DULUTH, Ga. — DiversiTech Corp., a North American manufacturer and supplier of components and related products for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR), announced the formation of DiversiTech Europe, via a merger with Artiplastic of Milan, Castel Engineering of Belgium, and Rodigas of Padua, Italy, along with the existing DiversiTech/Pump House business in the United Kingdom. These four companies combined will become a European manufacturer and supplier of parts and accessories to the HVACR industry. The leaders of Artiplastic, Castel, Rodigas will continue to run the business.

"Having these three great companies join DiversiTech is significant not only for the launch of the DiversiTech platform in Europe, but also for the additional products and services they will provide to our customers in North America," said Andy Bergdoll, CEO of DiversiTech. "We look forward to welcoming the Artiplastic, Castel, and Rodigas teams to the DiversiTech family."

Artiplastic, Castel, Rodigas, and DiversiTech have been working together for over 15 years. The companies share a common heritage of being founded as family businesses with a strong long-term commitment to customers, employees, and local manufacturing. The combined company will have eight manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Europe.

“This further step marks the definitive consolidation of our company and confirms that quality and innovation win," said Davide Spinola, CEO of Artiplastic. "The commitment to this new challenge is total and I count on the continuous support of our teams that made it happen."

“Merging the European companies with DiversiTech to become the global leading manufacturer of HVAC installation materials is a dream come true. We are very excited to continue to grow together with DiversiTech and simplify the work of our customers all over the world. The family Castelein will remain on board and continue to operate with the same familial and passionate entrepreneurial spirit," said Jean Claude Castelein, CEO of Castel Engineering.

"This further step marks the final consolidation of our company and confirms how the values of quality and innovation are winning," said Francesco Roverato, CEO of Rodigas. "The commitment in the face of this new challenge will be great, but I am confident that I can count on the support of the people whose work every day contributes to the growth of our company."

DiversiTech, with existing presence in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, said it looks forward to expanding its global product portfolio and application expertise with mini-split systems and heat pumps in commercial and residential markets, as well as providing a differentiated service model in Europe to better serve its customers and continued growth globally.