Belimo Valve Optimizes, Documents, and Proves Water Coil PerformanceNEW YORK — Belimo is highlighting its Energy Valve™, a pressure independent valve that optimizes, documents, and proves water coil performance. The two-way pressure independent valve uses the electronic pressure independent valve (ePIV) platform to measure coil energy using an embedded electromagnetic flow sensor, water supply, and return temperature sensors.

Used primarily in commercial applications, the Energy Valve uses the Delta T Manager™ algorithm to monitor the coil performance and optimize the available energy of the coil. The Energy Valve has standard analog signal and feedback wiring and communicates data to the DDC system via BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, and TCP/IP. The actuator stores all coil performance data, such as Delta T and energy usage, for 13 months, and all the coil performance data, stored trends, and control functions can be sent to a building automation system (BAS) via the data network.

The product won an AHR Expo Innovation Award in the Building Automation category.

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