Knipex Tools LP: Pipe Wrench and Water Pump PliersThe Cobra® XL (no. 87 01 400) and Cobra XXL (no. 87 01 560) are additions to the Cobra Water Pump Pliers family. Fast adjustment on the work piece can be made by using the push button. With pliers in hand, the user presses the push-button adjustment and fully opens the jaw on the work piece. While continuing to push the button, the user slides the lower jaw up until it is positioned on the work piece and releases the button. A clicking sound will confirm the jaws are locked in place. The pliers will maintain the jaw size until it is readjusted using the push button. Designed to grip all shapes of work pieces, the special hardened teeth contribute to the tremendous gripping ability of the Cobra XL and XXL pliers and cause low wear on both the pliers and the work piece. The additions to the Cobra line offer user comfort, with a box-joint design for stability, a built-in pinch guard to prevent injury to hands or fingers, and plastic-dipped comfort handles. The Cobra XL offers a 3 ½-inch grip and weighs less than 3 pounds; with a length of 16 inches, it easily fits into a toolbox. The Cobra XXL offers a 4 ½-inch grip, weighs less than 6 pounds, and has a length of 22 inches. Both models are self-locking on pipes and nuts, keeping them from slipping and requiring less force from the user.

Knipex Tools LP

eProduct 184

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