost any décor. The fan can reduce summer heat by up to 30°F and raise winter temperatures by up to 20°.

ScaleBlaster( highlighted its new chemical-free treatment system for cooling towers. The Electronic Descaling System produces a complex modulating frequency waveform that hits the resonant frequency of the calcium molecules, causing them to lose their adhesive properties. This results in removal of existing scale and prevents new scale formation. In addition, the system virtually eliminates algae, biofilm, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Seeley International Climate Wizard

Seeley International( Climate Wizard is an indirect evaporative air conditioner. Climate Wizard can be used on its own, for stand-alone cooling, or in conjunction with refrigerated systems. An approach called “cold front cooling” involves installing a Climate Wizard in front of refrigerated systems to pre-cool the air, which cuts energy use significantly. According to the company, the Climate Wizard uses the same amount of power no matter how hot it gets outside - with no moisture added through the cooling process.

Climate Wizard has already been installed in a range of applications in Australia and the UK, from data centers and food processing plants to community spaces and offices. A residential unit is in the final stages of field trials and will be available commercially within the next year or so.

Spec-Air( evaporative air-handling equipment is available as indirect, direct, and energy-recovery units; high EER packaged rooftop units; and outside air and condenser precoolers that can be customized for the application. Stage one, the direct evaporative module, with a rating of 2,500-100,000 cfm, is built as a stand-alone or to fit a custom air handler, and stage 2 indirect and indirect/direct evaporative modules come as 2,500- to 35,000-cfm single modules and 30,000- to 70,000-cfm double modules.

McQuay International AGZ-D


Carrier( announced that it offers a seismic compliant package in accordance with the California Office of Statewide Health and Planning Development to select water- and air-cooled chillers and rooftops. The option is available for a number of Carrier products.

Johnson Controls( York® YVAA air-cooled variable-speed screw chiller can be tailored and tuned to offer superior efficiency, reduced sound, and greater sustainability.

Featuring low kW/Ton at both full-load design and off-design conditions, the YVAA chiller ensures efficient operation under all operating conditions. The YVAA chiller also offers flexible energy consumption, with design efficiencies up to 11.6 EER. The unit can also be configured to deliver an integrated part load value (IPLV) up to 19.8 EER.

In addition to a variety of sound-attenuation options, the YVAA offers its SilentNight™ feature, which works with a BAS (or programmable control) to load-limit the chiller when noise reduction is a priority. When optimized for sound performance, the YVAA chiller can reduce ambient noise by as much as 16 dBA at off-design conditions.

The YVAA chiller uses HFC-134a refrigerant, which has no phase-out date and an ozone-depletion potential of zero. Fewer joints and potential leak points keep the refrigerant inside the system, while a proprietary falling-film evaporator and advanced microchannel condenser coils reduce the refrigerant charge by as much as 15 percent. Water, too, is handled responsibly, since no cooling tower is required. And because power generation is a major water consumer, the high efficiency of the YVAA chiller conserves water.

McQuay International( introduced the AGZ-D family of air cooled scroll chillers, available in 25-190 ton capacities for use in small- to mid-sized building retrofits and new construction applications. The chillers feature a sound pressure rating as low as 60 dBA without attenuation, use R-410A, and can exceed the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 for efficiency.

Multistack ASP75T

Multistack( introduced the ASP75T flooded air-cooled chiller, which features FRM redundant controls for critical cooling, MagLev™ technology, FlexSys/Optix controls, and single-point water and power connections. The company also displayed its new VME™ II packaged four-pipe heat pump system, which features a single refrigeration lift for 30 percent better efficiency. The system has no reversing valves and is available in 10- to 85-ton modules. The new ASP60X Aero Thermal modular air-to-water system was also on display, which can be installed in a two- or four-pipe system. The unit features three times the cost savings compared to natural gas and is available in 10- to 60-ton sizes.

Technical Systems/RAE Corp.( displayed its new energy efficient chiller system that satisfies building LEED requirements and reduces energy consumption. The system features an integrated economizer coil, which allows ambient air to provide the free cooling effect by reducing the number of hours that the mechanical cooling system must operate. The variable flow screw chiller has integral pumps that deal with fluctuating loads throughout the operating cycle. The system is also equipped with multiple compressor circuits and back-up pumps.


McQuay International( introduced its Delivered VAV systems, said to provide more consistent room temperature. The complete system makes the benefits of VAV simpler and more affordable for those who own, construct, maintain, and occupy small- and medium-sized buildings, the company said.

Royal Service Group( highlighted its new FPP Series parallel flow fan-powered terminal units, which modulate primary air in response to cooling demand. This energizes the integral fan in sequence to deliver induced air to meet heating demand. ECM models are available, which can provide 30 to 60 percent energy savings. Control applications can also be added to enhance control of the airflow supply.


Bard( had a variable capacity environmental control vertical package offering climate control for temperatures from -40° to 131°F. It is designed to operate on any voltage and frequency power supply.

Beckhoff Automation( introduced the CX5000 Embedded PC series with a robust and compact magnesium housing. The series offers a wide range of communication options through integrated I/O and system interfaces. Optional master/slave fieldbus and communication interfaces enable flexible integration in subordinate or higher-level systems. While utilizing Intel® Atom™ technology, the CX5000 can deliver up to 1.6 GHz processing power.

CAN2GO(www.can2go) embedded BAS IP web interface is a building management system (BMS) that requires no gateway, external server, or software. The IP web-based interface is hosted directly by CAN2GO controllers, each of which has several embedded servers, including a BACnet server, and all the necessary components (storage and RAM) to run a powerful building automation interface. Contractors only have to connect their network of CAN2GO controllers to the LAN to gain local or remote (via virtual private network) access to the interface using a web browser.

Carel USA’s( pCO5 is a programmable controller for multiple applications in air conditioning and refrigeration. The integration of the electronic expansion valve driver with ultra cap technology guarantees the valve is closed in the event of power failures. This eliminates the need for the solenoid valve that was previously required to guarantee closing of the circuit if no battery module was available, said the company. The controller offers powerful and distributed control due to the five serial lines, allowing management of smart actuators such as drivers for compressors with dc inverter technology, brushless fans (EC fans), centrifugal compressors, variable flow-rate pumps, serial sensors, wireless probes, heat meters, and other products.

Echelon( introduced its Building Energy Management Solution (BEM) which emphasizes system monitoring as a key for building owners and managers to become more energy efficient, save on energy costs, and get closer to building a better, more green organization.

The BEM combines simplicity, low cost, and ease of installation to achieve energy savings and, over time, serves as the basis for creating a monitoring and control solution to integrate analytics with the automation system. It is comprised of three major components: Echelon’s i.LON® SmartServer that connects building to grid; SeriousEnergy’s Manager energy analytics software-as-a-service; and sub-meters from leading companies.

“The issue in the past with building energy management systems has been the difficulty to deploy,’ said Echelon’s Anders Axelsson. “With Echelon’s Building Energy Management solution, we have implemented an ‘auto deployment’ application. This means that now an integrator can get a fully functional energy management solution up and running in minutes and fast deployment means fast results.”

FieldServer Technologies( QuickServer is a cost-effective, fully configurable, powerful gateway that incorporates the power of FieldServer. QuickServer is delivered standard with two protocol drivers, including BACnet/IP, BaCnet MS/TP, LonWorks, JCI Metasys N2, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU or SNMP. The low-cost QuickServer makes it easy to interface the most common building automations products, and it is BTL marked.

Hays Cleveland( introduced its UPAC™ package, which provides facility control, monitoring, and communications, with the accuracy, speed, and advanced capabilities expected in high-end PLC and PC automation products. Boiler plant and other facility operations are integrated into one platform. Its modular approach provides virtually unlimited capability. Components include a touch screen, control unit, and modules for analog and digital I/O.

Honeywell( Delphi combustion efficiency panel is a single, pre-wired combustion panel that integrates flame safeguard control, fuel air ratio control, O2 trim, variable-frequency drive (VFD), and proportional integral derivative (PID) controls. Delphi improves burner efficiency, enhances safety, and reduces installation costs.

The easy-to-use touchscreen display and the embedded commissioning and control software, significantly reduce the amount of time needed to configure the fuel-air ratio and O2 trim, enabling installers to get businesses back-up and running quickly.

ICM Controls( highlighted the new SC900V SimpleComfort® non-programmable fan coil thermostats, which are ideal for fan coil or baseboard applications. The thermostats offer auto or manual changeover flexibility with a pipe sensor for seasonal changeover, occupancy sensing, and remote room temperature sensing capabilities. The company also displayed the new SC700V SimpleComfort fan coil thermostat, which can be utilized in four-pipe heat/cool systems.

Johnson Controls( Central Plant Optimization™10 (CPO 10) and Central Plant Optimization™30 (CPO 30) system-level automation software enables maximum efficiency in chilled water plants.

Powered by the Johnson Controls Metasys® building management system, CPO 10 leverages tested and documented logic and standard programs to control the sequencing of pumps, isolation valves, and chilled water plant equipment, while maintaining the timing delays for safe and stable operation. Ideal for new construction projects as well as upgrades to existing buildings, CPO 10 works with virtually all types of central plants and can achieve up to 15 percent in energy savings over a standard automation approach in an otherwise identical plant.

CPO 30 powered by OptimumHVAC™ incorporates a software application from Optimum Energy that continuously optimizes central chilled water plant operation to achieve peak energy efficiency and performance. Every 30 seconds, the software automatically gathers current operating and building load data from the BAS. The application then applies relational control algorithms to calculate optimal system operation, and directs control sequences back to the BAS for execution. CPO 30 is proven to provide stable, reliable, and persistent energy reductions of 20 to 60 percent in existing plants when coupled with plant upgrades.

Marathon Special Products( released a new addition to their section terminal block offering. The new 7/16-inch sectional terminal blocks comply to UL and CSA standards and include versatile capabilities such as use with multiple wires and with flexible stranded wire classes. The small profile blocks accommodate lugged or bare wires up to 40 amp and feature a robust design that allows them to withstand abuse. They are designed for industrial control panels, where flexibility of circuit design is necessary.

Reliable Controls( MACH-ProWeb™ series of BACnet® Building Controllers are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of a BACnet® operator workstation. The MACH-ProWeb™ controllers are fully programmable with a built-in web server and flexible web operator interface. Integration into the Reliable Controls® MACH-System is seamless; users can program the MACH-ProWeb™ point database, Control-BASIC sequence, and graphics just as they would for any other Reliable Controls product, then drag and drop the resource files using the MACH-ProWeb Tools™ to easily build a web interface. The MACH-ProWeb™ interface provides total functionality required for day-to-day building operations. Using a standard browser (IE 8, Firefox 3, Chrome 5, Safari 5, or higher) on a PC or Mac, the user simply enters the URL of the MACH-ProWeb™ and navigates through the system to access and print point values, alarms, schedules, trend logs, runtime logs, and audit trails.

Tridium( JACE NXT is a Windows-based, fully configurable, high performance controller configured with the full functions of the Niagara Framework®. This unit is perfect for large facilities, multi-building facilities, and large-scale control system integrations. It supports multiple applications, including building automation, security, video, lighting control, and power management, on the same platform.

In addition, Tridium unveiled a new Sedona Wireless Survey Kit. The kit allows system integrators to survey the RF environment in order to plan for future system installations. It includes a collection of four end-node devices as well as two RF routers and a pre-built application hosted from a JACE that captures long-term information about the RF environment. Analysis results are provided to the user through a graphical web-based interface.

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc. TT400 380V


Bitzer( showed a number of compressors at its booth. The CSH Series are semi-hermetic compact screw compressors. The Octagon CO2 transcritical semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors are designed for refrigeration applications. The CSW Series semi-hermetic compact screw compressors can be used in water-cooled chillers. The Ecoline Series for R-134a are semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors. A 40-ton size was added to the Orbit 8 R-410A hermetic scroll compressor line.

Danfoss Turbocor Compressors Inc.( announced the pre-release of the TT400 380V 50Hz and 60Hz. Similar to other TT series compressors, the models are oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic-bearing centrifugal compressors. Using HFC-134a, the compressors deliver part-load and full-load efficiencies with a small footprint. The soft-starting compressors also feature low vibration, quiet operation, and intelligent controls, the company said.

Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. Copeland Scroll with CoreSense Communications

Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.( launched its Copeland® compressor electronics platform, CoreSense™. It uses the compressor as a sensor, and includes onboard modules for selecting new compressor lines. It senses and interprets information found inside the compressor, providing new levels of diagnostics, protection, and communication.

Tecumseh Products Co.( introduced its AE2, a next-generation compressor, for the global commercial refrigeration market. It will support HFC (R-134a and -404A) as well as hydrocarbon refrigerants such as R-290 (propane) and R-600a (isobutene). These are expected to be authorized for use in commercial and residential U.S. applications in the near future.


Air Device Products(ADP, displayed many new products including access door products, flex duct, spiral duct, dampers, louvers, roof exhausts.

Air Quality Engineering( showed a kitchen exhaust air cleaning system with Autoclean, a self wash cycle to eliminate filter replacement and electrostatic precipitator cell cleaning.

The Airtec Products Corp.( offers the MH Tuffbox, a one-piece molded polymer register box/stepped collar combination designed specifically for conventional metal diffusers. It is an alternative to seamed metal register boxes for new construction air distribution applications. Each model has a steeped collar design offering a choice of three round duct diameter sizes. A beaded rim on the quick breakaway collars helps hold flexible duct in place and speed the fastening process.

The company also offers butterfly dampers with a built-in virtually airtight permanent gasket for commercial and residential ventilation systems. Available in the MV and GRD Series diffusers, the polymer damper features a rubber gasket that, when shut off, allows virtually no air passage, according to airflow tests. It is available in two sizes for the 6- and 8-inch MV Series ceiling diffuser and the 8-inch GRD Series diffusers.

American Louver Co.( launched its “innovative” new product, the Sight-Guard Grille, which blocks the view of objects in walls and ceilings. The Grille is made up of Eggcrate, angled at 45 degrees to prevent see-throughs from three different directions. Traditional Eggcrate is not angled. When installed in the ceiling, the angled blades point to the nearest wall. When installed in walls, the angled blades point to the ceiling. Some of the features include the egg crate is locked into frame channel to prevent rattling or squeaking; all aluminum construction; smooth, even finish around frame; sealed corner seams; and micro-welded neck corners.

