Daikin boothNEW YORK — The Daikin ENVi Intelligent Thermostat is the newest addition to Daikin’s residential controls offering. The wall mounted controller features a backlit LCD display and easy to understand menu items to be used where the BRC944 wired remote controller is applicable.

The DC Ducted Concealed Unit is for small to large populated spaces in need of a concealed air conditioning system. The powerful unit’s compact design allows it to be completely concealed, and it is ideal for retail, classrooms, offices, banks, restaurants, shops and hotel common areas and bed rooms.

Daikin boothDaikin’s VRV IV systems integrate advanced technology to provide comfort control with maximum energy efficiency. Available in heat pump configurations, VRV IV provides a solution for residential to large commercial applications desiring heating or cooling.

Daikin also offers a variety of packaged units and split system air conditioners and heat pumps.

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