NewAge Industries Inc.: Polyurethane TubingPolyurethane tubing providing durability, natural flexibility, excellent weathering characteristics, and good chemical resistance and offered by the company are unreinforced, braid-reinforced, and a style designed for pneumatic applications, the company said. Typical uses include air and liquid transfer, cable jacketing, sleeve insulation, and petroleum product transfer. The tubing offers cold temperature flexibility approaching 90°F (67°C). It is made without plasticizers; plasticizers can leach out of the tubing and contaminate the flow, the manufacturer said. The tubing can be heat-formed into shapes to fit with or around machinery. The unreinforced polyurethane tubing, Superthane®, is available in two formulations: ether and ester. The ether-based material handles water and humidity well, while the ester-based formula offers overall better petrochemical resistance. Urebrade®, braid-reinforced polyurethane tubing, is ether-based. It incorporates open-mesh polyester braiding within walls of polyurethane, allowing it to provide much greater pressure-carrying capabilities than unreinforced styles, the company said. Superthane pneumatic tubing is produced in eight colors for easy line identification in applications such as pneumatic control systems, robotics, instrumentation lines, sensing systems, lubrication lines, and fluid circuitry. It is manufactured from ether-based materials to handle applications in wet or humid environments.

NewAge Industries Inc.

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