defrost controllerMinimizing frost accumulations on refrigerator evaporator coils and fins, the Ice*Meister™ Model 9734-REFR optical defrost controller can be used in commercial walk-in refrigerators and reach-in refrigerated display cases, and other self-defrosting chiller systems in supermarkets, restaurants, school cafeterias, convenience stores, and refrigerated display cases for sushi, pastries, gelato, ice cream, and other foods. The unit conserves energy by operating defrost heaters when frost is present. The quantified amount of energy to be saved depends on a number of local variables, including time of the day, ambient humidity, temperature, season of the year, staff diligence, local customs, etc. As soon as frost appears, Ice*Meister signals the compressor to turn off, and the heater to turn on. This signal immediately begins to melt and remove offending frost. As soon as the offending frost has been melted away and removed, the controller signals the heater to turn off and turns the compressor back on again. The refrigerator then returns to normal operation, with its defrost controller sweeping back-and-forth across the frost-formation threshold, and actively keeping the condenser coils frost-free. The controller can be installed on any refrigerator at the factory, or retrofitted in the field as an aftermarket product. It controls any refrigerator’s defrosting system to sweep back and forth across the ice formation threshold in real time. The controller eliminates defrost cycles when there is no frost to be removed. It initiates defrost cycles immediately as frost appears on evaporator coils. It terminates defrost cycles immediately as offending frost is removed. The control minimizes defrost heat inside refrigerators.

New Avionics Corp.

eProduct 184