The 2016 Dealer Design Award gold-winning ventilation product, the Horizontal Mount Damper in Non-Concrete 2 Hour Fire Rated Barrier from Greenheck Fan Corp., was designed to protect duct penetrations and air-transfer openings going through horizontal non-concrete barriers. The line of fire and combination fire/smoke dampers can be specified for use in UL floor/ceiling design I503, which is a two-hour fire-rated floor/ceiling assembly made from steel studs and gypsum board. This unique installation method greatly simplifies the difficult task designers and contractors face trying to protect duct penetrations at the top and bottom of fire-rated building shafts. Installing Greenheck’s series dampers in a horizontal non-concrete barrier results in more usable space for the owner, more flexibility for the design professional, and reduced installation time for contractors.

“I like that it’s versatile. We can put it in a raised structure that is not concrete,” said Eddie McCubbins, vice president of J&F Mechanical in Rutledge, Tennessee, who used the product during a project on a resort in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. “Often times, ceiling space is at a premium. So, framing down into the ceiling space really hurts. The fact we can damper right at the floor or roof levels is a huge deal. And Greenheck has excellent customer service and support.”

The product’s UL floor/ceiling design I503 assembly reduces time and cost by allowing contractors to simply install a damper horizontally in the top and bottom floors where the shaft terminates using standard construction methods and materials. Additionally, it is easier to do maintenance because a horizontally mounted damper can potentially be accessed from either side of the floor it is installed in, which makes inspecting and servicing the damper more convenient than one installed vertically in a shaft extension. It’s a solution to an issue that building designers, contractors, and code officials run into on a regular basis. This unique installation method gives more flexibility to design safe buildings within budget, frees up square footage on the underside of the bottom floor that can be used to run other utilities, and eliminates the need for two 90-degree elbows when the ventilating equipment is placed directly below or above the shaft.

“The primary driver that led to the development of this solution was the fact that we were continually receiving questions from contractors in the field on how to install fire dampers in openings in fire-rated concrete floors when the damper wasn’t taking up the entire opening,” explained Marty Gissel, engineering manager, dampers, Greenheck. “The only approved methods for protecting these openings were very costly, time consuming, and rarely budgeted for by contractors. The simplicity of the product and cost savings versus the alternative methods of protecting the opening set it apart in the market. The time and cost saved by contractors using this installation method is a huge advantage.”


Aeroseal LLC received the silver award for its Mobile PRO, a complete mobile aerosol duct-sealing system for residential applications. It combines Aeroseal’s HomeSeal PRO — the company’s wireless home duct-sealing system — with all of the equipment and accessories used in the sealing process. All components are pre-assembled and ready to run directly from within the Mobile PRO trailer.

The Mobile PRO makes duct-sealing easier and more profitable than ever by reducing the time it takes to set up and tear down.

The mobile system features integrated wireless technology and an internal power source. Using the equipment’s Wi-Fi connection, contractors can fully operate and manage the entire duct-sealing process from anywhere inside the home while the equipment remains outside in the Mobile PRO trailer. Additionally, a compressor/generator combo is included as part of the complete system and eliminates the hassle of finding an adequate power source to operate the equipment by providing immediate power.

“Our overall goal is to improve productivity on the job. We want technicians in and out of the house as quickly as possible while still doing a high-quality job,” said Bryan Barnes, senior director of residential applications, Aeroseal. “The biggest advantage is it increases productivity for the dealer. They save a number of man-hours by not having to unload and repack all of the equipment required to do the Aeroseal process, and there’s not a lot of equipment sitting around in different areas of the home, garage, or driveway. The extra time provides more opportunity to engage with consumers and talk to them about other issues going on in the home that they might be able to solve. Additionally, the Mobile PRO can be used for a one-tech operation, eliminating the need for a two-man crew.”

Barnes noted that Aeroseal will continue to focus on improving the Mobile PRO for multiple systems, not just the Home Seal Pro.

Greenheck Fan Corp.
Horizontal Mount Damper in Non-Concrete 2 Hour Fire Rated Barrier

Aeroseal LLC
Mobile PRO

Publication date: 7/18/2016

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