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Btu Buddy 6: Removing Water from a Wet Heat Pump System

Bob has been scheduled to help finish a job that a new construction crew installed. The installers left the gas line and liquid line on a heat pump at the job site turned up all weekend and it rained in the tubing. The foreman noticed it and asked for the service department to finish the job. The installation crew had run the gas and liquid lines out to the outdoor unit and just turned them up on the ends, with every intention of plugging them before they went home for the weekend, but they didn’t.

Btu Buddy 7: Changing a Badly Burned Compressor

Bob has received a service call from the dispatcher. A small business with a 5-ton single-phase heat pump called because there is no cooling. It is 90°F outside and the employees are really getting hot. Bob arrived at the job site and went inside to talk to the manager. The manager told Bob that the system was working yesterday afternoon. But, when she turned the unit on this morning, it never did cool down. Bob then began his preliminary checks.

An Overview of Building Diagnostics

Building diagnostics is a practical methodology that enables HVAC professionals to verify and document to customers that installed systems are meeting defined performance criteria over time, or, if the criteria are not being met, to indicate that interventions are needed to regain expected performance. Contractors and designers should become familiar with the concepts of building diagnostics, which are briefly presented in this article, and to consider incorporating these methods into their work.

Biggest Time Wasters for Salespeople

Good time management for salespeople has been an obsession of mine for more than 30 years. I’ve been involved in helping tens of thousands of salespeople improve their results through more effective use of their time. Over the years, I’ve seen some regularly occurring patterns develop — tendencies on the part of salespeople to do things that detract from their effective use of time. Here are the four most common time wasters I’ve observed. See if any apply to you or your salespeople.

Publication date: 6/2/2014

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