Hanna Siek
Hanna Siek, CEO of VTS Group

NEW YORK — At a press conference at the AHR Expo, VTS Group, a leading manufacturer of air handling units in Europe, announced that it is establishing operations in the United States. The company has built a manufacturing and assembly facility, training center, and administrative offices in Buford, Ga., and is currently looking for representatives in the U.S.

Hanna Siek, CEO of VTS Group, said the company is presently doing business in 40 countries. Its differentiation, she said, is “product, quality, and approach to time.” Its products can operate in the moderate climates of Europe, the extreme cold of Siberia, and extreme heat of Dubai. Its biggest differentiator, however, is approach to time. Siek said, “We can deliver our standard product in just one week.” The company’s just-in-time manufacturing ensures quick delivery.

In mid-February the company expects to start shipping, beginning with smaller air handling units to 4,000 cfm.