PALO ALTO, Calif. — Consumer awareness of the connected home is growing quickly, according to findings released from connected home studies fielded by Kelton Global and Research Now in the U.S. Commissioned by Nest, the studies were designed to uncover consumer sentiment about the connected home market.

Findings include:

• Eighty-one percent of Americans either own or are interested in purchasing a connected home product in the next year.

• To Americans, the main benefit of having a connected home product is increased convenience (54 percent), followed by increased security (44 percent), a reduced energy bill (38 percent), and boosted home value (21 percent).

• Thirty-eight percent of Americans are more interested in connected home products today than they were six months ago.

Fifty-four percent of consumers value the convenience connected home products offer, such as the ability to monitor and control their home from anywhere. Increased safety and security continue to be compelling reasons to integrate connected home technology with 44 percent of Americans indicating this as a key benefit of having connected products.

Reducing monthly bills and environmental benefits are also key motivators for consumers to install connected home products, with 38 percent pointing to reduction in home energy bills as a benefit of connected home products. Fifty-nine percent of Americans also indicated they worry about their energy consumption.

Despite growing awareness of connected home products like smart thermostats, Americans are concerned about keeping their personal information secure online (82 percent) and worry that the technology in their home will quickly become outdated (43 percent). Understandably, they are willing to pay extra for high quality electronics in their homes (63 percent). Americans just want the technology in their home to work well together (86 percent).

“Once viewed as luxury items, connected home products are now reaching mainstream consumers across all ages and incomes,” said Tom Bernthal, founder and CEO, Kelton Global. “What this study tells us is that the connected home space is heating up with a few important brands paving the way and more consumers than ever considering the benefits of embracing the connected lifestyle.”

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Publication date: 5/3/2016

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