FMI’s 2016 Energy & Store Development conference will be held Sept. 11-14 at the Sheraton New Orleans hotel in New Orleans. The conference offers an opportunity to meet with leaders of the food retail industry to discuss new refrigeration technology, energy efficiency and conservation, as well as refrigeration system and store design.

Highlights include:

• A manufacturer-retailer exchange that provides supermarket operators the opportunity to meet leading suppliers of energy management, HVAC, refrigeration, design, construction, and lighting systems.

• Store and facility tours.

• Educational sessions and comprehensive workshops. Breakout sessions provide small group learning opportunities across three tracks: energy, refrigeration, and store development.

The refrigeration sessions scheduled to be included in this year’s breakouts are:

• Total Cost of Ownership: Electric vs. Gas Defrost

• Humidity Issues in Supermarkets

• Pros and Cons of Various Systems for Small Stores

• HFOs: The Future of Sustainable Supermarket Refrigeration

• Total Cost of Ownership: Mechanical vs. Electronic Expansion Valves/Case Controllers

There will also be opportunities to connect with other professionals and potential business partners who have similar responsibilities and challenges, to gain new ideas to reduce costs and improve sustainability, and to help your supermarket clients build a shopping experience that meets their customers’ evolving needs.

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