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The Disastrous Effects of Deferring Maintenance

When we attempt to force maintenance spending into specific lumps of time that do not meet the needs of our machines, we create the need to defer maintenance. Maintenance budgets fail because budgeting authorities do not understand the disastrous consequences of deferring maintenance. I was asked to create a 16-week college course in the management of maintenance. During the creation, I made four significant discoveries concerning the financial management of maintenance and created rules to cover them.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Testing in Determining Pipe Corrosion

Ultrasonic testing is the procedure of introducing a high-frequency sound wave into one exterior side of a material and reflecting the sound wave from its interior surface to produce a precise measurement of wall thickness. While improvements in instrumentation have moved this technology into multiple areas of application, its benefits to facility managers, plant engineers, and technicians as a diagnostic and predictive tool are still widely unknown and underutilized.

Btu Buddy 15: Quickly Cooling a Hot Hermetic Compressor

The dispatcher called Bob and told him that a very good customer who operates a restaurant was without air conditioning. Bob arrived at the job and went to check out the rooftop unit. The condenser fan was running, but the compressor was not. Bob took the compressor compartment door off and looked inside. He tried to touch the compressor and quickly pulled his hand back. It was really hot. He noticed the compressor contactor was humming, so the control circuit was calling for cooling.

Create a Culture of Accountability

How do you feel when someone holds you accountable? Chances are you feel like you’re in trouble; like you let your team down or missed an important item on the balance sheet. Since most people experience accountability this way, it’s no wonder they spend so much time shunning it and explaining and justifying poor results. A more positive and powerful definition of accountability can do more to achieve outstanding results than all the finger pointing and blaming in the world.

Publication date: 1/19/2015

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