Blue Duct Underground Ducting System

Blue Duct( featured its new completely engineering Underground Ducting System. The system can be used in both residential (3 inch to 18 inch) and commercial/industrial (20 inch to 36 inch) applications.

The system has several features including: below flood approval; UL-181 Section 11 (no mold growth); Los Angeles, California approved; Calgary, Saskatchewan approved; LEED qualified material; small carbon footprint; and non-toxic and corrosion resistant.

In addition, the Blue Duct meets all SMACNA seal classes, is self-insulated at 95 percent efficiency, and installs in less time than other ducting systems.

“It’s safe to go back underground’ is the slogan for the AHR-Expo newcomer, The BlueDuct,” said Blue Duct’s Jim Lubratt. “The product is an R-10 self-insulated, HDPE, recyclable underground duct which boasts ease of assembly and meets most code approvals. The product is currently available in sizes up to 36 inches, but the company says they have plans to go larger.”

Calectro AB( has introduced its new Uniguard® UG-5 duct smoke detector. The company describes it as “revolutionary” and an upgrade to its product line known for being the “first smoke detectors in the world that use only one venture tube.”

Its newly developed detector housing makes installation easy and quick, due to its compact shape. The detector head contains an intelligent controlling circuit for optimal function.

“This easy-to-install, one-tube solution has four possible ways of installation and has an automatic sensitivity adjustment,” said Calectro AB’s Benny Strand.

CertainTeed Corp.( introduced WideWrap™, a new fiberglass duct wrap product with 5-foot width. WideWrap duct wrap is designed to work perfectly with 5-foot duct sections, eliminating the need for additional fabrications that result in more time and money. The company also displayed its first high temperature (HT) blanket insulation, which features a minimum of 60 percent recycled content and is approved for applications up to 1,000°F. The HT blanket can be applied directly to any hot surface and brings exceptional thermal and acoustical performance to industrial equipment, panel systems, pipe fittings, vessels, boilers, and tanks.

rFoil™ ( BIG-8 Reflective Bubble Duct Insulation, manufactured byCovertech Fabricating Inc., has been designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss in residential and commercial duct applications. rFoil also helps control condensation by providing an airtight thermal break around ductwork.

In August 2010, BIG-8 received an evaluation report from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) that it meets code requirements. The ICC-ES reports provide a basis for using rFoil BIG-8 in construction projects following the 2009 International Mechanical Code.

“rFOIL Big-8 Reflective Insulation is the ideal alternative to traditional R-8 fiber-based duct wrap,” said Kelly Myers of Covertech Fabricating Inc. “It is clean and itch-free, thin and lightweight, and easier to handle and install than regular fiber duct wraps. Made from multiple layers of high-strength poly bubble and radiant barrier metalized foil, rFOIL Big-8 provides the added thermal benefit of highly reflective/low-emittance surfaces.

“Additionally, rFOIL Big-8 provides an outstanding vapor/condensation barrier, will not harbor moisture, mold or fungi, and will not degrade or lose its thermal value over time.”

Ductmate® Industries Inc.( showcased its GreenSeam+ complete pre-sealed snaplock pipe system. The pipe is supplied with a pre-installed butyl gasket that, once snapped together, is self-sealing, requiring no additional sealing of the longitudinal seam or transverse joint. It can be used high-efficiency residential and light commercial duct systems that are being designed to conform to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and other green building initiatives.

DuctSox SkeleCore™

DuctSox( featured SkeleCore™, the new in-duct cylindrical tensioning device (CTD) that eliminates sagging and wrinkling. This fabric duct CTD maintains an inflated appearance - even during idle air handler periods - and eliminates the “popping” sound associated with equipment start-up. The company also featured SimpleSox™, a new field-adjustable, modular, configurable fabric air dispersion system for smaller, non-plan/specification ventilation applications. KitchenSox™ was also highlighted, as a flow-through fabric ceiling diffuser that offers restaurants, commercial foodservice operations, and industrial food plants a solution to improve heat and grease capture for exhaust hoods.

DurkeeSox( introduced its flexible air dispersion system, which is made of high-tech fabric and replaces traditional air ducts, diffusers, and insulation. Accessories include a cable suspension system that is convenient to install, as well as an aluminum track suspension system.

Ecco Manufacturing( displayed its new spiral elbows, which feature airtight four-ply lock seam construction and low friction loss. These elbows meet SMACNA gauge requirements, as well as leakage Class 3 for 10-inch w.g. duct construction class in a sample test section. No sealant is required on these elbows, other than where attached to the spiral duct. This results in labor savings.

Gripple( highlighted its Trapeze Fastener System, which provides quick and easy suspension of pre-fabricated units in a single- or multi-tiered configuration. The system is suitable for low-void ceilings and can be used with standard Gripple hangers for multi-tiered installations.

Hart & Cooley Inc.( showed its Smart™ flow elbow. It is a radius-forming brace designed to form flexible duct into highly efficient 90-degree elbows. One size fits 4- to 16-inch flex duct. It can be use for residential and commercial installation and for new and retrofit applications. It is made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Imperial Manufacturing Group( showed the 4-inch duct connector kit, which is used to join two lengths of 4-inch duct together. A package contains one 4-inch galvanized connector and two worm gear clamps.

The company’s 4-inch universal pest guard keeps birds and rodents out of a dryer or bathroom fan exhaust vent. The 4-inch vent cap has a wide-mouth anti-gust hood design and a hinged access guard for easy cleaning.

Johns Manville( launched a new line of fiber glass air-handling products: the JM EQ. The products contain a formaldehyde-free resin for improved indoor air quality, offer higher noise attenuation and thermal efficiency performance, and integrate EPA-registered antimicrobial agents that protect against mold development.

Kinetics Noise Control Inc.( care) displayed Model QuakeLoc cable restraint kit. The restraint kit is designed to be used for various applications in the field, such as for ductwork, piping, and equipment. It is available in 15-foot lengths and up to ¼-inch cable diameter.

MultiCam( showcased its new V-Series CNC Plasma, which is capable of cutting mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. The V-Series is designed for those on a budget and is offered in a variety of popular table formats. It comes standard with Hypertherm plasma cutting torch technology.

Namcor( introduced the SideLiner double wall insulating system, which has a 600-pound capacity and allows the ability to insulate 10- to 36-inch spiral duct and up to 60 inches with an adapter. The machine can easily be moved around the shop and used for a variety of operations, including flange installation. The company also highlighted its new checker plate design spiral pipe, which can only be manufactured on Sidewinder spiral pipe machines.

PureFiber™ technology is the latest fromOwens Corning(www It is made with natural materials and a formaldehyde-free formulation. It integrates with the company’s fiberglass insulation, which uses a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer recycled content and 50 percent total recycled content.

Ritchie Engineering Yellow Jacket Division( featured a heat pump manifold in which each gauge reads up to 800 psi. The high and low side gauges read heat pump pressures and transitions in heating and cooling mode.

Security Chimneys Intl. Secure Seal™

Security Chimneys Intl.( announced the launch of its Secure Seal™ line of venting systems. Available in both single and double wall construction, Secure Seal is a factory-built Special Gas Vent designed for Category I, II, III and IV gas-fired appliances having a maximum flue temperature of 550°F. Secure Seal venting systems are manufactured from AL29-4C®, a super-ferritic stainless steel designed for extreme resistance to corrosion. On double wall systems, the casing is manufactured from type 441 stainless steel to provide long-lasting performance and stability. A 1-inch air space separates the flue from the casing.

Shurtape( cold temperature foil tapes are equipped to handle dramatic temperature changes, ranging from 20° below to 260°F. The cold temperature toils are designed to form an air- and water-tight seal on all joints and seams.

Spunstrand( duct silencers are ASTM E477-tested sound silencers designed for use with code-approved, direct-bury underslab ductwork. Spunstrand Fibersonic Silencers are manufactured from filament-wound fiberglass-reinforced plastic and are structurally designed for direct burial and corrosion resistance in most soil conditions. According to the company, this product is unique because it has the highest sound insertion losses of any fiberglass-reinforced plastic silencer, and because only a short piece of duct can silence more effectively than if the entire duct system was sound lined. The elimination of glass sound lining takes out the possibility of eroding glass fibers, wet glass collapsing, and holding moisture that can grow mold or fungus. The entire system is clean, quiet, less expensive, and permanent.

An 8-inch diameter probe of the IAQ-TEK outdoor air volume system fromTek-Air Systems( is dimpled like a golf ball, allowing it to capture airflow at velocities as low as 75 fpm. A straight run in ductwork is not required, the company said.

Unico System( had small-duct central heating and air conditioning, tubing paired with a new threaded outlet. The 2.5-inch tubing can deliver up to 50 cfm, with the same sound level as a standard 2-inch outlet but with more airflow.


Nu-Air Ventilation( is showcasing its Nu-Air Enerboss 400C Integrated HRV Air Handler, which it nicknamed: “Complete System, Total Comfort.” Home and building owners will notice energy savings via the Enerboss electricity-saving ECM motors.

It is compatible with any fuel source including oil, gas, or electric. Heat generator options include boilers, tanks, and instantaneous water heaters.

“Combining heating, cooling, and recovery ventilation, the 400C is the only vertical fan coil to feature an entire mechanical room in a footprint less than 20x20 inches,” said Nu-Air’s Greg Caldwell. “As with all Nu-Air integrated products, the 400C saves time and money in design, purchasing, installation, operation, and service.”

Soler & Palau USA( introduced the TR Series ERV for all climates. With the TR ERV, stale room air is exhausted and fresh outdoor air is brought back into the house. These two airstreams are directed through a highly developed air-to-air energy exchange core. The airstreams are physically separated by many layers of plates, so there is no mixing or contamination of the fresh air. The plates are made of an engineered resin material that simultaneously transfers heat by conduction and humidity by attracting and moving water vapor from one airstream to another.

Honeywell R7284U Universal Digital Oil Primary control


Honeywell( R7284U Universal Digital Oil Primary control with built-in diagnostic display allows an oil service technician to determine the root cause of a lockout, as well as access every setting and diagnostic feature of the control without having to use additional tools. The R7284U provides detailed historical information about the control from daily performance to system failure. It also offers complete universality by allowing for field configuration of the lockout time and delay on and off times. The easy-to-read screen is also programmable in English, Spanish, and French.

Honeywell also introduced the W8735G EnviraLINK™ gateway system enabling remote diagnostics, system alerts, and appliance run-time-based fuel tank monitoring. The W3785G communicates with all EnviraCOM™ controls, which collect run-time data and system alerts and report them to the EnviraLINK™ central server. Oil dealers can access updated messages via e-mail, fax or a secure, password-protected website.

In addition, the new W8735S Indoor Temperature Accessory Kit, an indoor temperature sensing device, is designed to communicate high- and low-temperature conditions directly to the EnviraLINK™ gateway system, alerting the technician if thresholds are surpassed.

Midea( highlighted its new 80 percent AFUE single-stage gas furnace, which features a quiet variable-speed circulation blower and hot surface ignition. The 34-inch high furnace has an aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger with a lifetime limited warranty, as well as a furnace control board with self-diagnostics. Designed for multi-position installation, including upflow, downflow, horizontal left or right, all models are convertible to use LP gas.


Dow Chemical( introduced Dowfrost™ Geo 20 heat transfer fluid, which is a ready-to-use, inhibited propylene glycol-based fluid specially formulated for geothermal heat pump systems. The fluid is formulated with 20 percent propylene glycol by volume to provide excellent heat transfer efficiency in geothermal service. The concentration level is important as it results in a relatively low fluid viscosity that enhances pumpability while minimizing energy use. Dowfrost Geo 20 has a low order of toxicity, is readily biodegradable, and is a safe alternative to methanol and ethanol.

Houghton Chemical Corp.( displayed GeoSafe®, an ethyl alcohol-based fluid specifically formulated for geothermal systems. The antifreeze fluid is used in colder climates to offer freeze protection while providing a high level of heat transfer capability. It contains an inhibitor package to provide corrosion protection as well as freeze point depression. The fluid is nontoxic, though has a bittering agent to render it undrinkable by humans and animals, said the company. It is available as a full-strength, undiluted fluid or as a 235 percent premixed solution GeoSafe 25. The fluid is available in 5-gallon sizes and up and can be used for residential or commercial installations.

TheRehau( Ecoair™ ground-air heat exchange system takes advantage of consistently moderate ground temperatures to precondition incoming fresh air, thus improving indoor air ventilation while also reducing heating and cooling costs. Prior to entering the indoor ventilation system, fresh air is pre-warmed with ground heat 5 to 7 feet (1.5 to 2 meters) below the earth’s surface in winter, and pre-cooled with cooler ground temperatures in the summer. It can be designed to lower relative humidity during periods of cooling, and eliminate defrost cycles in heat recovery ventilators (HRV), ensuring a continuous supply of fresh ventilation air. During the defrost cycle, an HRV supplies heat to defrost the heat exchanger or goes into a recirculation mode during which fresh outside air is not being supplied to the building.

The company’s Raugeo™ geothermal ground loop exchange system is a sealed, closed-loop pipe system that circulates a heat transfer fluid below the earth’s surface to the geothermal heat pump. When heating, the system collects and concentrates heat from the ground and delivers it to the building. When cooling, excess heat is removed from the building and dispersed into the ground. It is composed of Raugeo PEXa pipe, Everloc® fittings, geothermal manifolds, and a horizontal or vertical ground loop heat exchanger.

Roth( highlighted its new water-to-air RXT Series and water-to-water RWT Series of geothermal heat pumps. The RXT Series utilizes two-stage compressor technology and ECM blower motors to deliver comfort in five sizes, ranging from 2 to 6 tons. The RWT Series is ideal for radiant floor and snow-melt applications and is available in eight sizes, ranging from 2 to 12 tons. Both Series feature digital controls and optional desuperheaters. GeoAnalyst® design software is available to assist in the sizing and selection of the geothermal heat pumps.

TheWaterFurnace International Inc.( Versatec Ultra Series is a small horizontal cabinet replacement commercial water-source heat pump (WSHP). It is available in sizes from ¾ to 6 tons. It can replace a 1980s-2000s WSHP. The safety alarms for high pressure, low pressure, high-level condensate, and freezestat. It comes standard with PSC blower motor with the option of an ECM blower motor.


Ace Coil( noted that it has repackaged in colors its range of detergent based, acid foaming, alkaline non-acid foaming, and eco-friendly coil cleaners.

