Duo-Fill 400 two-part urethane foam sealant is designed for plugging and sealing applications where rapid expansion and fast curing are required to quickly stop flowing water. The sealant comes in one convenient can and features a long dispensing tube which reaches deep inside conduits and holes. Packaged in a “can-inside-a-can” for field use, this expanding closed-cell foam sealant mixes directly in the actuator head of the rigid 9-inch L dispensing tube, which permits visual quality control. Eliminating dispensing guns, hoses, and connections that can loosen, the sealant adheres well to most construction materials and offers multiple starts and closures. Providing a chemical cure in one minute that is unaffected by weather, this labor-saving 13-ounce can will expand to 3.5 gallons of foam sealant.

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