Water Pump PliersWhen working in confined or hard-to-reach areas, the Cobra® Quick Set, which has been added to the Cobra water pump pliers family, gives the user the ability to get the job done easily and efficiently. To adjust the tool, the user can slide the top handle forward to achieve the desired capacity. A built-in shifting mechanism allows the operator to smoothly and easily adjust the tool to the correct capacity when access to the push-button is limited, said the company. The tool adjusts with one or two hands. The Quick Set features a thin head that fits into tight places and a serrated gripping surface that can grip any shaped object — round, square, hex, or flat. According to the manufacturer, a fine adjustment means an optimum adjustment to different sized work pieces and a guard prevents against finger and hand pinching. The tool is self-locking on pipes, nuts, and other work pieces, ensuring that there is no slipping off the work piece or knuckle-busting, said the company.

Knipex Tools L.P.

eProduct 184