American Wheatley(www. offers shell and tube heat exchangers available in sizes 4-30 inches. Pressure ratings up to 150 psig for tubes and shells are standard; pressure ratings for tubes of 400 psig and for shells of 250 psig are optional. The heat exchangers are available in two-, four-, and six-pass construction. Steam-to-liquid and liquid-to-liquid units are available.

The company’s plate and frame heat exchangers have design pressures from 150 to 400 psig. Features include gaskets with nitrite (NBR), EPDM, or Viton; welded cassette; double wall plate designs; 2°F approach temperatures, and modular construction. The heat exchangers are copper or nickel brazed stainless steel units. The company’s brazed plate heat exchangers have 316 stainless steel plates, double wall designs, and port sizes up to 4 inches.

Bronz-Glow Protective Coatings( highlighted its new Contractor Canister Coating System, which is a self-contained system that can provide protective coatings at a reasonable price. The canister is self-contained and re-usable on more than one job. The M-20 canister contains enough Green Fin Protector to easily coat a 5-ton condensing unit, the copper tubing, and the compressor. The portable system is easy to use and cleans up quickly.

Copper Development Association( introduced MicroGroove™ technology, which describes the use of smaller diameter copper tubes with inner grooves in the design and manufacture of high-efficiency condenser and evaporator coils for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Smaller, lighter coils made with MicroGroove tubes use less tube material, fin material, and refrigerant and still yield equivalent or better cooling capacity compared to coils made with conventional tubes.

Danfoss micro plate heat exchangers (MPHEs)

Danfoss( introduced micro plate heat exchangers (MPHEs) for chillers, heat pumps, and a variety of industrial applications. The channel plate pattern includes a dimpled surface for improved flow across the plate and utilization of the surface area for better heat transfer.

Delphi( introduced the family of MCHX® heat exchangers that use microchannel technology. The MCHX heat exchanger technology uses a compact design that is more efficient than traditional tube-and-fin heat exchangers. The system joins three key components - the flat microchannel tube, the fins, and two refrigerant manifolds - brazed together in a single coil. The optimized coil design provides a high rate of heat transfer while maintaining low air-side pressure drop.

Reach Cooling Group( is announced its new Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger with micro-channel construction. This construction is comprised of flat tubes with multiple small channels running the length of the tube, which differentiates itself from tube-fin construction, where a metallurgical bond exists between the tube and fin.

The micro-channel construction reduces weight, size, and system refrigerant charge. It is also designed to lessen power requirements, lowering logistics costs, and increasing durability. The aluminum heat exchangers are effective in preventing refrigerant leakage and compressor failure.

Victaulic customizable Koil-Kit coil packs

Victaulic( introduced customizable Koil-Kit coil packs which are provided preassembled for coil circuit installations. The packs can be built to meet the needs of the end-user and feature drain valve, coil hoses, union port fitting and balance valve.

Whalen Co.( had room fan coil units for new and retrofit applications. The integrated package provides heating and cooling for hotels, apartments, condominiums, nursing homes, dormitories, and offices.


Carrier ( featured the Humidi-Mizer adaptive dehumidification system, designed to maintain year-round indoor comfort, temperature, and humidity levels. It is available on most Weather Series packaged rooftops from 3 to 25 tons as a factory-installed option.

Dectron Inc.( introduced the Dry-O-Tron® DSV Series dehumidifier, designed for light commercial and residential indoor pool and spa areas. It features VFD-controlled plenum fans, optional electronically commutated motors, microchannel condensing coils, and the Supervisaire® controller. It offers a choice of three refrigerants - R-134a, R-407C, or R-410A.

The VerticalAire™ high outdoor air system fromDesert Aire( was said to deliver a combination of treated 30- to 70-percent outdoor air mixed with return air to a facility.

Fogco Systems Inc. Evolution

Desiccant Rotors International( displayed the G3MA passive desiccant dehumidification wheel, which has the ability to be regenerated with the 50-percent rh room return air. This allows for moisture removal through dehumidification of the fresh air being supplied to the room. The wheel can remove moisture from a saturated airstream without heat or thermal regeneration.

Fogco Systems Inc.( has introduced a series of humidification products called the Evolution. This fog system, a smaller version of the vented horizontal airstream design, was developed for applications with low ceilings or small areas with limited operating space, such as clean rooms, hospitals, electronics, and wood-working facilities.

Honeywell TrueEase

Honeywell ( TrueEase is a complete family of evaporative humidifiers that reduce installation time. The patent-pending interchangeable bypass eliminates the need to disassemble and rebuild the humidifier if the bypass direction needs to be changed. Mounting screws around the perimeter of the humidifier make single-step installation possible, rather than mounting a separate frame assembly.

Innovative Sensor Technology’s( new HumiPicco 27 digital humidity module combines the advantages of a capacitive humidity sensor with high integration density and functionality. Applications include high end measuring and test equipment; process automation; high-humidity application; handheld probes and dataloggers; and HVAC high level products. Features include an accuracy of ±1.8 percent rh and ±0.2°C.

Munters Drycool Plus

Munters( featured Drycool Plus, a single wheel that provides desiccant dehumidification and energy recovery. It treats 100 percent outside air and utilizes a DX refrigerant/desiccant wheel system to dry outside air when in the dehumidification mode.

Nortec( showed the Walter Meier evaporative humidifier/cooler with v-profile media. It comes as a preassembled hydraulic package for quick installation. There are three connections to be made: water, drain, and electrical.

Siccom America Inc.( showed its Flowatch®, a mini condensate pump housed within a duct, offering an easy-to-install method of removing condensate from mini-split air conditioners up to 2.8 tons (34 kBtu-10 kW). The Flowatch 2 has an alarm (alarm switch 5A) and thermal protection.

Smart Fog Inc.( introduced its ES100 system for humidification. Nicknamed “humidity for life,” it can be used in several applications from industrial humidification to household use. It provides precise humidity control while keeping surfaces dry and eliminating mold or bacteria growth. It can be used for non-wetting humidification, static elimination/dust suppression, sanitation/fumigation, and evaporative cooling.


American-Marsh( introduced the 1000 Series Neptune Booster system, a diverse hydraulic offering with flows out to more than 9,000 gpm and head pressures through nearly 900 feet. Each system features full controls with many options, including touchscreen panels and variable-frequency drives. No welding is required.

Apricus( highlighted The Wombat solar thermal storage unit, designed for residential combination solar thermal systems and commercial projects. An atmospheric “dead water” tank virtually eliminates boiler scale and corrosion. Made from recyclable polypropylene, tank life expectancy exceeds 20 years and comes with a 10-year warranty. Plug-and-play kits allow for domestic hot water, space heating (radiant or forced air), commercial solar hot water preheat, and high-efficiency boilers.

Aurora Pump( displayed the 3800 Series single-stage end suction pumps for commercial applications. Two models are offered, the 3801 close-coupled and 3804 flexible-coupled, frame-mounted units. The pumps have capacities to 4,200 gpm (954 cubic meter per hour), heads to 520 feet, and temperatures to 300°F. A 316 stainless steel impeller is standard. Features include a double volute in 4-inch discharge and larger to reduce bearing loads, gauge taps on suction and discharge on flanged models, four power frame sizes, and casing feet for back pullout.

AutoFlame( showcased its new Mini Mk7 Evo Micro Modulation boiler control. Using microprocessor technology, the system ensures that the air-to-fuel ratio is kept to a minimum, and that the right amounts of fuel and air are fired to achieve the target temperature or pressure. The control helps ensure that combustion quality is optimized throughout the load requirement range of the boiler, while ensuring the temperature is accurate to within 2°F.

Bell & Gossett( introduced its 2MK/MV submersible, 2-inch sewage pump with a dual seal and seal sensor probe. It features a nonclogging, 304 stainless steel and vortex cast iron impeller, dynamically balanced with pump-out vanes for mechanical seal protection. If pumpage should begin to leak past the lower seal, it indicates that a fault has occurred.

Caleffi( introduced the Hydrocal™ combination air, dirt, and hydraulic separator. The stainless steel internal coalescing element continuously eliminates all entrained air, including microbubbles. Over time, dirt particles down to 5 microns are separated and drop to the bottom of the body, where they collect. The device can be used on either hot or chilled water systems; the 3-in-1 performance means separate air and dirt separators are no longer needed.

Cannon Boiler Works Inc.( showed the Ultramizer®, a boiler-proper waste heat recovery device. Used in commercial and industrial applications for 300 bhp and up, it can be used on clean fuel boilers to potentially raise the efficiency to a level of 95 percent, while returning clean water to the system. The unit uses transport membrane condenser technology.

Creatherm radiant floor panels

Creatherm( offered new Creatherm® radiant floor panels for easier installation tubing, saving labor time by eliminating the need to tie, clip, staple, or screw PEX tubing to a substrate. The interlocking panels are made of BASF Styropor® EPS, which features thermal insulation capacity, high compressive strength, impact absorption, and low weight. The panels can be used for slab-on-grade, snow melt, retrofit, and root zone heating.

CGC Group( highlighted its new vertical stack hybrid heat pump, which combines conventional water-cooled air conditioning with hydronic space heating in one package. Designed for commercial applications, the unit operates as a fan coil in heating and a water-cooled DX unit in cooling. Instead of a reversing valve for heating, the unit diverts the loop fluid to a hydronic heating coil located inside the unit. As ambient temperature gets colder, fluid temperature is increased.

Cosmogas( featured its new CWH Series of ultra-high-efficiency condensing, tankless water heaters. They have outputs as high as 4.1 gpm, inputs of 160,000 Btuh, and thermal efficiencies up to 98 percent. The space-saving design means no floor space is taken up, and the controllers allow water temperature to be controlled within 1°F of setpoint for safety and comfort.

Development&design( introduced its Sahara infrared heaters to promote “sensible comfortable radiant warmth.” The heaters are made of safety glass, are 6-mm thick, and come in a variety of rectangular and square sizes. Their installation is “as easy as putting a picture on a wall.” It requires a free electrical outlet, which the heater is plugged into, making it very flat and retaining its design highlight.

Fulton Heating Solutions Inc.’s( Vantage hydronic boiler is offered in input sizes up to 6 million Btuh. The fire tube design features diverse power burner configurations for ultra-high-efficiency applications. Features include high product mass and high-pressure vessel water volume, and duplex alloy heat exchanger. The units offer dual- and tri-fuel options (natural gas/propane, natural gas/No. 2 oil, natural gas/propane/No. 2 oil); configurations are available for alternative fuels, such as B100 biodiesel and digester gases.

GE( displayed its new GeoSpring™ hybrid water heater, which uses heat pump technology combined with traditional electric elements for maximum efficiency. A compressor and evaporator are integrated into the unit to draw in ambient heat using two variable-speed fans. Coils wrap the tank all the way to the bottom, to transfer this heat into the tank and heat the water.

GreenField Direct LLC( showed the PipeBurst Pro Jr automatic water protection systems, for rapid domestic flood protection. The series combines high-tech sensors with proprietary control components. The system responds early and gives positive action to prevent water damage losses to both homes and businesses.

Grundfos Pumps( unveiled the Magna™ 32-100 variable-speed, wet rotor circulator. The unit’s permanent magnet motor design reduces power consumption by 50 percent or more. The Autoadapt™ feature controls pump performance within a defined range for low energy consumption.

Harsco Industrial( showcased the new Mach® C4000 boiler, which is small enough to fit through a doorway but powerful enough to provide an output of 4 MBtuh. The boiler features multiple venting arrangements, a full modulation burner, low water-side pressure drop, and comes equipped with the ENVI control. The company also highlighted its new MACH C450 boiler, which can be wall or floor mounted.

Heat Transfer Products Inc. Versa-Flame

Heat Transfer Products Inc.( showcased its Versa-Flame combination heat and domestic hot water unit. For space heating, the equipment is up to 95 percent efficient and modulation provides up to a 5:1 turndown ratio. It has a heat exchanger design that has a 5-inch-diameter combustion tube that connects to 1-1/8-inch down-firing spiral tubes.

Kingspan Solar Inc.( offered the Thermomax solar water heating system for residential and commercial installations, providing up to 75 percent of the annual hot-water demand. Evacuated tube technology provides rapid conductivity and transfer of heat. Main components include the HP200 evacuated tube solar collector, Tribune hot-water storage tank, dual-stream pump station, insulated flexible stainless steel piping, differential temperature controller, a selection of roof kits, expansion tank, glycol, and connection kit.

Laars Heating Systems Co.( showed Mascot II boilers with 125-MBtu capacity, in heating-only or combination, wall-mounted designs. Setup is facilitated by full access to both the gas valve and control panel at the same time. The gas valve is accessible for disassembly for service. It also features an updated cabinet design.

Lochinvar Crest® condensing boiler

Lochinvar( introduced the Crest® condensing boiler, which features fire-tube technology integrated with the Smart Touch™ operating control. Available in five models ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 MBtuh, with thermal efficiencies up to 99 percent, it’s designed for new construction and retrofit commercial applications. This fully modulating condensing boiler introduces a low-NOx combustion system with a stainless steel heat exchanger and a patent-pending, dual-system burner design with up to 25:1 turndown.

TheMiura North America Inc.( LX-300 on-demand steam boiler’s modular design allows flexibility to customize a steam plant. The zero-side clearance design allows for a smaller boiler room size and cuts construction costs. The boiler achieves 87 percent efficiency using built-in energy recovery and water treatment. The boiler contains a UV flame detector, adjustable pressure transducer and switch pressure control, electric conductivity type liquid volume control, and low-water cut-off and thermocouple overheat protection.

Navien condensing, 98 percent tankless gas water heater

Navien( displayed its condensing, 98 percent tankless gas water heater, which uses less gas than conventional water heaters, resulting in lower CO emissions. The heaters use dual stainless steel heat exchangers, providing a longer life expectancy and more resistance to erosion than copper heat exchangers. The company also showcased prototype technologies, including the Fuel Cell CHP, Stirling Engine CHP, and Solar Energy System.

Noritz( high-lighted the new Commercial Multi-Rack System, which is prefabricated for commercial multi-system installations. The rack holds two tankless water heaters back to back, and provides mounting holes for installation. The rack is made of corrosion-resistant steel that can withstand extreme environments.

NY Thermal Inc.( featured its new Trinity LX Series of boilers and water heaters that incorporate a second central heat input to complement the central heat input. The second can be used as the demand source for low-temperature central heat zones in a single boiler application, or as the lone central heat input in multiple (lead-lag) boiler applications. The LX controller has the internal capacity to stage or lead-lag up to eight boilers or water heaters.

