Innovations in the home control and security markets are bringing new systems to the HVAC market. Their reach is stretching to include geothermal and security systems. Bringing homeowners increased comfort, higher efficiency, and greater control, the Residential Controls (including zoning) category ofThe NEWS’ninth annual Dealer Design Awards is full of products pushing home control to new heights. Jackson Systems LLC’s T-21-P thermostat is a versatile control that received the category’s gold award. The silver award went to Arzel Zoning Technology for its GTPro™ zoning control system, and the bronze went to Ingersoll Rand Residential Solutions for its Nexia™ Home Intelligence home automation system.

Gold Winner

The T-21-P from Jackson Systems LLC has a slim flat-screen profile with a bright backlit display, and can be used as a programmable or non-programmable thermostat. It can be battery powered or hardwired, making it suitable for use in residential and light commercial applications. The thermostat can be used in applications from 1H/1C up to 2H/1C heat pumps and dual fuel; as a standard, manual thermostat; or can be configured as a seven-day, programmable model as well.

The T-21-P also has manual or auto changeover, keyboard lockout, adjustable heating and cooling setpoint limits, non-volatile memory, and short cycle protection. An outdoor temperature display is available when used with an outdoor sensor, and temperature averaging can be shown when used with an indoor sensor. The product also comes with a five-year warranty.

Initial setup for the T-21-P thermostat can be configured with a set of dipswitches located on the subbase of the thermostat without having to enter the advanced installer setup menu. The fact that the thermostat is dual powered allows contractors to either use the existing common wire or to power the thermostat by battery.

One of the contractor judges said that this thermostat was a good choice for contractors.

“If it’s a product from Jackson Systems, it’s going to be good,” he noted. “The company is just simply that good.”

Silver Winner

The GTPro™ Zoning Control System from Arzel Zoning Technology has been built from the ground up to accommodate the geothermal heat pump application. According to the company, it is the first non-proprietary zone control system designed especially for the geothermal market. The all-in-one control system and zone control is designed for any geothermal unit. The smart-control of the staging process helps expand contractor options allowing them to utilize duct temperature, zone weight, loop temperature, and time to build the staging sequence that will work best for each stage on each job.

On the damper side, GTPro can drive up to 40 dampers spread over up to four zones. Dampers install directly into the ductwork, providing a simple, robust duct control system that doesn’t require duct renovation.

A judge in the contest said that the system “looks unique.”

Programming is accomplished either with the on-board setup wizard or using “The Commissioner,” which guides the contractor through the setup process, then sends an email with the configuration code. Once copied to a USB flash drive and plugged into the onboard port, the board recognizes that file and updates its operating sequence.

Bronze Winner

Ingersoll Rand’s Nexia™ Home Intelligence home automation system is a universal control for residential applications from Trane and Schlage. Homeowners can adjust, monitor, control, and secure all the important functions of a home from a smart phone or computer, including temperature devices, front door locks, lights, and home security cameras.

A contractor judge that participated in the contest has installed this system. “It is very easy to install and there is no maintenance required,” he explained. “It is easy to add on additional items to the system and is very user friendly.”

Climate and energy tabs enable users to adjust the setting of the thermostat and understand household energy usage.

“It gives consumers a new way to think about familiar functions such as heating, cooling, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and home security. Yet it will also bring forward a foundation of trust from companion brands such as Schlage, Trane, and American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning,” said the company. “We think Nexia will shape future innovations as homeowners continue to demand digital conveniences and access at their fingertips, all while saving money on their energy bills.”

Sidebar: 2012 Honorees — Residential Controls, Including Zoning

Gold Winner
Manufacturer: Jackson Systems LLC
Product: T-21-P Thermostat

Silver Winner
Manufacturer: Arzel Zoning Technology
Product: GTPro™

Bronze Winner
Manufacturer: Ingersoll Rand Residential Solutions
Product: Nexia™ Home Intelligence

Publication date: 7/9/2012