New Avionics Corp.: Ice SensorThe Ice*Meister™ Model 9734-HVAC industrial ice detecting sensor system conveniently automates the facility manager’s important task of monitoring ice. It limits inconvenient and hazardous topside ice inspections during wintertime. The ice sensor eliminates guesswork of seeing ice formations inside the tower, increases situational awareness, and reduces the risk of icing damage. Fan blades can form ice on them and imbalance the fan motor, and chunks of damaging ice can be slammed against the insides of the tower cylinders. A precursor slushy-ice warning in advance of damaging hard ice on the tower’s internal surfaces is helpful to take protective measures and reduce risk. Wherever you place it, Ice*Meister will indicate both opaque rime ice and clear black ice. Anytime it sees the beginnings of ice — slushy or hard, opaque or clear, day or night, fan orifice or sump well — the 9734 displays a bright blue LED and closes a pair of relay contacts for host control and data logging systems. As soon as the offending ice has disappeared, the blue LED goes dark and the relay contacts open up again.

New Avionics Corp.

eProduct 184

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