Precision Metal Products( introduced AHAC Series hydronic air handlers, available in seven models ranging from 16,609 to 230,134 Btuh. They can work in conjunction with all tankless heaters, boilers, and solar water heating systems, and can accommodate evaporator coils with capacities ranging from 2 to 5 tons. The hydronic coil has aluminum fin/copper tube construction; the cabinet is constructed of 20-ga galvanized steel.

Raypak, a Rheem Co.(, displayed the XPak modulating, condensing wall-hung boiler in model sizes 85 and 120. It achieves 92.6 percent thermal efficiency at full fire. It’s certified for CPVC, polypropylene, and SS venting. Direct-vent ready, the unit is installed as concentric vent or twin penetration for jobsite flexibility.

Rheem Manufacturing Co. hybrid water heater with heat pump technology

Rheem Manufacturing Co.( demonstrated its hybrid water heater with heat pump technology. The 40-gallon HP-40 hybrid is Energy Star rated, and is designed for smaller households with lower hot water demands. Products include a condensing tankless water heater, integrated space and water heating system, hybrid air and water package unit, 18-SEER condensing unit, and 95 percent-AFUE gas furnace.

Rinnai Corp.( introduced four hydronic furnaces. The new design works in conjunction with the company’s tankless water heating system to heat the entire home, and features ECM technology. Hot water generated by the tankless water heating system heats the air, which is then distributed throughout the home via the unit’s blower and existing ductwork.

Schebler Chimney Systems( displayed the eVent™ Series of prefabricated chimney systems, which are designed specifically for high-efficiency, condensing boilers. The safe, leak-free system will last the life of the appliance, backed up by a lifetime guarantee. The company also highlighted its Sequence Draft Control™, an engineered venting system that maintains consistent flue pressure for hot water appliances within the parameters of the manufacturers’ requirements.

Skye( displayed the Heatwave 5.5 electric, tankless, point-of-use water heater, which utilizes HeatSuround™ water heating technology. This technology consists of several quartz tubes coated with a thin-film element bonded to the outside walls of the tubes and produces hot water within three seconds. The company also featured its Fortis™ tankless electric water heater, which employs stainless steel components and a microprocessor.

SpeedClean( introduced its Bucket Descaler, which eliminates scale buildup on heater elements and other critical parts. In hard water areas, heaters can lose 25 percent of their efficiency. The BucketDescaler is attached to the in/out water connections, and its automatic circulation does the rest. The company also highlighted its SC-TC-50 tube cleaner for chillers and heat exchangers.

The boiler manager fromS.T. Johnson Co.(www. combines burner management, combustion, efficiency, feedwater, and furnace control. It features commissioning software, safety features, communications, and secure, web-enabled monitoring. The system includes a Windows PC with 12-inch color touch screen monitor.

TheSteibel Eltron( Accelera® 300 heat pump water heater works like an a/c unit, but instead of dumping the heat outdoors, it puts the heat into the water. In a warm climate, the unit can either be placed in the garage or inside the home. If the heat pump built into the unit cannot keep up with the hot water demand, an electric backup element with 1.7-kW loading automatically activates. The unit has an 80-gallon storage capacity.

Taco Inc. 1900 VFD

Taco Inc.( showcased the 1900 VFD close-coupled in-line pumps with variable-frequency drives, which are designed for commercial applications to enhance pump and building efficiency. Five basic models range from 1 ½ by 1 ½, to 2 by 2 inches, with a flow range of 10-250 gpm and head capability to 160 feet. The pumps can be installed anywhere in the piping layout. One size seal fits all models.

Uponor’s( prefabricated, prepressurized network of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-a) tubing, the Radiant Rollout™ mat, facilitates installations for large commercial radiant applications. The mat consists of Wirsbo hePEX™ (oxygen barrier) or Uponor AquaPEX® (nonbarrier) PEX-a tubing connected with ProPEX® engineered plastic fittings, which are safe for burial in the slab.

Viessmann( showcased its Solar-Divicon pumping and heat transfer stations for closed-loop solar systems. The new HX station incorporates a double-wall heat exchanger for transferring heat to the domestic hot water storage tank. The system comes preassembled and -wired and includes a three-speed solar loop pump; a three-speed DHW pump; double-wall, stainless steel heat exchanger with visible leak detection; and solar controller.

Wilo( highlighted a number of new products, including its Helix vertical multistage pumps, COR pressure-boosting systems, and SCP horizontal split-case pumps. Also displayed were the Stratos D high-efficiency circulators, which can provide high energy savings in heating, closed cooling circuits, geothermal, and solar systems.


AAF International( showed its MEGAcel™ I HEPA filters, designed to meet the airflow and efficiency requirements of critical applications in which airborne contaminants must be controlled. Manufactured with high-performance PTFE Helior™ media and tapered aluminum separators, MEGAcel I optimizes efficiency while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

ActivTek Environmental’s( new air scrubber utilizes specialized UV germicidal light waves, combined with a proprietary catalytic process to create enviro-scrubbing molecules that work like nature’s outdoor scrubbers.

Aero-Flo Industries, Inc.(, displayed Poly-Flo air filter media, which features polyester construction, cleanability with water, rigid construction, and low resistance to airflow. The fibers are unaffected by moisture, the company said. It offers bidirectional airflow, 80-90 percent dust retention, and it’s flame retardant (self extinguishing).

Aeolus Filter( introduced synthetic SMP-80AT filters that can be used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, schools, power plants, and other commercial-industrial applications. The MERV-A 13 filters feature integrated nanofiber technology, high airflow capacity, longer service life, and low airflow resistance. The filters are resistant to moisture and most chemicals and do not support microbial growth.

TheAir Replacement Engineered Systems(ARES, modular, packaged, makeup air systems for commercial and industrial applications can provide spot heating or cooling, extra ventilation, and enhanced airflow. The units are designed for each facility and can use a combination of gas- or electric-fired heating units, refrigerated air conditioning modules, evaporative cooling technology, and fresh-air ventilation.

American Ultraviolet ICR Series

American Ultraviolet( high-output ICR Series fixtures are designed for HVAC airstream disinfection in large air-handling systems in commercial, industrial, health care, and institutional buildings. The fixtures can be mounted to plenum walls, or to frame assemblies that span supply ducts and/or cooling coils.

Bacharach’s( new products included the IEQ Check indoor environmental quality monitor and Comfort Chek 500 portable air quality monitor. The first is a multi-sensor instrument for measuring temperature, relative humidity, and up to five additional plug-and-play smart sensors. The second has three sensors that simultaneously measure and record temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide.

Big Ass Fan Co.( showcased the SmartSense365™ fan controller. The three user modes (winter, summer, and manual) tell the fans what to do in each season. The user interface allows easy switching between user modes with the push of a button. Bright LED lights are color-coded to identify the selected mode. It includes an ac adapter.

ClenAir Manufacturing Inc.( showed several products. The PurCool™ Green is series of time-release formula products that prevent slime, sludge, odors, and overflows in condensate drain pans and mini-splits. The HVAC Odor-Block neutralizer treats all home or building air through the HVAC system.

Columbus Industries( featured its new, CI 4-inch Micro Shield™ Mini-Pleated (MP) filters. The MERV-14 and -15 filters utilize media that incorporates a dual-layer, gradient-density fiber structure. The company also featured its Perma-Cell™ rigid box MERV-13 and -15 filters, which are engineered to protect both HVAC equipment and workers.

Continental Fan( displayed its new FAIB belt-drive tubeaxial fans, which feature FRP airfoil impellers, aerodynamically efficient performance, and flanged inlet and outlet. Sizes range from 12 to 60 inches; high- and low-pressure models are available. The fans are suited for corrosive environments, contaminated airstreams, and process ventilation.

Delta Products Corp.( showcased its new Breez ventilation fan, which is designed for long life, low noise, and low power consumption. The Energy Star-certified fan features a dc brushless motor and is easy to install in new construction or existing bathrooms. The VFB25ACL features a fan/light combination; the VFB25ACH contains a motor that self adjusts to humidity levels.

DuraVent( announced several new products, such as the PolyPro single- and double-wall, and concentric venting systems; and the FasNSeal concentric, 444 single-wall, 444 double-wall, and single-wall venting for condensing appliances.

Envirco( highlighted the MAC 10® LE-DC family of fan filter units. This second generation of products features a combination of a proprietary baffling system and a backward-inclined fan. Energy consumption rates are as low as 95 W at 90 fpm.

FreshAire UV’s( new APCO (Absorptive Photo Catalytic Oxidation) uses activated carbon cells with more than 17,000 molecular square feet to neutralize and absorb contaminants in the airstream. The carbon cells, impregnated with titanium dioxide, are warranted for a lifetime as the PCO reaction regenerates the cells constantly.

BioMAX HEPA filters fromKoch( are said to provide efficiency up to 99.999 percent on 0.3-micron-sized particulates. Features included two-edged aluminum separators and micro-fiberglass media.

Hart & Cooley( showcased the Smart EAC1000 electronic air cleaner, a furnace-mountable system. It offers MERV-16 equivalent high-efficiency (99 percent to 0.1 microns) air filtration. Static pressure is 0.11 inches wg at 1,200 cfm. It retrofits into virtually any existing EAC or media housing using the retrofit track (standard). The company also displayed the Smart filter seal.

Lau Industries( displayed the Corus plenum fan with selectable wheel widths. The fan’s Qualitone™ technology reduces blade pass tone by 10 dB. It has a mechanically fastened, galvanized frame and motor stand with an aluminum wheel. Options include piezoring, shaft grounding, special motors, alternative coatings, and low-loss inlet dampers.

Panasonic( displayed the new WhisperLite® ceiling-mounted ventilation fan, which is designed for 4- or 6-inch ducts. The fans feature quiet operation at both 0.1- and 0.25-inch wg, and the new central mounting system makes the fans easier to install. A contemporary flush-mount grille incorporates a 32-W Energy Star-rated CFL light fixture and a 4-W nightlight.

Steril-Aire( DE Series UVC emitters are designed for built-up air-handling units in commercial-industrial applications. The double-ended fixtures (available up to 62 inches) are mounted internally and fitted end to end for any size coil. The 62-inch unit is designed to provide a minimum output per inch arc length of 9 µW/cm2 at 1 meter in a 400 fpm airstream of 50°F.

Streivor Air Systems™ ( offers the Extractaire™ V-Series adjustable cartridge grease filter for use in the company’s kitchen ventilation hoods. The 3V has two secondary filters - one of woven fiber and one of perforated stainless steel that increases the unit’s grease extraction efficiency. The 4V offers three secondary filters - one of woven stainless steel, one of woven fiber, and one of perforated stainless steel.

Tjernlund’s( Reversible Xchanger Basement Fan™ automatically ventilates damp basements to eliminate odors and reduce humidity. Three airflow options allow the reversal of the direction of the airflow to exhaust musty air, supply fresh air, or position one fan in each direction for balanced air exchange with no bypass from either airstream.

Tri-Dim( displayed the Ultraxcel II v-cell air filter. Its features include low resistance, lowered energy consumption, high initial efficiency, moisture resistance, microfiber construction, resistance to UV light, high strength, and a MERV-14 rating. It is available in a 2-inch-deep size, with an initial resistance of 0.37 inch wg at 500 fpm.

Walling Tooling Expac( Style 12 and Style 14 filter media backing models are patterns specifically designed to replace welded wire products used for backing on many types of box filters. The patterns are available in widths from 9 to 29 inches; coils can be produced in lengths from 1,200 to 5,400 linear feet.

Ziehl-Abegg( introduced ECblue axial fans with the latest EC technology. With their modular construction, the functions of the 116 and 152 motor frame size, ECblue fans can be expanded by plugging in additional modules. Wireless programming is standard, and the electronics housing is transparent to radio waves, offering the ability to program and configure the fans without having to wire an operating terminal.

A.J. Antunes & Co. Vizion Chill ICE heat exchanger


A.J. Antunes & Co.( featured the Vizion Chill ICE heat exchanger, which recycles the waste water from an ice machine to lower the temperature of incoming fresh water.

Colmac Coil( showed all aluminum coils that the company said had applications in HVAC, heat pipes, dry coolers, and refrigeration evaporators and condensers.

DiversiTech( showed the Flow-Plus inline cleaner that prevents drain line buildup and clogs to maintain condensate flow. It installs in the ¾-inch condensate drain line to maintain clean condensate water. Also featured as new was ClearVueKube, a condensate pump designed for mini-split systems.

EDC International( featured the Micropump II condensate pump in what the company called the 21st Century Edition. It fits inside the tubing chase of a high-wall-mount air conditioner and will pump the condensate to a drain.

KeepRite Refrigeration( said it has extended the KF-Line of multi-compressor air cooled condensing units with ½ to 10 hp hermetic, scroll, and semi-hermetic compressors.


AIC Wireless( unveiled seven new wireless sedona controllers, from a low four input/output device to a device with 24 points of control. The wireless temperature sensor on display at AHR Expo posted the room temperature to the JACE Interface via the wireless Sedona network in the AIC Wireless booth, as well as demonstrating the analog features of an override button with slider control.

Ashcroft Inc.( displayed its Model GC55, a compact, high-differential-pressure transducer for filter monitoring, HVAC hydronic cooling and heating systems, and pump controls. A three-wire, 4-20 mA or 1-5-vdc output signal connects the transducer to external controls. Two polysilicon thin-film sensors have welded stainless steel wetted components to accommodate wet or dry pressure media up to 300 psid.

Cliplight Mfg. Flash refrigeration system leak detection kits

Cliplight Mfg.( has introduced three Flash professional refrigeration system leak detection kits that include three cans of Flash dye, a reusable charging hose, an ultraviolet (UV) detector light, and a carrying case. The kits vary by UV fluorescing light function and illuminating range: Dual Pro 82 Kit uses the Cool Dual UV/white LED light that functions both as a close-range UV dye detector and a conventional flashlight in an aluminum casing with an anti-drop wrist strap. Mini Pro 84 uses a Vector 4 UV LED light with focal lens technology for inspections up to 15 feet. Maxi Pro 87 uses Cliplight’s Vector 7 UV LED light that focuses 7 LED beams into one light source extending up to 20 feet.

