WebStat Controller offers remote monitoring and control of T7350 communicating thermostats. It provides a step up from the standalone thermostat to the automated T7350 communicating thermostat platform without incurring any excessive direct digital control (DDC) cost or complexity. It can be used in strip malls and small office buildings where Web-based remote facility monitoring and programming is desired. Features include economizer integration, 365-day scheduling, special event schedules, and room integration features like motion detection inputs and time-of-day relay outputs. The controller has a plug-and-play setup Trending and alarming lets contractors or tenant track temperature and humidity, discharge air temperature, outdoor air temperature, etc. With a universal web-based tool, installers can remotely configure, program, and commission thermostats through an easy to use graphical interface. WebStat runs applications including trending, scheduling, alarming, graphic access, wiring diagrams, and floor plan importation.

ECC Building Controls