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‘Plain Jane’ Water for Hydronics ... Not So Plain

Let’s take a look into the inner passages of a modern hydronic system. Generally speaking, you will find most systems filled with “Plain Jane” tap water; this fluid usually works well. However, today, more than ever, “Plain Jane” water may not be so plain. If you are not testing your fill water, you are guessing and potentially compromising a system that depends on hot, wet, sediment-free surfaces to efficiently do its job.

Btu Buddy 8: Burned 4-Way Valve Coil on a Heat Pump

The manager of a small retail store is complaining that the store is too hot; the heat pump seems to be heating instead of cooling. After Bob arrives and talks to the manager, he turns the thermostat to “cool” and heads for the outdoor unit on the roof. He notices that the unit is running. When he puts his hand in the air stream leaving the coil, he discovers that it is cool, not warm. He knows this means the unit is running in heating mode, not cooling mode, but why is the big question.

How to Make the Most of Your Trade Show Investment

Exhibiting at a trade show or home show can be an expensive, yet often necessary, marketing initiative. When it comes to home shows, many companies fail to maximize their return on investment. Exhibitors often base the success of the show solely in terms of the orders written, leads generated, or customer contacts maintained. They often ignore the value-added opportunity they can achieve by gaining publicity in media, reaching key audiences before, during, or after a show.

Incentives to Purchase Vehicles: Is It the Best Choice?

While businesses continue to consider various alternatives to trim expenses and improve cash flow, it’s important to recognize that some of the most tempting offers can actually end up being more costly. For example, 0 percent financing, which works well for purchasing personal vehicles, may not be the best choice for businesses with small to mid-size fleets. Similarly, buying or financing vehicles to take advantage of tax rules must also be weighed against all alternatives.

Publication date: 6/30/2014 

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