A freeze alarm with whatControl Products( called Cell-Comm Technology is said to provide protection for a temperature monitoring device without the need of a telephone line. The alarm will call up to three phone numbers if there are temperature extremes or prolonged power failures.

Core Enterprises Inc.( presented the BluVac digital vacuum gauge. It has a 0.1-micron resolution with a range of 0 to 25,000 microns. The vacuum gauge measures vacuum in microns, mmHg, millitorr, millibar, and Pascals, and measures temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius to 0.1°. The sensor withstands overpressure up to 500 psi. It is programmable with an alarm feature and can be field calibrated with no special equipment, said the company. Features include an automatic oil sensor; large, high-visibility backlit LCD display; and a battery life of up to 300 hours on one 9-V alkaline battery.

Delta OHM’s( new IAQ monitor (HD37AB1347) has a number of different functions for the analysis of indoor air. It measures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, relative humidity, dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, enthalpy, and atmospheric pressure when connected to a variety of probes. The IAQ monitor is a datalogger with a memory capacity of 67,600 recordings for each of its two inputs. It has a wide dot matrix display with a resolution of 160 x 160 dots. Typical applications include measurement of IAQ and comfort conditions in schools, offices, and other indoor spaces; analysis of sick building syndrome; checking HVAC system efficiency; examining IAQ conditions in factories to improve productivity; and checking building automation.

E Instruments( featured its BTU 4400 industrial combustion analyzer, which can be used for boiler, engine, furnace, and other combustion applications. The analyzer features up to four gas sensors, true NOx capability, CO sensor with NOx filter, and a built-in nonthermal printer. The pre-calibrated gas sensors can easily be replaced in the field to provide a way to minimize downtime. A magnetic support allows for hands-free operation.

E+E Elektronik( EE771 flow meter measures mass flow or volumetric flow in the supply system with the greatest accuracy. It can be used effectively to measure the consumption of compressed air, nitrogen, helium, argon, oxygen, or other noncorrosive gases. The design of the new EE771 flow meter is based on the direct thermal mass flow measuring principle with an E+E hot-film sensor element at its heart. The flow meter requires 18-30-vac/vdc power.

EE240 wireless sensors measure humidity, temperature, or CO2. Up to three intelligent probes can be connected to each transmitter. Each probe operates independently and can be hot swapped. Remote probes allow the sensing head to be placed at a distance of up to 10 meters away from the transmitter.

The EE892 CO2 sensor module features an adjustable measuring interval to enable optimum adaptation to specific applications while maintaining an average current consumption of less than 60µA.The CO2 sensor module was specially developed for OEM applications and high-volume production. The digital interface and extremely compact design facilitate clear-cut integration in mobile and energy-sensitive applications such as data loggers or demand controlled ventilation.

Echo Process Instrumentation( introduced its Arrow Hunter Plus portable flowmeter. The handheld transit-time flowmeter (AH+HH) utilizes transit-time ultrasonic technology for the accurate flow measurement of clean or dirty liquids and liquefied gases in full pipes. The flowmeter is lightweight, has easy-to-install clamp-on sensors, and a battery life of over 24 hours. Its ultrasonic sensors can be clamped onto the outside of a pipe, eliminating the need to dismantle the pipe work and interrupt the process.

Extech( EX600 Series 400 is a true RMS clamp meter dual type K thermocouple input with differential temperature function (T1, T2, and T1-T2). The EX612, EX613, EX622, and EX623 models have built-in noncontact voltage detector with LED alert. It measures motor capacitors to 40,000 µF. It has a dc µA multimeter function for HVAC flame rod current measurements. The EX622 and EX623 have a patented built-in noncontact IR thermometer design with laser pointer for locating hot spots and an 8 to 1 distance-to-target ratio.

Fieldpiece Instruments portable digital refrigerant manifold

Fieldpiece Instruments( displayed two portable digital refrigerant manifolds: the SMAN2 and SMAN3. Both the manifolds automatically calculate target superheat, letting technicians correctly charge any air conditioner or refrigeration unit. In addition, the manifolds measure and display dual temperatures and pressures, as well as calculate and display superheat and subcooling simultaneously. Features on the manifolds include dual type K thermocouple pipe clamp inputs, a large temperature- and glare-resistant backlit display viewable from 20 feet, extremely long battery life (500 hours for SMAN2 and 135 hours for SMAN3) with constant battery status, and 39 built-in P-T charts. The SMAN3 includes a micron vacuum gauge, a micron alarm, and vacuum timer.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies( Ventostat® wall-mount CO2, humidity, and temperature transmitters feature a patented absorption infrared gas-sensing engine to provide high accuracy in a compact, low-cost package. A locking screw secures cover and sensor to the mounting bracket for tamper resistance. Sensors are shipped factory calibrated, and the patented ABC Logic™ self-calibration system eliminates the need for manual calibration in most applications.

A gas-permeable, water-resistant CO2 diffusion filter prevents particulate and water contamination of the sensor. The temperature sensor is included on all models, and the two-piece design allows the unit to be replaced without the need for rewiring.

General Tools & Instruments’( introduced SD card real-time dataloggers. The 15 instruments in the line measure environmental and industrial parameters such as temperature (up to 12 channels), pressure, humidity, air velocity, vibration, water quality, and sound level, in real time on internal SD cards directly into Excel format. Sampling intervals and length of time are adjustable.

Honeywell Analytics( complete gas detection system for both boiler and chiller equipment satisfies compliance with American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Standard 15, Canadian Standards Association Standard B52, and the International Building Code. Monitoring toxic and combustible gases in boiler equipment is crucial to ensure an adequate supply of combustion air and to help reduce the buildup of a flammable gas concentration. Working as a stand-alone system or networkable to existing equipment, E3Point®, Sensepoint® XCD, and the 301C controller work together to make compliance more reliable.

E3Point is capable of detecting the widest range of toxic and combustible gases found in commercial building spaces and outbuildings. Sensepoint XCD provides comprehensive monitoring of toxic, combustible and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres. The 301C controller continuously monitors and controls toxic, combustible, and oxygen hazards.

By utilizing continuous, real-time monitoring, the gas detection system for chiller rooms is a quick, reliable way to detect and respond to leaks, the company said.

The 301EM-20 is a controller for up to 20 sensors for refrigerant, toxic, and combustible gases suiting a variety of gas detection system solutions for mechanical rooms. The 301IRFS is an infrared refrigerant gas sensor used with the 301EM-20. The 301EMRP-20 remote panel offers four relay outputs and visual indication of the gas concentration outside or inside the mechanical room and can connect to 10 remote panels. The S301D2 is a toxic and combustible gas sensor used with the 301EM-20 to complete the mechanical room solution.

Kavlico’s( PTE5000 hermetically sealed modular pressure sensor utilizes a thin-film strain gauge sensing element paired with Kavlico’s custom ASIC to produce an accurate and highly stable output. Media resistant and hermetically sealed, the sensor allows for a broad range of liquid and gaseous media compatibility.

The rugged 304 all-welded stainless steel construction enables the sensor to be installed in harsh, high-vibration environments found in the transportation and industrial markets. The temperature-compensated PTE5000 sensors are available in pressure ranges of 0-10 through 0-600 bar. Operating on a 8-30 vdc power supply, the sensors provide an amplified linear output of 0.4 to 4.5 vdc, 0-10 vdc and 4-20mA proportional to pressure.

Other features include an operating temperature (media) of -30 to 100°C, low power consumption, vibration tolerance, and excellent resistance to chemical attack.

Kavlico also released the P528 Refrigeration Ceramic Pressure Sensor, which incorporates a 1/4 SAE female flare, Schrader deflator with 7/16-20 UNF internal threads. The P528 was specifically engineered for high-volume OEM refrigeration applications. Packaged in a brass or stainless steel housing, it can endure the high vibration, broad temperature ranges, and high humidity conditions found in refrigeration systems while withstanding high overpressures and pressure pulsations without damage or degradation, and is a UL certified component.

TheMcGill Airflow LLC( Leak Detective® test station is designed for testing duct leakage. It uses calibrated venture tube/flow meters, not orifice plates, to measure the amount of air leakage. The unit has a digital airflow meter, for both supply (positive) and exhaust (negative) duct systems, with direct scfm leakage readout, and a variable-speed blower with gradual control, used for all four leakage test ranges. The venture tubes have been mated with a blower, silencer, controls, gauge, meters, and smoke generator; they are packaged in a self-contained wheeled test station that is easy to move around the jobsite. Data recording for recordkeeping is optional.

Meder Electronic( offered its LS05 Series liquid level sensors. Designed to detect multiple liquid levels in HVACR equipment such as food and beverage appliances and humidifiers, the sensors can withstand exposure to many chemical solutions, high pressure up to 12 bar, and high temperatures (up to 200°C).

The LS05 housing stem can vary in length up to 6.4 feet and hold any number of magnetic floats with a minimum spacing of 1.5 inches between each. These customizable sensors - designed for an array of liquid detection applications - also have various mounting options such as reservoir-, tank-, bottle-, or other container-mounting options.

Parker Hannifin Corp.’s Sporlan Division( displayed the PSK Series of electronic controllers for applications ranging from air conditioning and refrigeration to industrial applications. It manages off-cycle defrost, and gas or electric defrost refrigeration units by controlling compressors, defrost, lights, and fans. It features multiple configuration options and a control panel that displays the status of the controlled space.

Fuel Sentry fromPreferred Utilities Manufacturing( is a tank gauge and leak detection system. It has remote reading, is microprocessor based, and has a tank gauge and six sensor inputs that can monitor one or two tanks.

Ridgid diagnostic handheld tools

Ridgid( expanded its existing diagnostic line with the addition of three handheld tools: the micro LM-100 laser distance meter, micro CD-100 combustible gas detector, and micro IR-100 noncontact infrared thermometer. The devices are the first in a series of products the company is launching.

SenseAir® ( S8 is a small NDIR CO2 sensor. The miniature S8 is designed for simple integration into products and can be used in a wide range of applications. The sensor is designed for high-volume production with full traceability by sensor serial number on all manufacturing processes and key components. Every sensor is individually calibrated and is provided with UART digital interface. The sensor is maintenance-free and has an estimated lifetime of more than 15 years.

Sensortechnics( LBA Series showcased differential low pressure measurement with ranges of 250 and 500 Pa (1 and 2 inch H2O) full scale. The LBA sensors perform fully analog on-chip CMOS signal conditioning to allow for linear and temperature compensated outputs with high differential pressure resolution of typically 0.1 percent and fast response times of typically 1 millisecond. The devices are based on thermal flow measurement of gas through a micro-flow channel integrated within the sensor chip. This very narrow channel decreases the flow through the LBA sensor by several magnitudes compared to other flow-based pressure sensors.

Sensortechnics also exhibited SSI stainless steel OEM pressure sensors, which accurately measure gauge or absolute pressures in ranges from 3 to 500 psi. These devices offer excellent stability and repeatability, achieving a Total Error Band (TEB) better than ±1.5 percent FSS over a temperature range of -20 to +85°C (-4 to 185°F). Sensortechnics’ SSI pressure sensors use precision digital signal conditioning and provide both analog 0.5- to 4.5-V output as well as digital I²C or alternatively SPI interfaces at the same time.

Tasseron Sensors and Controls Inc. Qwik Series™

Tasseron Sensors and Controls Inc.( Qwik Series™ product line of temperature sensors feature a patent-pending Qwik Connect system. The duct sensors come in three styles: the Qwik Box™ in a galvanized enclosure (available in IP40 or IP54), the Qwik Mini™, in a plastic enclosure (IP54), and the Qwik Flange™ (available with a VAV option). All Qwik Series™ products come in a variety of NTC thermistor or RTD elements, and probe lengths from 4 up to 18 inches. The Qwik Series also features a small yet powerful outdoor sensor, strap-on pipe sensor, and immersion sensor.

WIKA Instrument Corp.( displayed its new R-1 transmitter, which is designed for monitoring pressure in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It features stainless steel construction and a hermetically welded, dry thin-film measuring cell that does not require the use of soft sealing materials that may deteriorate or leak over time. Typical applications for the transmitter include compressor suction and discharge pressure, compressor staging, condenser fan controls, and chiller system control.


Airtec Products Corp.( introduced the WBB-Series wall-mounted minisplit equipment supports. The wall brackets fit most major brands of minisplit condensers up to 500 pounds, as well as other equipment needing support. The supports are constructed of heavy-duty, powder-coated, perforated steel or stainless steel for coastal or corrosive environments. All brackets are fully adjustable with mounting ranges of 3 to 30-inch widths and 10½ to 16-inch depths. The vertical supports can be moved laterally along the horizontal bracket to fit any condenser width. Rubber isolation grommets limit vibration to the supporting structure.

Airxcel(Dayton, Tenn.) showed the Suburban DynaPack vertical packaged air conditioner featuring gas heat/electric cooling. They are self-contained with a slide out heat exchanger assembly.

Applied Comfort Products Inc. CALM Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

Applied Comfort Products Inc.( introduces its CALM Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, designed for quiet indoor operation and high efficiency. The CALM series is defined as having “dependable operation by design.”

Some of its features include tangential blower wheel design, two optimized fan motors, and acoustic noise-canceling materials; dipswitches and LED touchpad controls for easy configuration; fan motor and electric heater automatically activated to maintain temperatures above 40 degrees; real time diagnostics via LED display; and a two-piece, easy-to-clean filter.

Carrier( packaged units are now offered in 3 to 25 tons and meet or exceed Energy Star and Consortium for Energy Efficiency levels, making them eligible for a variety of state and utility rebates. Most of the models were designed to fit Carrier and similar roof curbs that were installed up to 23 years ago.

Replacement packaged terminal air conditioners fromComitale National( are branded as the Tru-Fit CRJ and offered in two basic sizes: 9,000 and 12,000 Btuh.

Dimplex( Linear Convector incorporates aesthetic, performance, and logistical benefits that appeal to both end users and contractors, said the company. The convector is shorter, heats faster, and reduces heat loss through the wall.

To be available in summer 2011, the linear convector is up to 42 percent shorter than conventional baseboard heaters. It features top discharge to transfer heated air to the room fast. A unique shark-fin blade shape for its heating element fins improves heat transfer and accelerates heated air into the room. This configuration also creates a laminar flow effect that reduces heat loss through the outside wall up to 10 percent, providing energy savings to the end user.

It comes in a range of sizes (500-2,500 W).

