Residential Touch-Screen Communicating ControlsThe Infinity® Touch Control, the next generation of touch-screen communicating controls, provides Touch-n-Go™ programming and energy-management features when utilized as part of a complete Infinity HVAC system. With Touch-n-Go programming, a homeowner can control the temperature, humidity, and fan speed of the Infinity system with just a touch, and it allows consumers to monitor and change settings when they are away from home, stay current on maintenance schedules, and receive alerts when the system needs service. The energy-management function can monitor the home’s estimated energy costs so homeowners can easily see the kilowatt hours used by the Infinity system and make informed decisions about ways to save on their utility bills. In addition, the new control has a Smart Setback feature, providing consumers with additional money-saving options. With integrated wireless capability, the control allows homeowners to access their heating-cooling systems from virtually anywhere with a Wi-Fi network, including mobile applications supported on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The control is sold with three different frames — white, silver, and black — and a favorite photo of the family, a vacation spot, or a pet can be uploaded to the Infinity Touch Control’s primary display screen via a USB port on the side of the control, transforming the control into a photo frame.


eProduct 185