Carrier AquaEdge ChillerNEW YORK — Carrier has extended its water-cooled variable-speed screw chiller line, the AquaEdge 23XRV series, to offer a wide range for this product segment. With its latest line expansion down to 200 tons, the company provides offerings from 200 to 550 tons.

The new 200- to 300-ton range features a slim footprint with a width of just 47 inches, which offers building owners significant flexibility. Able to fit through standard doors, the AquaEdge 23XRV provides ample mobility to navigate buildings without having to remove existing walls or other structural elements.

The AquaEdge 23XRV can achieve integrated part load values (IPLV) as low as 0.299 kW/ton, which exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency standards by as much as 44 percent.

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