Fujitsu General America Inc. Halcyon HFI Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI )

Fujitsu General America Inc.( has expanded its up to 17 SEER Halcyon HFI Hybrid Flex Inverter (HFI ) heat pump line with higher efficiencies. The R-410A systems are a cross between variable refrigerant flow and multizone technology. Units are available in 18,000-, 24,000-, 36,000- or 48,000-Btu condensing units and combine with wall-mounted, cassette, or slim duct indoor units. The HFI lineup offers 7,000-, 9,000-, 12,000-, 18,000-, and 24,000-Btu wall-mount units; 9,000-, 12,000-, and 18,000-Btu cassette units; and 9,000-, 12,000-, 18,000-, and 24,000-Btu concealed ceiling units – all of which can connect to a single outdoor unit.

Heat Controller( has a PTAC-type heat pump that combines cooling, heating, air filtration, and air circulation capabilities. Two electric heaters are built in to the sides of the unit and each is rated at 3,500 Btuh.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions( incorporates Honeywell ( RedLink™ wireless HVAC protocol into Mitsubishi Electric’s line of split-ductless and ducted heat pumps. The RedLINK-enabled split-ductless system is designed to maximize comfort and reduce energy costs.

With RedLINK technology, a wall-mounted wireless remote controller communicates through radio frequency, meaning that the wireless controller(s) can be placed in a different room than the indoor units and that no wires need to be run through the walls. The wall-mounted controller(s) will look almost identical to traditional wall-mounted thermostats to which customers in the United States market are accustomed, with easy-to-read backlit displays and intuitive operational functions.

The Portable Central Controller (PCC) allows users the freedom of climate control of up to 16 zones from anywhere in the home such as the bedroom, den or wherever they happen to be. The control system will also operate all of the sophisticated control functions traditionally available in Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating systems, including complete zone control, adjustable fan speed, vane positioning, etc.

RedLINK technology will be available in controllers for Mitsubishi Electric’s P-Series units of split-ductless and ducted heat pumps in March, with Mitsubishi Electric’s residential M-Series units featuring the wireless HVAC protocol soon following.

Mitsubishi Electric’s( City Multi® dedicated outdoor air system is designed to supply outdoor ventilation air to a building independent of the HVAC air distribution or conditioning system. The DOAS pre-conditions outside air for introduction into downstream HVAC units, lessening the load on HVAC systems. Because the HVAC systems have to work less to condition the air to a certain temperature when used in conjunction with the DOAS, end users can save on utility costs. The DOAS connects to a Mitsubishi Electric VRF outdoor unit with inverter-driven technology to provide energy-efficient outside air by utilizing waste heat from cooling cycles to provide reheat capability without needing an additional or supplemental energy source.

Available for use in new construction or retrofit commercial applications, the DOAS accepts 100 percent outside air at temperatures ranging from -4° up to 109° wet bulb, preconditioning up to 1,200 cfm of air for introduction into downstream HVAC units.

Shinco Air Conditioner’s( new Energy Star dc inverter is a ductless split air conditioner with many of the features of Shinco’s entire product line. The product line has models that have cooling capacities of 9,000-18,000 Btuh and heating capacities of 9,500-18,800 Btuh.

All models are pre-charged with R-410A refrigerant, perform well at low ambient temperatures, and draw up to 80 percent electricity compared to baseboard heaters. Other features include independent dehumidification, auto defrost function, washable particle filter, auto diagnosis, timer, and sleep mode.

United International( is rolling out its Mobile Air Conditioner (PC-AMBII/AMB Series) which features 3-in-1 operation. This means that users can change from cooling to heating mode by interchanging the hose cover and louver cover.

Features include 7,000 to 15,000-Btu models; cooling, heating, and dehumidifying in one unit; dehumidifying capacity up to 65 liters per day; built-in exhaust duct; optional two-way valve for defrosting; and optional canopy for climate protection.


Aquatherm( announced its new line of threaded transitions using stainless steel inserts. The stainless steel fittings are being introduced to maintain the integrity of Aquatherm systems in areas with hard or aggressive water. The company also announced that its polypropylene-random (PP-R), a highly engineered pressure pipe, has been approved by FM Global for use in concealed residential and light hazard fire sprinkler applications. The first PP-R pipes approved are Aquatherm Greenpipe® F and Aquatherm FireStop pipes.

Armacell LLC( prefabricated fittings are designed for Armaflex pipe insulation systems. The fittings, together with the Armaflex tubes, provide complete system integrity for retarding heat gain and controlling condensation drip from chilled-water and refrigeration systems, said the company. They have wall thicknesses up to 2 inches. The made-to-order fittings utilize the black, nonhalogen, and white closed-cell insulation. Various types of fittings are available: 90-degree elbows (two- and three-piece), Ts, 45-degree elbows, grooved fittings (AP Armaflex black), grooved couplings, and P-traps.

DiversiTech( highlighted concentric vents for use with two-pipe installations. The manufacturer said the vents simplify installation and require one hole through the wall or roof where the pipe terminates.

Elgen( showed a new adjustable elbow which is stitch welded and made of domestic steel. It is available in stainless steel and aluminum. They come in 2- or 5-foot lengths.

Elkhart Products( called CopperBite “the newest addition to the Tectite family.” It is a fitting that the company said can be pushed together to create a perfect joint, saving installation time and cost. No torches or special installation tools are required, the company said.

K-Flex USA( had non-slit jacket seam for slipping over piping. By eliminating a field-applied longitudinal seam, it is designed to provide a moisture vapor barrier in such applications as supermarkets, food processing plants, and pharmaceutical facilities.

Knauf Insulation( displayed its Earthwool™ Redi-Klad® 1000º pipe insulation, which is a multi-purpose, molded, heavy-density, one-piece fiberglass insulation bonded with ECOSE® technology. Designed for indoor and outdoor installation on industrial and commercial mechanical systems piping, this insulation offers high levels of resistance to heat loss or gain, which saves energy and lowers operating costs. Typical applications include steam, condensate, chilled, and domestic water piping.

Metraflex( showed 250 Mighty Sphere Pump Connector. It was said to be a durable joint for piping systems reaching temperatures up to 250°F and integrates Kevlar cording and peroxide-cured EPDM.

Mueller Industries( highlighted its FlexConnect stainless steel gas and water appliance connectors. The connectors can be manipulated by hand, making it easy to maneuver in confined areas. FlexConnect provides a safe and easy method to install household appliances such as gas ranges, water heaters, furnaces, water softeners, gas dryers, and more. The durable 304 stainless steel construction withstands high pressures, wide temperature ranges, and is resistant to corrosive water and environmental conditions.

PDM US Corp.( featured its new Gelcopper mini-split system line sets. These double insulated copper pipes do not kink or scratch, but they are easy to bend. The line sets consist of two copper pipes that connect the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump to the indoor air handler. The polyethylene foam ensures thermal insulation from the surroundings.

MovinCool Office Pro® W20


MovinCool( displayed the new Office Pro® W20, which is a water-cooled, portable spot air conditioner that offers a cooling capacity of 15,700 Btuh. The unit is designed for applications where an air-cooled spot air conditioner cannot be used because there is no drop ceiling or other available space to exhaust hot air into. The Office Pro W20 is a self-contained unit, combining a compressor, condenser, and evaporator within a single housing. No external condensing unit or refrigerant charging is required, saving construction, installation, and maintenance costs.

Port-A-Cool( introduced the Cyclone™ 2000, which is a portable evaporative cooling unit that can lower temperatures up to 30°F. The unit features a centrifugal air supply, 1/3 hp two-speed motor, and can cool 500 square feet. Other features include adjustable louvers, small footprint, water level sight tube and sump drain, durable one-piece leak-proof housing, and near maintenance-free operation.

Triangle Engineering of Arkansas( highlighted the new GentleBreeze™ portable cooler, which can deliver a breeze at distances up to 150 feet. The extra quiet unit (60 dBA at 20 feet) is easy to move and is ideal for assembly lines, work areas, warehouses, and outdoor events. The powder-coat finish is resistant to weather and corrosion, optional features include variable-speed drive and suspension mount for hanging from the ceiling.


A-Rise Pipe Support( developed a new pipe block product called ABS Block, made of lightweight ABS and AES resins. The pipe blocks are light and durable yet strong enough to support pipes, conduit, and HVAC equipment, to name a few applications.

The ABS Block is waterproof, weatherproof, and UV resistant. It is made of 100 percent recyclable material. The pipe block can be cut into any size for any job and configured using standard pipe clamps or 3/8 inch bolts.

Chicago Clamp Co.( introduced its new Joist Grip Framing Clamp System for roof deck support and framing. It is certified for uplift protection against wind loads.

Features of the new clamp system include Florida product approval rating; 4,000 pound system capacity; installs quickly and easily under existing roof deck; flexible support system for rooftop equipment and framing; and no welding or drilling required - good for retrofit projects.

ERICO’s( new Caddy® Rod Lock is a threaded rod mounting system that provides a “quick and economical solution” for installing electrical and mechanical systems supported by threaded rod. Its “push-install” design means that a threaded rod can be pushed into the mounting hole, which instantly locks it into position.

The Caddy Rod Lock uses a beam clamp and channel nut, which works with slightly damaged threads and minor burrs on the threaded rod. The mounting system reduces installation time up to 60 percent compared to conventional fasteners.

Goodman( announced its new line of in-stock heating and cooling equipment for light commercial applications. The package gas/electric units are available in sizes ranging from 3 to 20 tons and fit onto most existing roof curbs. Package heat pumps and air conditioners are also available, as are split systems. The company is also now offering numerous factory-installed options such as economizers and condenser hail guards.

McQuay International's energy recovery wheel option for Maverick™ II

McQuay International( announced the availability of an energy recovery wheel option for Maverick™ II commercial rooftop systems. The energy recovery wheel (with desiccant wheel, exhaust fan, optional bypass dampers, and controls) is provided as a one-piece, factory-installed option, with a single-point electrical power connection.

Petra Engineering Industries Co. Ltd.( displayed a rooftop packaged unit that uses R-407C and applies a modulating hot gas reheat coil. The 100 percent OA unit can provide up to 20 tons of cooling capacity. It features a heat pipe, convertible supply air opening, and micro channel aluminum condenser coil.

United CoolAir Corp.( showcased its new C-Premium horizontal series, which features a small footprint, low cabinet height, and modular design. The company also highlighted its new AquaAir package chilled water system, which is available in sizes ranging from 2 to 30 tons and is vertically oriented so minimal mounting space is required. The next generation C13 Series was also on display, which can be installed as a single package system or as a split system. The systems are flexible and available in sizes ranging from 2 to 8 tons.

Vibration Management Corp.( had the Green Series Triple-Core rubber foam pad. It has pads constructed from chemically cross-linked, micro-cellular rubber foam.

Cliplight Mfg. Quick 7-Step


Cliplight Mfg.( has introduced the Quick 7-Step, a three to five-minute installation procedure for applying Super Seal vacuum-packed leak sealants to air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Developed from contractor focus group feedback and later confirmed as safe by Cliplight laboratory research, the Quick 7-Step is said to be a streamlined step-by-step guide for faster Super Seal installation. The Quick 7-Step procedure is now depicted on a card insert and will eventually appear on the can label in packages of Super Seal Classic and Total as well as Cliplight’s Dry-R drying agent and Flash dye.

Comstar( featured HC-441a (HCR188C), a hydrocarbon refrigerant with zero global warming potential and is non-ozone depleting. It is the first hydrocarbon refrigerant to be approved for sale in the United States by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is EPA approved under the Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) for use in household refrigerators, freezers, and window air conditioners, the company said. It has been certified by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) as being non-toxic.

Honeywell Specialty Materials( low- global-warming-potential product HFO-1234ze has been accepted for use in foam and aerosol applications by the EPA. The new product, hydrofluoroolefin HFO-1234ze, is non-flammable, non-ozone depleting and has a global warming potential (GWP) of 6. HFO-1234ze can replace HFC-134a (with a GWP of 1,430) and HFC-152a (with a GWP of 142) in aerosol applications, extruded polystyrene board, rigid polyurethane foam, and one- and two-component insulating and sealant foam.

Parker Hannifin Corp., Sporlan Division(, added two products to the CatchAll product offering. The C-052-CAP-TT-HH filter-drier has been designed to provide enhanced protection against capillary tube clogging. Its “staged filtration” captures waxy material before it enters the capillary tube, as well as particles as small as 1 micron that get caught in it.

RefTec International Systems( has a new portable refrigerant reclaim model named the Bulldog. Its primary function is to remove oil, waste, acid, and particulates in one step in a portable environment. The Bulldog can be mounted on a 36 inch by 48 inch pallet and can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

The Bulldog uses its own energy to create the removal process and yields a “pure product.” Its throughput rate runs from 200-600 pounds per hour. Applications include reclaiming and purifying refrigerant inventories and equipment “oil dialysis,” which is removing excess oil from large systems and returning oil less refrigerant to the system.

RemTec International offers carbon credits for destruction of ozone depleting substances.

RemTec International( is introducing its program of carbon credits (CRTs) for the destruction of ozone depleting substances (ODS). CRTs are issued by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) for the destruction of R-11, R-12, R-114, and R-115 based on the GWP of each CFC destroyed. After destruction, the CAR issues CRTs or “shares” of carbon credits in an account set up for the project developer or owner of the CFCs that were destroyed.

CRTs, also known as “environmental commodities” are like other commodities such as corn and wheat and have “offered and bid” prices that fluctuate daily based on market factors.

“This is the new opportunity to convert used or surplus CFCs to carbon offset credits that can be used in the California Cap and Trade program or sold for cash,” said RemTec’s Tim Kearney. “RemTec uses its Arc Plasma Destruction technology to efficiently destroy these harmful ozone depleting substances.”


360EnterpriseSuite( displayed a set of modules that can be purchased to meet a company’s specific requirements. CRM Enterprise provides one location to manage various types of information in an integrated fashion. There also are e-mail messaging, help desk, and resource planning modules.

An energy transducer fromACR Systems( was branded PowerBullet and provides ac demand and consumption measurement. It is line powered phase-to-phase with no neutral wire, power supply or batteries required.

Calmac(, a maker of energy storage systems, announced that its product line is now available through the Autodesk® Seek web service, allowing design professionals to search for and access the company’s building product information and design files from the Seek website or directly from their Revit-based design applications. With the addition of Calmac models to their building design model, customers are now able to visualize a real-life representation of an energy storage system in the context of a whole building design.

