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Preseason Air Conditioning Service

With the heating season winding down and the cooling season soon upon us, it’s time to reconsider what is involved in proper cooling system maintenance. Perhaps each contractor or service manager should hold a short, but useful, meeting reminding all technicians of what is involved in providing customers with professional preseason air conditioning service and why we do them. Technicians can begin reminding customers of the need for servicing their air conditioning systems before the warmer weather arrives.

Btu Buddy 18: Compressor with Refrigerant Flooding Back

It was a very hot day when Bob received a call from the dispatcher telling him an office building was not cooling properly. Inspecting the condensing unit, Bob finds the unit is running and putting out heat because the air leaving the fans is really warm. He decides to remove the compressor compartment door. What he sees really surprises him. The compressor is very large and sweating all over the motor housing and the crankcase. It’s obvious it is running and cooling; the question is why isn’t it cooling the building.

Maintenance of Residential Split-system Air Conditioners

Here are some annual air conditioning system maintenance recommendations for service technicians. The article covers filters, lubrication, outdoor coil cleaning, indoor coil maintenance, ductwork inspection, electrical checks, motor and fan, refrigerant charge, and other considerations such as flushing the condensate drain. The article also reminds contractors to keep a record of all maintenance and repairs made to the system.

Be the Contractor of Choice: Provide a Quality Installation

A quality installation is an investment that can enhance your customer’s comfort while saving him or her money over the system’s entire lifespan. Help ensure the ongoing benefits of your customer’s initial investment. The federal government’s Energy Star program provides several recommendations to demonstrate you are a quality contractor, such as encouraging your technicians to obtain North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certifications.

Publication date: 4/13/2015

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