A little snow storm is not going to shut down the AHR Expo. After mocking in my blog the old timers that like to talk about the 1980s snowstorm, I might be talking about this snowstorm 20 years from now.

But the snowflakes did not damper the crowds or spirits of the industry. The aisles were packed yesterday with people checking out all the new products the industry has to offer. I was not any different as stops at such booths as Emerson, Panasonic, and Trane brought the introduction into cutting edge technology.

I am not sure what was harder, navigating the crowded aisles during the day or the snow covered roads at night. Lucky for me, my two destinations — the Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating event and the LSB reception — were right across the street from each other.

My best discovery of the day was late at the LSB reception. Are people familiar with this dessert they call cake pops? It is like heaven on a stick. I may or may not have eaten my body weight in cake pops. Suffice to say, the New Year’s resolution is on hold.

Enjoy day two everyone.