Data-Basics’( TechAnywhere allows field technicians wireless field access to current work orders, using BlackBerry wireless devices or tablet PCs, to better emulate the paper work orders that techs are used to. The wireless dispatch and field service software is fully integrated with SAM Pro Enterprise.

Elite Software( announced updates to its Rhvac program for HVAC load calculations, duct sizing, equipment selection, and sales proposals. It now includes the ACCA Review Design Form Report, links to EnergyPro for Title 24 energy analysis, and the Manual D duct sizer.

Emerson Climate Technologies( introduced the Copeland X-Ref™ mobile app, which provides on-the-go access to the company’s online compressor cross-reference database for air conditioning products. The application for iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry mobile devices includes new functionality for quicker access.

GPS Insight( introduced its new fleet tracking system which provides location, unlimited history, reports, alerts, routing, and messaging immediately available via its Customizable Dashboard Interface.

The system features graphing dashlets which include data such as speeding violations, hours of operation, idle time, and miles driven. The SMS/e-mail messaging dashlet helps users send messages to drivers in one place and includes an auto-refresh inbox for updates. There is also a monthly rental option for the GPSI-3900 tracking device. The device has lifetime hardware warranty, ships same day as order, and includes a free ROI analysis.

Integrated Environmental Solutions(IES, displayed VE-pro, a suite of integrated building performance simulation tools. The company said it creates an understanding of the performance impacts of different low-energy design strategies. It allows architects and engineers to achieve optimum low-energy, high-performance design solutions. Many types of analyses can be integrated throughout the design life cycle.

McQuay International( introduced the Daikin McQuay EnergyAnalyzer II™, a program powered by the EnergyPlus™ simulation engine to provide an accurate method of estimating energy consumption. It helps building owners, specifiers, design-build contractors, and facility managers make financial decisions based on first cost, life cycle cost, system performance, or environmental impact.

TheModsync Inc.( inSite™ provides boiler room and control system monitoring. It is designed to interface directly with Modsync for remote monitoring and system access using any traditional web browser. It monitors and adjusts maintenance schedules and alarm status and history. The system interface provides e-mail alerts to notify personnel of any alarm condition. It uses a static IP address, so a building LAN connection is not necessary. Up to five users can be configured per site with administration/client access rights.

Pedigree Technologies( showcased its OneView for HVAC, a web-based application that allows for both HVAC contractors and their customers to monitor the operation of HVAC equipment from anywhere with Internet access, including mobile devices. Alerts and modifications can be received via e-mail, text, and in-cab messaging.

Some of the benefits of OneView for HVAC include: real-time visibility and just-in-time response; 24/7 continuously monitored equipment; rapid response to equipment problems; easy installation and use; and powerful technology with turnkey convenience.

Sage Construction and Real Estate(, a part of Sage North America) announced general ledger and dispatch features to its Timberline Enterprise program, which integrates accounting, operations, estimating, and service management processes. Dispatchers can check inventory and order parts from their dispatch board. Project managers can see responses to RFIs, transmittals, and submittals. Accounting staff can set up jobs by selecting from a list of estimates.

TRACTree, a division ofControl Technologies Inc.(www., announced that it is “aggressively building apps for Android devices to benefit those in the HVAC industry, and ourselves, of course, since we do HVAC too!” Its goal is to provide HVAC installation tasks such as service and controls, into easy-to-access apps from the Android Marketplace, available for free.

Trimble( introduced its field layout software suite that includes Trimble® Field Link for MEP and Field Link for Structures. The latest additions to the field layout portfolio incorporates a version for MEP trades and a version for steel and concrete contractors. Contractors working with BIM can view 3-D design models in the field, allowing field crews to make more informed decisions when problems arise.


Braeburn( announced three all new Touchscreen Hybrid thermostats, which feature Touchscreen TouchPad™ buttons for intuitive use and setup. The exclusive SpeedBar™ multi-function button improves the customer experience by providing the user with a fast and easy way to solve the problems associated with today’s competitive touchscreen thermostats. Compatible with virtually all residential and light commercial HVAC equipment, each model features easy-to-see oversized characters on a large 12-square-inch display and can be installed in new and retrofit installations.

ecobee( Remote Sensor Module is compatible with both the ecobee Energy Management System and the ecobee Smart Thermostat. The Remote Sensor Module enables ecobee customers to average temperatures, control humidity, and measure CO2. It works seamlessly with ecobee products over a personalized web portal. Through this secure online tool, users can access reports and data from anywhere there is an Internet connection, providing a flexible solution for maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

Energy Controls Co.( has introduced its ecWizard wireless on-off-auto pneumatic switching control (PESC-F100) for controlling pneumatic switching valves by providing on, off, and auto control. The control is powered by battery, 24 V, or optional energy harvesting and has four hard-wired universal inputs. Input values are transmitted wirelessly to a remote communications hub.

The ecWizard would typically be mounted in the ceiling next to a VAV box. Wired or wireless room temperature sensors transmit information to a remote communications controller (ecHost). Wireless monitoring options via the ecHost includes communicating via the Internet.

Features include easy monitoring of room temperatures, cfm, supply air, and branch control pressure, as well as shutoff in the unoccupied mode. The ecWizard is “backwards compatible” to future electric upgrades.

Goodman Co. LP( showed the Amana® Digi Smart™ controls wireless energy management system for PTACs. The system includes a wireless antenna, a remote-mounted thermostat, and a combination motion sensor-door switch. The controls have an easy-to-read LED readout, allowing users to check the temperature with a quick glance and, if desired, change the setting to a specific temperature by pressing a button. It also features a setback program that senses whether or not a unit has been touched within a specific window of time. If it hasn’t been touched within that timeframe, the system concludes that the room in which the PTAC is located is vacant and begins setting the temperature back in three successive steps to save energy.

Honeywell( Prestige® IAQ is a complete multi-stage system and IAQ control that installs with two wires. The two-piece design includes the thermostat and an equipment interface module (EIM) and communicates with each other using proven Honeywell RedLink™ wireless technology.

Prestige IAQ reminds homeowners when it’s time to replace their furnace filter, humidifier pad, or ultraviolet (UV) lamp. It can remind them to schedule a spring or fall systems check. Up to 10 reminders can be set from either pre-set options or ones created by the contractor. Automated messages direct homeowners to a screen with their contractor’s full color company logo, phone number, and website.

The iWorx® byTaco Electronics Solutions( is a web-based building management, monitoring and control system designed specifically for high-end residential and light commercial markets. It provides a full suite of control product applications that range from boiler controls, heating and air conditioning applications, including geothermal and solar, and products for emerging new technologies such as Btu metering. With an interface to the NiagaraAX Framework, it provides simple integration with other building automation systems. The controller seamlessly integrates with any existing LonWorks®, Modbus® and BACnet® building automation protocol. The online iWorx Selection Wizard creates a complete submittal package that includes wiring and airflow diagrams, bill of materials, sequence of operations, and complete job specifications.

White-Rodgers, a business division ofEmerson Climate Technologies(, announced an addition to the Emerson® Blue™ Easy Set™ thermostat line. The products now feature home, sleep, and away preset buttons. Geoff Godwin, vice president of marketing, said, “We’ve designed these thermostats to address key concerns of the growing Baby Boomer population.”


Anvil’s( Gruvlok CTS copper system is said to offer a faster, more economical alternative to conventional soldering and brazing. Only a wrench is needed for assembly.

Appion( introduced the TEZ Speed System, designed to save time when evacuating air conditioning and refrigeration systems of any size. The system features unrestricted large-diameter connections, vacuum-certified nonpermeating hoses, and the ability to maintain performance with “on-the-fly” oil changes. The system can provide up to five times’ faster evacuation on all light commercial and residential applications.

Atlanta Special Products’( Gitta Grip! grip-enhancing compound enhances the grip between tool and fastener, making it useful on damaged screw and bolt heads. A small amount applied on the contact surface of a screwdriver, wrench, or socket does the job. The compound also aids the initial installation of fasteners, helping the tool get and maintain a more secure grip on the screw or bolt so it won’t slip.

Burr Oak Tool( displayed an electrostatic lubricator that delivers fin stock lubricant in the form of uniformly sized and charged micro-droplets created by nozzle tips. It retrofits into any Burr Oak FP-1, FP2, FP-3, 1100, or 1400 press.

Chevrolet( displayed its new line of commercial trucks, including the Cargo 1500, 2500, and 3500 vans. They feature engines like the Vortec 4.3L V6 with an estimated 20 mpg, as well as the Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8. Features include an automatic locking rear differential on all models, and all-wheel-drive on the 1500. A standard Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic transmission is available on all 2500 and 3500 models.

Evergreen Telemetry’s( patent-pending Wrist Reporter displays a stream of real-time data on the user’s wrist from battery-operated remote probes, allowing a field technician to grasp tools or adjust a control knob. A family of unique probes is designed to be placed at or on the point of interest. Difficult placements are accomplished with the help of small clips, magnets, Velcro®, or adhesive strips. The probes measure at set intervals, usually two seconds, and transmit the results wirelessly to the Wrist Reporter. The Wrist Reporter can display four readings simultaneously from four different sensing probes. Two or more technicians can wear Wrist Reporters to share data, even when in different rooms.

TheExtech( BR200 video borescope/wireless inspection camera features a 3.5-inch TFT LCD wireless monitor with a microSD memory card for capturing images (JPG) or video (AVI) for viewing on a PC. The captured video with date and time stamp can be played back on the wireless monitor, or on any monitor with a video input jack. The 30-inch waterproof, flexible gooseneck retains its configured shape. The instrument has menus in 10 languages.

Flir( showed E-Series bx thermal imaging cameras. It has 3-mexapixel resolution, and large, backlit buttons. It can connect to an iPhone® or iPad® via WiFi to use the FLIRViewer app for processing and sharing images and data. Users can wirelessly transmit diagnostic data from clamp and moisture meters directly to the camera for annotating thermal images to further support findings. Voice comments can be added via a Bluetooth headset; text notes can be added from the touchscreen keypad.

Fluke( showed the TiS thermal imager, 810 vibration tester, 376 clamp meter with iFlex, 233 wireless multimeter, the 365 detachable clamp meter, and 2 AC voltage detector which is waved in front of the circuit - if it lights up, the line is live.

Ford( showcased its new F59 Super Duty Commercial Stripped Chassis that features up to a 22,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating, added payload capacity, and low step-in and loading heights. The five-speed automatic overdrive transmission is designed for exceptionally tough duty, and a low-viscosity transmission fluid helps improve fuel economy.

Goodway( displayed a hands-free scale-removal system that self-monitors the descaling process, adding descaling chemical as needed.

TheHarris Products Group( offered a full series of manual-lighting Inferno® tips for brazing and soldering. The tips can deliver “more heat, control, and consistency” according to the company. They combine several features: swirl combustion technology, durability, easy integration with quick-connect air-fuel handles, and applications for copper, brass, aluminum, steel, stainless, and carbides.

Liberty Enterprises( rolled out its Spiral Tubeformer SBTF-1602. The machine is “designed to be the best value on the market.” It features different aluminum forming heads, a hydraulic rolling slitter shear, and an automatic discharge run-out table.

Precision aluminum brazing was promoted byLucas Milhaupt( Engineers developed a triangular shaped brazing ring that sits in the hairpin and guides the flow of material during the heating and brazing process.

Mastercool( displayed a four-way digital manifold and datalogger. It records and stores up to 24 hours of data and up to 15 jobs. It displays pressures, and saturated, actual, superheat, and subcool temperatures.

Nissan( introduced the NV lineup, with V6 and V8 engines, three-year/36,000-mile warranties, and 24-hour roadside assistance. Flat interior walls allow for flush-fitting shelving, and a flat cargo floor and wide opening doors are optimized so forklifts can load 40- by 48-inch pallets. With pickup-like design, the cabin features extra leg room and water-repellent seats, as well as overhead storage.

NuvoTrace( Trace300 wireless benchtop hydrogen and/or refrigerant leak detector and locator uses solid-state sensor technology for tracer gas detection. It features two alarm set points, a small footprint, and touch screen HMI, and its wireless range extends to 90 feet. It’s designed to use up to four wireless probes.

Parker Hannifin Corp.( showcased the ParFlush System Clean-up Kit, a solution for R-410A conversions and compressor burnout cleanups, now in additional size options. Benefits include aggressive contaminant removal, fewer callbacks, and increased customer satisfaction. It’s said to provide up to 2½ times the continuing protection against detrimental contaminants as standard filter-driers.

The Reading Group( featured aluminum service vans, which are 45 percent lighter than vans made from steel. The vans feature a rugged understructure, patented hidden hinges, and heavy-duty aluminum compartment doors. Pooched frame-mounted bumpers help prevent body damage and provide a slip-resistant step surface. Aluminum fuel fill receptacle protects the body from accidental nicks and scratches.

A refrigeration system analyzer shown byRitchie Engineering Yellow Jacket Division( has a digital color display with adjustable brightness and contrast, protected by an anti-glare, scratch-resistant lens.

Rothenberger’s( Ropress compact battery-powered press tool is designed for pressing copper press fittings. It is said to enable plumbers to reduce installation and repair time. It is powered by an 18-V battery and weighs 8 pounds.

Sargent Quality Tools Soft-Touch Ultra-Lite PEX crimp tool

Sargent Quality Tools( introduced the Soft-Touch Ultra-Lite PEX crimp tool line, which features soft grips for easier crimping. Softer ergonomic grips allow the installer to secure more connections with less hand and wrist fatigue. The company also highlighted Multi-Pex, a new tool that crimps the most popular PEX fitting sizes: 3/8, ½, and ¾ inch.

Supreme Industries( introduced the Turbo Crimper, a new tool for round duct. The tool attaches to an impact driver and can crimp 22-26 gauge mild steel without an adjustment. It is lightweight, durable and fast. Benefits include increased productivity, a decreased amount of repetitive motion injuries, and decreased labor costs.

Tidy Trax( introduced its “hands-free” shoe cover, which lets technicians and installers walk into homes and buildings without removing their shoes. The shoe cover is made of foam and rubber; users slip their own shoes into the form. There is no bending over to put shoes on or take them off.

Venture Tape( highlighted its new 1507 refrigeration tape, which features a UV-resistant polypropylene film with a solvent acrylic cold water adhesive. These tapes are designed for foam pipe insulation and can be applied in cold temperatures. The company also displayed its new 1577CW cooler repair tape.

