It’s a season of celebration as a new set of Dealer Design Award winners are named to the assembly of product honorees from the past. In its 10th year, the 2013 Dealer Design Awards program is celebrating a decade of HVACR product excellence.

Dealer Design Awards Celebrates 10 YearsThis year, there were 122 product entries spread across 14 categories competing for the gold, silver, and bronze designations. Those receiving honors spanned the HVACR industry from residential equipment to contractor services and software. Each category contained both large and small manufacturers, setting a diverse set of products on a level playing field to compete.

New to the competition this year is the breakup of the tools category. For the first time, hand tools and electronic tools competed separately in their own divisions.

The Dealer Design Awards are judged by contractors active in the industry. Those participating this year found that HVAC manufacturers continue to search for new ways to make contractors’ jobs easier. Whether a plug-and-play component or a completely redesigned tool, those honored in the competition were praised for their commitment to making products that improved the installation, service, and maintenance of HVACR equipment.

Winners not only receive the prestige and bragging rights that go along with placing in the 2013 Dealer Design Awards, but each also receives the coveted DD trophy (pictured). Displayed proudly at manufacturer establishments across the nation, this trophy signifies product excellence to all who see it.

The NEWS would like to congratulate each winner, as well as thank each contractor judge for his or her participation in
the competition.

“The annual response we receive from vendors and contractors for the Dealer Design Awards program is amazing. This really is the only contest of its kind in the industry where contractors make the decision about the award winners,” said Kyle Gargaro, editor-in-chief of The NEWS. “The contractor judges enjoy participating because they get the opportunity to review some relatively new products in the market, thereby occasionally giving their own companies an advantage that their competitors might not yet have. I also would like to thank the manufacturers that entered their products and services.”

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Publication date: 7/22/2013 

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