BOYERTOWN, Pa. — ClimeCo Corp. has announced its acquisition of Environmental Credit Corp., expanding its position as a top provider of voluntary carbon credits under the Climate Action Reserve.

Environmental Credit Corp. was established in 2004 to help refrigerant recyclers, waste managers, municipalities, and others develop and operate projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“ClimeCo has been purchasing top-quality carbon offsets from Environmental Credit Corp. since 2011,” said William Flederbach, ClimeCo president. “Both entities were established upon a commitment to the idea that environmental protection makes good economic sense, and taking responsibility for the emissions we generate can be managed economically.”

With more than 50 GHG mitigation and carbon offset projects to its name, the acquisition of Environmental Credit Corp. substantially increases and diversifies ClimeCo’s offset and commodities options portfolio with additional voluntary products and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliance grade offsets through a variety of approved protocols. Fifteen of these projects are currently in operation and will be integrated into ClimeCo’s portfolio.

ClimeCo said the acquisition will provide enhanced capabilities in the area of refrigerant management, including destruction of ozone depleting substances such as CFCs, and management/recycling of HCFC and HFC refrigerants. These services, which also expand ClimeCo’s portfolio and pipeline of ARB-compliance offset credits, fit in with the company’s expertise in thermal oxidation and catalytic decomposition, two technologies currently utilized by ClimeCo to create tradable environmental commodities.

“ClimeCo and Environmental Credit Corp. have a long history of doing business together, and we believe that we share similar values and possess complementary capabilities,” said former Environmental Credit Corp. CEO Derek Six. “As a combined entity I see our existing project partners benefiting from ClimeCo’s areas of expertise, and I look forward to putting ECC’s experience in offset project development and cap-and-trade policy development to work for ClimeCo’s partners”

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Publication date: 9/14/2015

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