XForce Revolutionary Tools( introduced “force” tools designed to loosen hard-to-reach or stuck fittings. These models include the Flexforce brake and fuel line wrench, Stealthforce bidirectional wrench with trigger control, and Hexforce 360-degree wrap-around wrench.


AllStyle( introduced the DFM Series air handler for mobile home heat pumps and air conditioners. Designed specifically for mobile home use, the air handlers are available in a downflow configuration with sizes ranging from 3 to 5 tons. The units are available with electric heat up to 20 kW and feature a high-efficiency heavy wall grooved aluminum DX coil.

Pentair Technical Products( introduced Spectracool™ air conditioners for indoor and outdoor applications. These units feature a filterless design to reduce clogging, and they are ideal for cooling critical electronics. The company also introduced the McLean® filter fan collection, which features more than 175 new models for electronics cooling. These filter fans have a click-fit design for easy installation, shallow depth models for tight spaces, and a wide selection of ac and dc volt power input options.

Phnix( highlighted its new Polaris Series high temperature heat pump, which is designed for colder climates. The air-to-water heat pump features an EVI compressor that is specially designed for high temperature water. The water exchanger is equipped with a high-efficiency tube-in-shell heat exchanger, and an electrical heating element is provided for back-up heat. The system utilizes R-407c refrigerant and can provide domestic hot water year-round.

Westermeyer Industries Inc.( displayed its new line of HEC condensers that are high capacity and cleanable. The enhanced copper tubing provides extra heat transfer surface, thereby reducing the overall size of the condenser. Both the tube sheet and water plates have been epoxy coated for increased corrosion protection. Custom models are available, and the maximum working pressure is 400 psig refrigerant side.


At theAftermarket Specialties( booth there was information on Panasonic motors that feature Armadillo winding, brushless drive technology, and magnetic technology. The idea was to create a high-efficiency product in a compact design. The exhibitor said the motors are lightweight with low noise and low vibration. Because of the higher density in the stator, the exhibitor said the Armadillo winding allows for up to 91 percent efficiency; the driveless drive has an advanced angle for increased efficiency; and the magnet is made of neodymium for high strength.

American Wheatley HVAC Products( TDV-N/TSV-N triple-duty valve is designed for commercial and industrial applications, such as chilled-water and hydronics installations. The valve is available in sizes ranging from 3-12 inches, with ductile iron bodies and flanged connections. The quarter-turn design on the valve offers backflow protection throughout a wide range of system balancing settings. Upon closing, the plug rotates to block the downstream port, allowing pressure to equalize around the clapper so that it closes with little resistance. Final closing is accomplished by the plug camming against the backside of the clapper.

Apollo Valves( featured the DC-4An Series double check valves, which are designed to prevent contamination of the potable water supply due to back-siphonage or backpressure from substances that are objectionable. During normal flow conditions, the two check valves are held off their seats, supplying water downstream. Each check valve is designed to maintain a minimum of 1 psi across the valve during normal operation. If the pressure increases to within 1 psi of supply pressure, both check valves will close to prevent a backflow condition.

Bonomi North America( introduced the 8E064LF lead-free, direct-mount, two-way, full-port brass ball valve with a matched electric actuator. Available in sizes ranging from ¼- to 1-inch, these valves feature a blowout-proof stem with double O-ring packing, a chrome-plated ball, and PTFE seats. They are 100-percent tested in the open and closed position at 80 psi. The accompanying Valbia actuators are completely weatherproof, and a built-in heater and thermostat are standard.

The solenoid expansion valve PWM Series 2028 byCastel ( regulates the flow of refrigerant liquid to the evaporator by modulating the shutter’s opening time, permitting a wide range of variations in power. Seven interchangeable orifices with nominal rates of flow of 1-18 kW are available. It is used in a/c and refrigeration systems, primarily refrigerated supermarket shelving, and is compatible with HFC and HCFC refrigerants and CO2 (R-744).

Eaton( M-Max drives come with a host of functions dedicated to solving application needs, including flying start, configurable responses in the event of a fault, and standard Modbus-RTU protocol. Using a 32-bit microprocessor and insulated gate bipolar transistors, the M-Max series provides quiet motor operation, high efficiency and smooth, low-speed performance. In addition, the integrated proportional-integral controller, RFI filter, and brake chopper and extensive motor-protection functions ensure reliability and provide significant energy savings. In the event of power loss, M-Max drives support the connection of external 24V control power to maintain control and communication. Their compact design allows for use in tight spaces.

Electro Static Technology Aegis™ SGR bearing protection ring

Electro Static Technology( Aegis™ SGR bearing protection ring protects the bearings of VFD-driven motors from electrical damage, and the new all-inclusive Aegis Universal Mounting Kit (U-Kit) simplifies its mounting on virtually any ac motor shaft. The kit includes the proven Aegis grounding ring and mounting hardware for most motor designs. Ordered based on the NEMA “u” shaft diameter, the kit contains the correct size ring for the motor and four styles of brackets with bolts and lock washers that can be used in various configurations, depending on the contours of the motor’s end bracket.

Emerson Climate Technologies( displayed the PEP™ motor, part of today’s high-efficiency condensing units. The more they run, the more money they can save the end user, the company said - up to 15 percent less watt usage. The Rescue EcoTech® blower motor is an 82 percent efficient indoor ECM upgrade.

Faster( displayed its new Flat Face Series of quick-release couplings. The 3FFI Flat Face Series features a split internal slider with hydraulic balance, a safety sleeve to prevent accidental disconnection, and a wide range of threads. The triple valve system is patented and connectable under maximum working pressure. The couplings are suited for applications in which it is absolutely necessary to not leak oil during connection and disconnection.

Fluid Power Energy( announced that it is now offering low lead bronze material construction for thermostatic temperature control valves. These valves are designed for domestic water applications to meet different state requirements.

Illumra( Wireless M3 Valve Actuator can be integrated with building automation systems through an existing building control gateway. The M3 is designed for use on continuous closed-loop control systems and communicates based on EnOcean technology. The device is easy to install since it does not require installation of traditional wiring. In retrofits, the installation can be completed without disrupting or affecting existing building systems. Illumra is the exclusive distributor of the M3 in the U.S. and Canada. The M3 is produced by Kieback & Peter.

KZ Valve( showcased its 67 Series vented two-way stainless steel ammonia ball valves. The valve comes in ¼-, ½-, ¾-, 1-, 1½- and 2-inch sizes; sizes under 1 inch are available with an EH3 actuator, while the ¾- through 2-inch sizes are available with an EH2 actuator. Features include a maximum psi of 2,000 and 316 stainless steel stem with EPDM O-ring.

M.H. Rhodes Cramer Co.( Model 6100 ac hysteresis motor has been redesigned. According to the company, its engineers went through rigorous troubleshooting and scrutinized data to upgrade and redesign the motor, which has been manufactured for more than 80 years. The newly redesigned Cramer 6100 model hysteresis motor has undergone extensive testing and been proven the most robust hysteresis motor on the market, surpassing 200,000 cycles, said the company.

Mueller Industries( introduced the Cyclemaster mini split ball valves, which have a maximum working pressure of 700 psig and a working temperature range of -40° to 300°F. The valves have a rupture-proof encapsulated steam and full port construction to match line size ID. They are compatible with all CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants and oils, including R-410A.

Parker Hannifin Corp., Sporlan Division(, updated its line of electric expansion valves. This series of nine valves offers a nominal capacity range of up to 400 tons. High-resolution digital linear actuators, paired with other features and construction, provide control across a variety of loads and conditions. The SER-B and SER-D were introduced.

Schneider Electric( launched the M900 electro-mechanical spring return actuators, which have been added to the Forta two- and three-way globe valve actuators. The M900 Series is designed specifically for hot-water, chilled-water, and steam valve applications. The actuators offer simple configuration for special applications, including valve sequencing, valve position feedback span selection, valve stroke timing, and control valve flow curve behavior. They have brushless dc motors and a high-resolution control board for very fine fluid control.

The company also introduced the Venta, the next generation of the VB-7000 Series bronze globe valves. New features include an ultra-tight seal design providing tighter close off with near zero leakage (ANSI V rating) for greater energy savings and 100:1 rangeability for higher performance and more precise temperature control, said the company.

SNTech Inc.( is introducing its Green Motor™ family of electronically commutated motors (ECM). The motors are designed to deliver up to 90 percent efficiency - matching the needs for more energy-efficient HVACR products. The family includes the X2P, which uses a standard control interface; the SN24T, which is designed for single- and multi-stage HVAC equipment; and the SN245, which is outdoor-rated for single- and multi-stage condenser fan applications.

Features of the indoor Green Motors include belly band mounting; reduced length; ball bearings; advanced protection features; and UL, cUL, and CE approvals.

Spartan Peripheral Devices( ME8300 two-way communicating zone valve actuator is designed to communicate with other devices based on the EnOcean protocol. It is EEP2.1 compliant and available in European 315MHz and North American 868MHz frequencies. It can be used point-to-point or as part of a larger network, and features unique addressing for easier management. The actuator is compatible with all Spartan Zone Valve Bodies and available for OEM integration.

The extra compact thermoelectric actuators are two-way, three-way and four ported zone control valves that all use a simple time-proven thermo-electric actuator operating on the principle of the expansion of refined wax when heated through its melting point. They are silent, extremely compact, inherently fail safe (open or closed), and operate on steam to 15 psi temperatures.

TheStreivor Inc.( DemandAire™ variable-frequency drive motor control systems are designed for kitchen ventilation systems. The motor control systems include an 80 percent power soft start, constant temperature monitoring with 20 percent off-peak motor speed reductions, automatic exhaust fan start-up, and a user-activated 100 percent power switch with reset timer for override of low speed or off switch.

The motor controls receive continuous data from the temperature monitors located in the exhaust hood or duct. Utilizing the temperature data, the unit makes continuous real-time adjustments to the exhaust and supply fan motors to meet the demand requirements of the kitchen ventilation system.

The company also showed a commercial kitchen wall canopy hood with Smart Aire™, which allows a larger hood to be segmented into individual smaller hood segments along the length of the hood body.

Titan CV50 Series check valve

Titan ( introduced CV50 Series check valves, which are center-guided silent check valves with a unique patent-pending design that minimizes turbulence in the flow. Integral straightening vanes calm incoming turbulent flows, minimizing head loss and helping to prevent premature valve failure caused by noise vibrations, erosion, cavitations, etc. To reduce downstream flow resistance, the newly streamlined body cavity utilizes a light compression spring coupled with a smaller boss, instead of the typical conical spring constructions that restrict flow. The extra clearance within the valve’s body allows a butterfly valve to be installed directly on the outlet side of the valve without additional piping.

Toshiba( highlighted the new EQP Global™ SD next-generation NEMA Premium® efficiency motor series. This low voltage motor line is designed for severe duty applications and features multiple design enhancements that make it one of the lowest cost-of-ownership products in the industry. Features include a stainless steel nameplate, a gasketed cast iron conduit box, oversized 300 Series bearings on all frames, and multiple drain provisions for horizontal and vertical mounting.

Trenton Refrigeration Products( displayed QuickVac evacuation valves, designed to reduce evacuation times and facilitate deeper and more effective vacuum level. The valves come as a standard feature on all Trenton TQH, TQZ, TEH, TEZ, and TES lines of air cooled condensing units. The manufacturer said the access to the valves is convenient for serviceability.


Arzel Zoning( GTPro is an innovative zone control system designed to maximize the strengths and requirements of residential and light commercial geothermal systems. The GTPro analyzes indoor and outdoor air temperatures, and monitors loop temperature and multi-point thermostat data to maximize service efficiency, operational control and comfort. By measuring loop temperature, the GTPro allows for more precise system monitoring to save time, money, and energy to operate. With the GTPro, the contractor has the ability to control the heating staging using several customizable variables.

Rossi HVAC Hardware Everlock™ manual air volume control damper handle

Rossi HVAC Hardware( Everlock™ is a manual air volume control damper handle with a positive locking mechanism. The new Everlock has more stopping stations and up to a 2-inch bracket. It is a positive or absolute locking damper handle compared to other handles with friction locks that can vibrate loose over time. Rossi also released stackable damper blades. Specially designed for neat and easy storage, this innovation helps save space in a warehouse and cuts down shipping costs by reducing shipping volume.


TheAirtec Products Corp.( Novent® refrigerant service locking cap prevents thieves and huffers from stealing refrigerant. The locking cap fits on central air conditioning condensers’ refrigerant service ports. The locking cap can only be removed with a special key available to licensed technicians through HVAC distributors. They are color coded green for R-22, pink for R410A, and silver for all refrigerant types.

The company’s EZ Trap® UltraSwitch Model EZT-356 is a self-evacuating cutoff switch with an integral mini pump to help prevent property damage from condensate drain pan overflows on residential and commercial air conditioners.

AmbiRad( launched Vision, a range of radiant tube heaters that feature new burner technology that is complemented by a series of optional aesthetic finishes. Vision radiant tube heating is designed for use in commercial and industrial environments, particularly those that need controlled heat in very large spaces. The high-efficiency heaters are quiet and have 50 percent lower NOx emissions than other equivalent products.

Little Giant Pump( introduced NXTGen™ condensate pumps, which are designed for the removal of condensate from air conditioners and high-efficiency gas furnaces. The pumps feature a slim footprint and an oil-resistant tank and check valve that eliminate the problem of cracked tanks exposed to oil. Other features include rubber feet that absorb vibration, an optional overflow switch, and improved cooling, which increases pump life.

Napoleon Quality Fireplaces( displayed its new WHD31 Plazmafire™ wall-hanging gas fireplace, which features a 30- by 15-inch viewing area and up to 20,000 Btuh. The Plazmafire comes standard with a Topaz Crystaline™ ember bed, slate brick panel, and 20-inch rigid venting. Optional accessories include LED light kit, safety screen, and convex or rectangular surrounds.

Schwank( introduced the sportSchwank luminous heater, which is an infrared heating solution to overcome conditions in open air stadiums. The heater can be installed up to 180-feet high for added comfort without affecting spectators’ view.

Silentium( exhibited its new Active Noise Control (ANC) system, which is based on producing an anti-noise signal that destructively interferes with the original sound wave and cancels out the noise. This solution silences the noise at its source, allowing for more compact noise reduction systems that work. This “Silence in a Chip” can be utilized with HVAC blowers and kitchen hoods.

Publication date:02/21/2011