LG Discusses the Future of VRF
Kevin McNamara talks about the VRF industry at LG’s press breakfast Wednesday morning. 

NEW YORK — The future of VRF (variable-refrigerant flow) technology took center stage during LG’s press breakfast Wednesday morning at the company’s booth (7923), where LG’s latest commercial and residential products were on display to AHR Expo attendees.

Kevin McNamara, vice president of commercial air conditioning for LG USA, spoke in detail about the increasing popularity of VRF in the U.S., the company’s commitment to VRF, and the opportunities LG is providing for contractors and wholesalers.

“With LG, it is all possible,” McNamara said. “Everyone knows it’s for ‘Life’s Good,’ but as we move forward, it’s about bringing better solutions and more help to the industry overall.”

Darren Gibula, director of commercial air conditioning operations at LG USA, spoke in detail about the company’s relatively new LG Excellence contractor training program, which aims to provide training and support to the contractors and wholesalers who interact directly with the end user.

“It’s a partnership we’ve extended to the contractor community to learn how to promote VRF and ductless to their customers in the U.S.,” Gibula said, adding that they are working on providing more online and hands-on training that is easily accessible. “We recognize that it’s very important.”

McNamara, who highlighted the new Art Cool Gallery addition to its Multi F residential line, said the company was pleased to see the economy — and new construction — pick up again this year. He added that LG’s goal is to promote VRF while giving everyone in the supply chain the tools and training to be successful.

“It’s not about the boxes,” McNamara said. “It’s about knowledge and experiences and making sure everything works the way it’s supposed to work.”