SAN JOSE, Calif. — Engineered for tightening or loosening heavy bolt connections with spindles or long threads, Mountz said its RG (radial gearing) torque multipliers have been specially developed for plate heat exchanger applications. The electric or pneumatic torque multipliers are designed to reduce maintenance time and expense.

The tools are suitable for various industries including HVAC. Designed to decrease bolting time and prevent tightening failures, the RG tools provide precision torque control, making it easier and often safer to disassemble and reassemble heat exchangers while reducing application problems, said Mountz.

Mountz noted that regular maintenance intervals for plate heat exchangers are needed in order to maintain efficiency. Over time, dirt, silt, sand, and other debris can build up and impact the heat exchanger’s performance and cause unplanned downtime. Maintaining the plates requires a regular and intensive cleaning process. Part of the maintenance process involves loosening and retightening the plate heat exchanger bolts.

The Mountz tool shuts off when the pre-set torque is achieved. It’s non-impacting and operates at a smooth, continuous rotation. The torque multiplier provides quick and simultaneous tightening of large plate packs when using two or more torque multipliers diagonally. Mountz offers these tools in a pneumatic and electric configuration with a torque range capacity of 413 to 3,569 foot-pounds.

Mountz said its torque multiplier is faster than using a hydraulic wrench because it eliminates the set up time and slow ratcheting process of hydraulic wrenches. The multiplier tool is also said to be ergonomically safer than the hammering of impact wrenches.

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Publication date: 5/4/2015

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