The Model EDB650SA has been added to the Ice Pro line of automatic ice bagging and dispensing systems. According to the manufacturer, no hands or tools touch the ice, resulting in sanitary ice transfer to just about any container - bags, ice chests, buckets, Totes™ ice carriers, and carts - making the unit ideal for convenience stores, supermarkets, beverage stores, marinas, dispatch centers, and any other location where bagged ice is used. The bagging-dispensing system fits into a 34-inch-wide footprint and can be installed under an 8-foot ceiling with most icemakers. Even with its smaller footprint, the system can hold up to 650 pounds of ice to support high sales volumes. It is designed to function at 230-240V, 50 Hz. The unit’s easy-to-read controls offer variable dispense times in order to fill a variety of bag or container sizes. Pins securely hold the ice bags and are adjustable to accommodate 5- to 10-inch bags. A blower opens the bags automatically for high-volume, hands-free dispensing. A 4.4-pound bag can be filled by one person at a rate of 8 to 10 bags per minute, says the company.

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