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Btu Buddy 4: Cleaning a Very Dirty Condenser

The dispatcher has called Bob and asked him to catch a service call on his way home, late in the afternoon. The homeowner is complaining of an overly hot house and says her air conditioning unit is running all the time. This is the first really hot day in a region known for heat. Bob asked the homeowner what she knows about the way the system is performing. She told Bob that the unit has run all day and doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Get What You Want: Negotiate to Win

Failed negotiation strategies do more than prevent you from getting what you want. They also detract from your credibility and your knowledge base of the person or company you’re negotiating with. The key to getting what you want from the other party is mastering the art of making others happy in a way that’s agreeable to all. If you want to leave your next negotiation with more favorable results, enhanced credibility, and a more thorough knowledge of the other party, put these negotiation strategies to work. After all, the more time you spend in preparation, the easier your negotiation will be.

DDC Concepts and Strategies: An Introduction

Digital controls have been with us for years, yet those of us who do not regularly work with them are not always aware of their full capabilities. Direct digital control (DDC), building automation systems (BAS), energy management systems (EMS), facility management systems (FMS), and other terms are used to describe these control systems. These controls are capable of providing precise and dependable control of HVAC systems.

Start-Up and Winterizing of Evaporative Cooling Equipment

The tips in this article, which provide recommendations on spring start-up and equipment winterizing, apply to cooling towers, closed-circuit coolers, evaporative condensers, and closed-circuit industrial coolers. Carrying out these start-up and winterizing procedures together with scheduled periodic maintenance will prolong the life of the equipment and help ensure the trouble-free performance for which the unit was designed.

Publication date: 4/7/2014

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